no, honey is not as healthy as you thought: why you should think twice before drizzling more on your breakfast - organic honey skin care products

no, honey is not as healthy as you thought: why you should think twice before drizzling more on your breakfast  -  organic honey skin care products
Honey enjoys a high reputation.
The ancient Greeks believed that honey instilled poetry and wisdom into us and brought it from the gods to the Earth.
In a more modern era, many honey is considered a healthy substitute for sugar, a promoter of overall health, and a natural "treatment" from sore throat to bacterial infection and even fertility ".
Many even suggest that raw honey is the only way to get the true health benefits of this ingredient.
The honey market is rising-
Even in the fear of sustainable development
Supermarket and free supermarket
The shops standing have already appeared.
But honey may not be everything. HONEY IS. . .
Sweeter and more nutritious than sugar
More and more California obesity continues to plague the United States (
Most of the world)
Sugar has been identified as the main culprit of the epidemic.
Sugar is quickly absorbed by the blood and is considered empty calories.
We have about seven teaspoons of sugar a day.
At present, the American diet includes an average of 19 teaspoons of sugar per day.
These teaspoons are about 16 calories, and carbohydrates are about all the calories your body can collect from sweet crystals. And high-
In unhealthy Western diets, sugar diets are a common theme that increases the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.
But we do like our candy, so health experts are trying to come up with alternatives, honey is the most important of them.
Honey is actually sweeter than sugar, which at least in theory means that you can add flavor with less honey.
But the calorie content of honey is actually higher.
It may have more minerals that look better on the label, but, in fact, these minerals are so tiny that they don't offer any real advantages.
Therefore, while it is a good idea to reduce the intake of sugar, it may not be a good idea to store raw honey. HONEY IS. . .
Antibacterial, but it is only proven in the reputation of two types of honey as a drug, which is not entirely unfounded. Some honey -
Especially Manuka honey.
It does have antibacterial properties.
One of the by-products of enzymes in honey is hydrogen peroxide, a powerful bacterial killer.
In addition, the texture and consistency of honey helps to keep the wound clean and is not conducive to bugs that may infect the wound.
Honey is wet and its stickiness means it can spread and stay on the wound easily, while preventing the tissue from becoming dry and fragile.
This sticky substance is also good at destroying the biofilm that allows bacteria to accumulate and reproduce.
Very good-
Known for fighting bacteria such as S. aureus and salmonella.
E. coli and certain bacteria that can infect the intestines and cause ulcers.
However, scientists can only say this with certainty for the Mukuna and Malaysia's taulang honey.
We don't know if the honey grown locally has the same effect. or safety. HONEY IS. . .
Sticky, soothing for sore throat, but no better than coughing with hot tea stirred with some honey, it sounds like it will definitely make you feel better.
But it's hard to say it will.
Contact with warm water when catching a cold (from tea)
It may help to eliminate sputum that blocks the airway.
Nasal congestion usually causes people to breathe through their mouths more frequently than normal (
Especially at night)
Stimulate the throat.
Coughing can also make the throat rough.
But some suspect that the real secret of a glass of wine is honey.
Studies have shown that honey does work better or better than cough medicine like Robitussin.
However, the academic community believes that most of them are widely misunderstood by the media.
A study that seems to give some extra legs to the honey trend says there is no difference statistically between honey and a specific cough inhibitor.
Some scholars believe that the cough inhibitor dex shafen discussed was not particularly effective at first, and the study reported that there was no difference in effectiveness, meaning that they had poor results in treating sore throat.
Just like its benefits for wound treatment, the moisture and viscosity of honey may ease the stimulated tissue if the sore throat is caused by bacterial infection, the antibacterial properties of honey may have an effect on bacteria. HONEY IS. . .
A few years ago, Honey was not the "liquid gold" of the brain or reproductive system, and it seemed to suddenly become a hot topic in scientific research.
The study linked the benefits of natural sweeteners to major health issues, including infertility and dementia, and prompted health fanatics to label Honey as "liquid gold.
One of them was conducted in 2011, comparing menopause women who took Honey "supplements (
Just honey)
For those who take estrogen and anything else who don't take it.
Menopause is accompanied by a decrease in estrogen, which is usually consistent with impaired memory in women. The honey-
Women seem to have better memories, so local organic (and expensive)
Honey gained a new identity as "brain food", and even with the support of neurologists, was supported by a fashion Restaurant in New York City (but spear-
Led by his actress sister)
Called Honey brain
Indeed, honey contains antioxidants that protect cell damage that occurs with age.
But after the study was published in 2011, Dr. Natalie lasgang of Stanford Medical School, who studied female estrogen and cognition, was very suspicious in an interview with Reuters.
This is not a scientific and rigorous study, she said.
"Assuming that honey has potential efficacy, it is not yet known the mechanism of action.
I don't understand how they can compare honey to estrogen.
Honey is not even a supplement.
With regard to fertility, studies have shown that honey can help with a range of possible causes and methods of fertility
But what they have in common is small size.
A 2013 study showed that intake is an "effective fertility stimulant "--in 18 rats.
The study on the benefits of honey to women is mainly based on the vague effect of amino acids on the uterus and ovary, or the trend of honey (and cinnamon)
Promote blood flow of reproductive organs.
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