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new zealand cosmeceuticals ltd Dairy effluent solution launched

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-07-28
The press conference on February 26 will be held on 21 main roads in Meander, from eleven o'clock A.M. to 12.Lunch will be served at 30 in the afternoon.
The project includes presentations by sewage expert and system designer Scott Birchall on high rainfall, permeable soil, winter storage, asking what options are available and how much storage is needed.
Louise Murphy, PhD researcher at Tasman Institute of Agriculture, will talk aboutLong-term wastewater retention of water tanks and whether greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced.
Greg Lily of Tasman Tanks will lead a panel discussion on the applicability of New Zealand Tanks and their applications in Australia.
The two will also be hiking-Megalitre sewage tank is a solution for sewage storage in high rainfall areas, and the permeable soil of the Berne farm is not suitable for the construction of soil storage.
Mark Smith, executive officer of DairyTas, said sewage solutions are different for each farm, but for some, tanks are a potential consideration.
Sewage tanks are now common in New Zealand, he said.
Short film from Bern-The long-term wastewater retention research project is funded by the federal government's field action plan, supported by Australian dairy.Admission is free and lunch will be provided. RSVP for catering will arrive at 6432 2233 of DairyTas by February 23.
Participants were asked to wear boots and hats and the chairs to carry with them were optional.
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