nontoxic skincare startup drunk elephant minted a $25 million (and growing) fortune for its founder - organic non toxic skin care products

nontoxic skincare startup drunk elephant minted a $25 million (and growing) fortune for its founder  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Tiffany Masterson, the mother of four children in Houston, needs to make more money during the recession.
As a result, she began selling a luxury soap from Malaysia in 2009 and in the United States. S.
She soon realized that the bar was not good for her skin.
This set her on a journey to find better ingredients than regular beauty products.
"Most of the time, we are sensitive to the skin, not the sensitive skin," said 48-year-old Masterson . ".
"We are no smarter than our skin.
No one said your liver was sensitive.
You can either drink too much or not.
"With the research and help of a chemist, she started developing a non-toxic skin care product called Drunk Elephant in 2012. (
She is named after one of her first products, hydrating Malula oil.
When African elephants eat the fruit of the marula tree in real time, they get drunk . ).
Unlike some small start-ups, she got a $300,000 investment from her brother in her first year --in-law.
Formula test two years before going online.
A year later, her brother also invested in an undisclosed amount and became president.
Today, the company sells 12 serum and creams, all of which do not contain 25 ingredients that are considered harmful, from p-ester and synthetic spices to BPA and formaldehyde.
This is one of the fastest.
Sephora's growing brand.
Masterson, chief creative officer, is keeping a low profile.
She just wants to develop products that suit her daily life.
She said the company also does not pay social media influencers to review the product or to spend money on any other type of advertising.
"I don't look at other brands.
I will never go to Sephora again . "
"I don't pay attention to trends.
I stayed close to home and in my driveway.
I do what I need.
I consume first.
The company also launched its first color sunscreen in May.
Next month, it will launch its first gel cleanser online and at the Sephora store.
She also brought in a handful of other investors, including Gao.
Fashion blogs Leandra Medine and San-Francisco-
VMG Partners, a private equity firm established in February 2017.
Forbes estimates that Masterson's personal stake in the startup is worth about $25 million. The paired-
In the past year, with the launch of the first mask, the offline has begun.
The horny "Baby Face" has 25% AHA and 2% BHA to refresh the skin tone and texture and is reportedly the best --
Last year, skin care products were sold on Sephora's website.
Sales rose 600% last year to $30 million.
Internal forecasts predict revenue could double again by the end of this year.
Masterson is clear about her ending: She hopes to sell the company to a big beauty company one day --
With the occurrence of major integration, the trend of the industry is growing.
According to the women's daily, Estee Lauder has expressed interest.
But for now, Masterson will continue to work hard.
"The company is a teenager and I'm not ready to send it to college yet," she said . ".
"I feel strongly that I need to continue to do the best for the company.
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