new-age bazaar for organic produce - how to make papaya facial mask at home

new-age bazaar for organic produce  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
If in the afternoon jajacherennell had fresh red purslane and bananas from his home in Kudapannakunnu Suresh Babu had brown eggs from the balcony farm Vattiyoorkavu although Shoba shejia cooked carambola to her counter, fresh papaya and foot-like yams were bought from her kitchen garden in Watts huatko. By 12.
18 farmers and kitchen at 30and terrace-
Gardeners from Thiruvananthapuram and its suburbs are ready to greet customers in the House of Gandhi Smaka Nidi Green in Thycaud. Pop-
Ups selling Malas, snacks, pickles, pappadams, sun-
Dry circles and flakes of vegetables add color and variety to the market.
Self-proclaimed Karshika vip ani in India (
Agricultural Market)
Organizers are reshaping this era.
The old concept of market places makes it relevant today.
The Indian Agricultural Association supports the weekly market on Saturday (IAA)
The Union of farm journalists and Karshaka Koottaayma in Trivan.
"They are amateur farmers who work elsewhere and they start farming for family needs and eventually find that they grow more than they want.
That's when they consider the market for selling their products, "said G Vinod, former national coordinator of the agricultural technology management agency and treasurer of the Academy of Aerospace Sciences.
Sellers live comfortably in the huge shade of the campus, waiting for the market to start at one o'clock P. M.
In addition, customers wait patiently, many of which are ordinary buyers.
There are a variety of vegetables, fruits, potatoes, etc. on the counter, all of which are grown by the seller himself, each seller is organically grown by the organizers of the weekly market, and this year the weekly market will become one.
The seeds of such a market idea are sown by a group of kitchen gardeners who all support going home
Agricultural products grown without pesticides and fertilizers.
Sujitha Manu recalled: "A Facebook group called krishihuomi held a meeting on agriculture in 2015, and our three kitchen gardeners were current market coordinators at the meeting in 2015. The three —
Amara Reju, Li Ji Jia yaral and Sugita Manu-
A Whatsapp group dedicated to kitchen gardening and organic cultivation was established.
They exchange seeds, seedlings and produce to avoid waste.
"The key is to avoid waste.
Once we have a thriving kitchen garden, there is usually more produce to consume than the family can.
We can give it to our neighbors and friends first.
But after that, people began to take you for granted . "An oft-
Refrain was heard from the seller.
"Also, if we try to sell fresh vegetables, they don't always value them.
There is an argument about the price and quantity, "said Suresh Kumar and his wife, Usha Kumari, who received a pack of fresh kovakka in dark green on that day.
In order to ensure that farmers get a fair price and reach out to people looking for organically grown products, they decide to organize themselves.
Deputy South Biar
Group of president Muthoot (Pappachan)
Sujitha explained that the infrastructure group, which set up a Whatsapp group, made us administrators.
From an informal meeting every two or three months in chamaum for resource personnel to talk to them about mushroom planting and garbage disposal, the organization gradually evolved into a Facebook group and a registered
There are about 140 farmers registered with the association.
"We asked potential farmers what they planned to bring.
"Once they ask to join, we do random, surprise checks on their gardens or fields to make sure no fertilizer or pesticides are used," Sujitha said . ".
So far, most of them have become accustomed to checking with experts when they see what is claimed to be organic fertilizers or pesticides.
"We tell them how to produce herbal pesticides at home or where to purchase them," Vinod said . ".
Every week, after scanning the market price in all major Malaya daily newspapers, it is up to the governing body to decide the price.
"The price is competitive, so it's a win-win situation.
"It won a victory for buyers and sellers," Sugita said . ".
Once the temporary tape is removed, the market will open and the counter will flock.
In a few minutes, many counters have emptied jackfruit, cassava, papaya, bananas, leafy vegetables, shelled coconuts, and more, except for one.
When the form is empty, the seller will help others write the receipt, add the amount, calculate the change, etc.
The friendliness and banter between buyers and sellers have increased the hustle and bustle of the market.
Anil Babu, assistant manager, explained: "We want to encourage more of these markets in different parts of the city to benefit both customers and growers (marketing)
With Horticorp, who sells Kanjiramkulam from his farm.
The counter for the largest produce is a farmer's cooperative near Perumkadavila, Neyyattinkara.
There are cucumbers, chicken legs, curry leaves, Lady Fingers, different kinds of beans, eggplant, banana varieties on their counter, including precious cabepazhan, pineapple, yam, etc.
Given the huge demand for these already certified organic vegetables, buyers each take a token and wait for their turn to buy the product.
Sugeetha G, a former history professor, said she didn't mind waiting because she had confidence in the quality of the vegetables.
However, former government employee villaini admits that although she likes to enter the market, it can be tiring for older people like her.
"It won't take that long if they have more people to help," she added . ".
Nevertheless, they all agree that this has become a very-
Expect a weekly trip.
A labor of love for farmers and consumers. WIN-
Win-win V reekumaran Nair Trivan Lang Karshaka Koottaayma, growing vegetable farm in Perumkadavila Neyyatinkara.
He recalled that for some time, farmers were forced to cut prices, sell or see their products disappear due to lack of buyers or fair prices.
"We know that the vegetables are sold in the city for an excessive price, but we are unable to contact the customer directly, so farmers and home buyers have all had an original deal, he explained.
He was helped by social media.
He got in touch with Koottaayma and asked if they could help 70-
Plus farmers in his area
"It turns out that the deal is a huge help to all relevant parties.
"We got a better price, but the price the customer got was lower than the price offered by some stores selling organic products," he said . ".
In addition, he added that customers believe that green vegetables are grown organically and do not contain harmful additives.
"Since all farmers may not have a lot of things to sell every week, we source from them, and one or two of us travel to the city with farm produce.
"The money was immediately distributed to farmers," he said . ".
Today, Sreekumaran is one of the farmers who will be commended at the organic farmer's party of Gandhi smalaka NIDI.
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