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Young countries like New Zealand have benefited a lot from best infrastructure management practices, such as learning from "old" developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.New Zealand can start building new infrastructure under the guidance of the infrastructure management plan.In 2011, the New Zealand Minister of Transport set up a road maintenance task force to improve road maintenance across New Zealand with a budget of $900 per year.
The task force is composed of local government, New Zealand Transportation Authority (NZTA), representative of industry, and will be organized by NZTA itself.The duties of the task force include the assessment and reporting of New Zealand roads, economic context and long-term considerations, efficiency and effectiveness of budgetary expenditures, cooperation and input from relevant agencies such as private and local governments, finally, how to implement it.According to Transport Minister Steven Joyce, the road maintenance task force was established at the same time as the government's new policy statement on land transportation funds.
The goal of the task force is to initiate cost-effective road maintenance and renewal without sacrificing quality.It will also identify and use innovative products and best procurement methods and encourage approval in the country.With these goals in mind, it will ensure a reasonable investment and return for every dollar spent.
The New Zealand Transport Agency road network operations team and local authorities share responsibility for all New Zealand roads.The former operates state roads, and the latter operates all local roads.Together, the two agencies are called Road control agencies or RCA.
The national highway is fully funded by the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF), while the local highway is funded at 50% and the balance comes from the rate of the local government.From 2012 -2015 shows that New Zealand's transport sector has the highest investment in wagesas-you-go fund.Regarding asset management, it was found that in New Zealand, the asset management of the system has been well understood, but the practice has not been applied consistently, indicating the following points: the strategy and purpose of many delivery areas of the department is out of touch, improving existing operational practices and systems can increase results, and the results of state and local highways vary in terms of cost performance and services provided.
Various performance monitoring methods throughout the asset management cycle, insufficient incentives for improvement practices, and insufficient consequences for bad practices at all levels, the use of departmental expertise is not sufficient resources that are not optimized for critical planning but are used for reactive operational issues.Taking into account the results of all these reports, it is concluded that the key to achieving a consistent outcome is to strengthen collaboration between organizational asset management and to continuously drive the achievement of value for money
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