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nice shot! golden hour in the gardens of the queen - liquid gold golden facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-23
nice shot! golden hour in the gardens of the queen  -  liquid gold golden facial mask
In a remote corner almost untouched by the tide of the times, the Queen's Garden of Cuba (
Jardines de la Reina)
Ocean Park is home to creatures that have almost disappeared from the rest of the Caribbean.
I 've been there in 2000, but I don't know what will happen after 16 years.
Our team is keen to explore the Elhorn reef in the park. The fast-
Growing corals are now extremely rare and endangered, with 90% of them disappearing from much of the Caribbean.
How well did these reefs survive when other creatures became extinct? (
In the November issue of National Geographic magazine, Hayes and her partner photographer David dubiette check out more information about the Cuban marine reserve. )
Later in the afternoon, when the wind gradually weakened, we went to a shallow Elhorn reef.
We fell into a gentle stream of water from the side of the boat and swam along the dense Elkhorn jungle, as the eyes could see.
Snoring and photographers pushed the vast branches of space.
Elkhorn's woods are bigger than I remember a few years ago.
The population has not only its own land, but also expanded.
The sun began to fall, shining in the sea, forming a liquid Jenkinson forest extending to the horizon.
Just like when the museum is closed, the lights are dim and the lights are dancing through the windows in the middle of the night.
For a person we call half and a half, the conditions are rarely perfect.
There always seems to be something: too many waves, roaring water flow, lack an interesting theme on or below the water.
Keeping the camera still, it is a balance to see the hidden world of the sunset and coral.
The water drops spoil most of the picture, so it's a dunk, raise, shoot, swear, repeat game.
But that night I had a Monet painting down the eager sky, so I wanted to draw one and a halfand-
Let others feel half the image of the magical moment I am experiencing.
I swam over and as the sun was getting lower and lower I was looking for the right coral that was full of fish and was about to disappear and I took it to shoot.
I watched the last dancing light and I stopped swimming.
I knelt down and lifted the underwater house, so that the large glass dome was half in and half out of water.
When I stared at the viewfinder, I suddenly realized that this picture was not about fish at all.
This is about the golden glow shining in the Queen's garden.
Jennifer Hayes is an aquatic biologist and photographer.
She worked with David Doubilet as a photography team on the National Geographic magazine project.
You can follow them on Facebook.
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