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no product skin care How to Care for Dry Facial Skin in Winter

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-04
no product skin care How to Care for Dry Facial Skin in Winter
Basic Facial Skin Care for men and women to prevent and repair dry, redness and itching in cold winter.
This is a combination of bad weather and central heating, which can lead to drying in winter.
If you do not provide enough fat barrier for your skin, concentrated heating will cause moisture evaporation in the lower cornea, which will be more susceptible to cold when you go out.
The lower cornea of healthy skin consists of 20% of water.
If it drops below 10%, the skin becomes red and itchy and begins to feel tight.
When your face feels dry and annoyed, the most obvious thing is to apply a moisturizer, but this can only get worse if you choose the wrong product.
Too light, a moisturizing cream that is easily absorbed can cause the skin to expand and eventually break.
Of course, this makes it vulnerable to bacteria and outbreaks.
What is the best moisturizing cream for dry skin in winter?
Whether you want to prevent or repair drying in the winter, you need a textured moisturizer that doesn't fully absorb into your skin.
Night Cream is ideal, for example, but may make your skin too bright during the day.
If so, dilute your face with powder or stain your face with paper towels.
Easily dry skin usually lacks moisture-absorbing substances like urea.
Creams containing at least 5% urea can restore moisture balance of the skin within three days.
After 14 days, even the roughest skin will feel smooth and soft again.
For additional nutrition, you may want to apply serum under a moisturizer.
Serum contains firmness and resistance
Aging substances make the skin feel relaxed.
However, do not use when your face is sore and inflamed.
Cream is mixed with almond oil, known for its ability to repair and mimic the natural barrier of the skin.
Before going to bed, simply mix the cream and oil on a smooth but firm consistency and apply it to your face and neck.
Do you need extra eye cream?
The skin around the eyes is slightly different from the skin in other parts of the face.
It is thinner in thickness and has different elasticity, which is why it is more wrinkled and prone to sagging and sagging.
It also lacks the oil glands.
Whether extra cream is needed in the eye area is controversial.
It may be a good idea if you want to deal with a specific issue, such as dark circles or edema, but in winter, adding a protective layer should be your top priority.
If you feel that you need additional eye products, apply the appropriate eye serum under the moisturizer used in other parts of your face, which should be rich enough to protect and seal moisture.
Because the lips do not have the oil glands and only the thin lower cornea, it is easy to dry and crack.
That's why you need to protect them at any time.
Lipstick provides good protection for women.
Otherwise, organic lip gloss made with beeswax and palm oil works best.
If your lips are damaged, wear lip balm (under lipstick) during the day to seal the cracks and lock the moisture.
To speed up the healing process, smother your lips with olive oil or Vaseline before going to bed.
No matter how tempting it is, don't bite your lips.
In addition to beating serum and cream, there are more ways to repair and prevent dry and painful skin.
It's also important how you clean, tone and shave.
Clean your face in the morning and evening, but be gentle.
It is important to protect the skin's natural barrier, especially in winter. Never use soap.
If you put it on, it doesn't remove makeup, it will disturb the pH of the skin and cause the drying to deteriorate.
Massage the face and neck with two teaspoons of almond oil.
Add a little warm water and add lotion.
This eliminates all dirt and cosmetics including waterproof mascara.
Rinse thoroughly.
Dry your face with a cotton pad.
If your skin is very dry, using toner or hot water to clarify after cleaning can cause more damage.
First of all, many Toner has a dry effect.
If you have to use one, make sure it is completely non-alcoholic and other astringent.
Secondly, if your toner or hot water is not completely dry before applying a moisturizer, excess liquid can cause swelling and cracking.
Almond oil can be used as a shaving lubricant on the face or any part of the body instead of gel, foam and cream.
This is especially useful for men who are prone to beard allergies during cold times.
Massage the oil into the area to be scraped.
Add warm water and lotion.
Shave as usual and keep the blade moist at any time.
Rinse thoroughly.
Dry with cotton pads or make-up towels.
Because they can make things worse, it's not a good idea to scrub and peel if your skin is very rough and sore.
Exfoliating is only possible without any discomfort.
Regardless of your skin condition, the best face scrub is a scrub with jojoba beads instead of solid particles.
Jojoba beads are strong enough to remove dead cells but are too soft to cause damage.
No more than once in two weeks.
Alternatively, try a fruit acid gentle peel specially prepared for drying sensitive skin.
If you use skin care cosmetics that contain vitamin A or alpha-oh acid, such as alcohol acid and sa, you do not need additional exfoliating products because they already have a exfoliating effect.
However, these can dry the skin, so be careful to use them in cold weather.
No matter what you apply to your skin, you won't keep your skin hydrated unless you drink enough;
Drink at least four pints a day.
If you don't want to drink water during the cold months, herbal tea without sugar is equally beneficial.
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