non surgical face lifts : is there an effective alternative - hyaluronic acid facial mask with col

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non surgical face lifts : is there an effective alternative? - hyaluronic acid facial mask with collagen

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-13
non surgical face lifts : is there an effective alternative?  -  hyaluronic acid facial mask with collagen
Cosmetic surgery is one of the most serious cosmetic surgery.
Not only are they expensive, but they involve a long healing process and the result can be a very unnatural look and "plastic ".
Of course, no one wants to look like their face is pulled back, but instead wants them to gracefully turn the clock back to ten years.
Unfortunately, there are very few "good" cosmetic treatments.
Is there really any effective alernatives if you want?
Well, thanks for the history.
The market for this beauty and youth repair is growing, and in fact you can take some less intense measures that will actually reduce your face for a few years without surgery, or minimally invasive surgery by a professional.
Let's take a look at the non-surgical alternatives to cosmetic surgery.
The first, increasingly popular and less invasive option is what you call "mini facelift ".
Mini facelift includes small cuts made in key areas in the lower part of the chin, instead of thorough cleaning of the skin around the face, where the face can be gently pulled, it looks more instructive and eliminates wrinkles.
Mini facelift offers you a younger face and neck with lower cost, shorter recovery time and more natural results to refresh your lower face.
It's also very tight.
Just like the look on the neck and loose skin, go back to where it should be.
Another non-surgical alternative
Cosmetic surgery is a method of filling the problem area by subcutaneous injection, which usually disappears after a few months and needs to be re-injected
After absorbing to the body.
This method of facial rejuvenation can actually tighten the skin, pull it back and make it look bodybuilding and young, while eliminating fine lines and wrinkles by physically filling fine lines and wrinkles.
Facial Rejuvenation can be a combination of fillers used to fill wrinkles and wrinkles.
Different fillers that may be used are injected into the required area, including human sources or injections of collagen, restylane, hyaluronic acid and even fat directly from you.
Professionals can also use 100% non-invasive options to help eliminate lines that appear as they age.
One of them, it takes quite a long time to heal and some pain, that is, laser surface repair.
The use of laser on the surface area of the face skin, which actually helps to remove the skin layer and helps to restore the production of collagen.
This is quite expensive, and your skin will be very red if not in a few months and will be born for a few weeks.
However, the results are quite unusual.
More painful choice than full
On the laser re-laying, it is the Fraser laser, which is actually the same as the normal laser, but it does not penetrate all layers of the skin, instead it allows the user to penetrate and handle only the specific areas that require it.
This can reduce the skin and recover faster.
It's not cheap either, though, and can be bought anywhere from $1,000. 00 to $1,500.
At 00 per treatment, it will take at least five treatments to see a significant improvement.
I 've seen the previous ones and the afters, though, and they are very impressive.
Chemical peels are another option for facial rejuvenation, and their strength and severity will vary.
Chemical stripping is carried out by professionals who can make chemicals strong or weak depending on the depth of skin damage they want to remove.
This is mainly used for customers who have a large amount of light damage or discoloration, and it is especially famous for restoring the healthy luster of the skin and the uniform color and texture, usually young skin.
The recovery time depends on the depth of the peel.
Of course, in addition to cosmetic surgery, another option for non-surgical surgery is Botox, but I think Botox is more of a measure of local and wrinkle prevention, it's not really a "lift" because what it does is freeze the area it's injected into and it doesn't actually lift or pull the skin back to where it should be.
Botox may be a good choice for some people, but I tend not to like the look it gives some people because it doesn't allow them to fully express themselves, that's why we make our faces beautiful. we can express our emotions with expressions.
As for the "hands-on" alternative to cosmetic surgery, there are some pretty good products on the market that you can use every day to help keep your skin fresh, it can also help keep the skin up, fit and young.
There are now hand-held soft-light lasers available for purchase online.
They mimic a soft laser that is often used by the dermatologist's office to help stimulate collagen and rejuvenate the skin, to help soften wrinkles and even acne scars.
I bought one myself and the result was very good, but I couldn't keep up with the use at night, so I have to admit that I made the result disappear.
In addition, you can buy some excellent home grinding kit.
They allow you to gently remove dead skin cells and damaged skin layers, often making you look more glossy, softer and younger.
Another home kit that can be purchased is the light, sour skin of the face.
These may not be the strength of the chemical peel you will get under professional care, but they can certainly provide a benefit when you feel that your face needs additional "lifting, you can use it.
There, you have it, and I think it's the most effective alternative to intense facelift.
They all vary a lot in terms of cost, recovery time, and healing process, but they can all produce some amazing results in your campaign against skin aging.
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