new zealand cosmeceuticals ltd Lu commitments on VDL ownership

The company, headed by Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng, reiterated that despite the 11 thHourly bid for Tasman businessCameron, January
MS Cameron, who created the Kathmandu retail store and acquired the less successful retail Adventure Group, said on Wednesday that the opportunity to take advantage of Australian labor and innovation to create the flagship dairy farm was amazing, using the best practices in the world.
She also expressed her desire to hand over some of the land to the Aboriginal community and keep part of it intact to protect the Tasman devil population in the area.
Mr. Lu said that Moon Lake had signed a memorandum of understanding with indigenous communities on the continued land management of the site.
Moon Lake is the first private company to sign a memorandum of understanding with Aboriginal communities on the value of the heritage of the region.
In addition, the company also met with the state government on the creation of the "devil""Anti-fence" to protect Tasman Devil from facial tumor diseases.
Mr. Lu said that he also personally agreed to continue to support VDL's approach to improving trust, access and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage in the Woolnorth property.
With the approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board, Moon Lake Investment Co., Ltd. has made a binding offer of $0.28 billion for the acquisition of Tasmanian Land Co., Ltd. and its related entities, includes all Tasmanian dairy assets held by Van Diemen's Land Company.
The New Plymouth District Council of New Zealand, the seller, has accepted this offer.
"Let's not forget that this is what we call 'foreign-to-foreign 'acquisitions," Mr Lu said .".
"VDL assets have never been owned by Australian entities.Therefore, it seems logical for the seller to accept the strongest offer with the best conditions, from the buyer with sufficient resources to strengthen and improve the business for the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders.
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