new fda approved treatment eliminates cellulite without - fda approved anti aging skin care produ

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new fda approved treatment eliminates cellulite without ... - fda approved anti aging skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-23
new fda approved treatment eliminates cellulite without ...  -  fda approved anti aging skin care products
Are you embarrassed by the fat mass on your body?
Do you keep it hidden even if it's hot outside?
Do you want you to lose the fat mass that makes you feel ashamed?
There is now an effective method of treating the fat mass that can help you look better and feel better.
It uses the cutting-edge technology of safety, comfort and relaxation to effectively remove the fat mass.
It uses three different techniques to smooth the skin and enhance the look of your "trouble zone.
You are not alone.
More than 80% of women over the age of 20 have fat mass, and many are looking for an effective and safe solution to remove the fat mass that appears on the body.
It's called velassmooth.
It's safe, affordable, and No. surgical.
Most importantly, it works!
VelaSmooth is an effective fat group treatment for women who want to look and feel the best.
To understand how VelaSmooth works, it is important to first understand what fat mass is.
What is the fat group?
Fat mass is an ugly dimples, especially around the thighs. . .
It is sometimes nicknamed "soft cheese thigh ".
The reason for the fat mass is simple: it comes from an enlarged fat deposit under the skin.
These deposits are small clusters separated by small "walls.
With the expansion of each fat deposit, the cluster becomes larger when the surrounding walls remain at the "normal" skin depth. What's the bottom line?
The way the dimples look
More than 80% of women over the age of 20 have fat masses on their bodies.
Most women want to lose it.
Of course, they want to be safe, easy and do not need surgery.
Velassmooth is a safe, economical, non-
Surgical methods for removing the appearance of body fat mass.
How does velassmooth work?
VelaSmooth removes fat mass from one unit through three techniques. Bi-
Each can reduce fat deposits, encourage blood flow, and massage the skin to create a smooth look.
This is how they work. . .
How does broad spectrum help reduce fat mass?
Fat deposits contain stored energy, which is why you burn fat during a long physical exercise.
The wide spectrum of light penetrates the skin at a depth of 5mm, heating the skin, thereby increasing the metabolic rate, thereby reducing the energy stored. . .
And fat deposits.
Wide spectrum of light is safe, comfortable, fully sealed on the skin during the application, so no goggles need to be worn during the velassmooth session. Hoe does Bi-
Does polar radio frequency help reduce fat mass?
RF is another safety technique used during VelaSmooth to help reduce fat deposition by increasing blood flow and massaging the skin.
How does tissue handling help reduce fat mass?
VelaSmooth devices gently manipulate the skin using a roller.
This has several very effective results: it increases blood flow in the surrounding area, which helps to take fat deposits away, it breaks down the tissue between fat deposits, and encourage the captured liquid to move to the lymph nodes of the body and eliminate it.
Velassmooth improves the look of the fat Groupof-
Art and Technology.
How does velassmooth work?
VelaSmooth is committed to eliminating the presence of fat masses by using the techniques you have just learned to help reduce the underlying causes of fat mass.
Fat mass is part of fat deposits that contain stored energy.
The VelaSmooth treatment system is designed to release energy and break down barriers that prevent these deposits from being absorbed into the body (where they can be used instead of stored ), blood flow is also encouraged (this will help reduce the amount of liquid stored ).
Each of these three techniques works together and feels like a vibrant warm massage.
In some ways, your velassmooth treatment is like a massage, but there are 20-
Distortion of the first century
You may have tried creams and lotions to help reduce your fat mass;
You may have tried the miracle of home therapy and rumorstreatments;
You may have combined these things with eating and exercising.
You may have held your hands in the air with disgust and wondered if you would ever get rid of that awkward fat mass.
VelaSmooth can help you look and feel faster than you realize without making a fuss.
It is fast, simple, safe (and above all) effective.
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