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not using any skin care products How to Make your Cosmetics Last Longer

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-04
not using any skin care products How to Make your Cosmetics Last Longer
Whether it's skin care products or color cosmetics, the cost of cosmetics is high and the cost is high.
Although they may claim to be the best
Knowing some tips to stretch them further helps you get better value for money and the maximum value of your makeup.
Many cosmetic enthusiasts end up wasting their precious Mac foundation or expensive body oil because there is an easy way to extend their life and keep them on for a longer period of time.
Include ways to get the most out of your product.
Because I have to have a lot of cosmetic options that are essential to try to save money by making the most of them.
The cosmetics industry is a big industry, and all brands are competing for pies that we all contribute in one way or another.
Common cosmetics that you might not think of include soap, shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream.
Let's take a look at my tips on how to make your makeup last longer and save you money.
Invest a few dollars or less to buy a paint tube curler.
When my mom used them for watercolor, acrylic and oil paint, I found one of the best inventions to make a product.
Surprisingly, when you use cosmetics, how many extra things are lurking in the tubes of these cosmetics.
Not just paint and toothpaste, they are great for all the cosmetics in the tube.
Mixing your foundation with a moisturizer is a great suggestion, which really helps your foundation last longer.
This is especially good in summer if you wear foundation.
Many women do not need to do more than one for seasonal changes.
Mix the last point of your bronzes with some moisturizers to use as a body gloss for arms and d. ©Colleague area.
You can use liquid or powdered bronzes, and even a little bronzes can use a moisturizer.
Do you like the feeling of body oil on your skin after shower or shower?
Hope it's not that expensive?
Pour your oil into a clean pump container and fill it with water, hey presto you have a handy spray that you can put in the bathroom, instead of it, it will still keep your skin moisturized, soft and
In this way, your oil will last for a long time.
No cream?
Instead of worrying, use a drop of conditioner.
If you have a conditioner that you are not satisfied with, it is ideal and there is no need to throw it away.
The conditioner will make your legs smooth and soft.
This is one of the most useful ingredients in nature.
It makes the skin soft, soft and moist, ideal for men and women to use.
When done, gently dry the skin with a paper towel, or splash cold water and pat the dry skin.
Coconut or almond oil, but it may not be cost effective to use it permanently.
After shaving, soak the shaver in baby oil as it prevents metal oxidation and keeps the blade sharp for longer.
New blades are not needed yet!
It's simple, fast, giving a fresh look to the skin color.
You can mix several different blushes together to form a unique tone to complement your skin tone.
Another thing you can do with cracked blush is to add a drop of rubbing alcohol to the box it is in and press the blush back.
The powder will return to the metal pan.
Never discard the broken eyeshadow as it can be recycled and loosely used by placing it in a small eyeshadow or lip gloss jar.
Any travel-sized jar works like a craft jar or a jar that works like a jewelry discovery or a Seed bead.
To save your money, more tips and tricks to keep your makeup on for a longer period of time.
When your mascara is finished, put your wand in the dishwasher or wash and disinfect it thoroughly.
Trim the eyebrows with this wand.
Used to apply castor sesame oil.
If you find your eyeliner, eyebrow pencil or lip pen soft and a grinding nightmare, put them in the fridge.
Especially in a hot climate, the wax in the pencil melts, making it more difficult or almost impossible to get the right application.
You end up using too many products that you don't need and will grind the pencil blurry.
It is important to sharpen your pencil, thick pencil and thin pencil have very good double pencil, it is worth buying, not two separate pencils.
There is always a little lipstick in the tube that seems impossible to remove.
Brush with lips, Q-
Tips, plastic spatula, toothpick or cocktail bar can remove the last point of your favorite Grease.
Another trick to extend lipstick life is to store it in a refrigerator in wet or hot conditions.
It can prevent the wax from becoming soft and break more easily.
To keep the lipstick hygienic, immerse the tube in alcohol for 15-
30 seconds, remove and wipe the top.
Putting your lipstick in the refrigerator can also be disinfected to kill any bacteria.
If your lipstick is broken, don't discard the broken part, instead put it in a small pot and use it with a lip brush.
Cream Blush with old lipstick.
If you're a hardcore fan of nail polish and are tired of getting thick, sticky, or hardened with nail polish, there are a few tips to get them back to life.
Rubbing the bottle between the palms heats the nail polish and sometimes becomes everything you need.
As a quick solution, a few drops of nail polish remover will dilute the consistency, but only from Q-
Tips to prevent it from becoming too thin.
The thinner nail polish can also be bought commercially, which is also a trick to buy at different prices.
The tip is to put nail polish in the refrigerator before use.
As a precaution, it is ideal for preventing solvent evaporation and thickening in Poland.
Any cosmetics you have pumps, screw down the top and you will see that there are often more products on the long tubes you can use.
The tube is also conducive to lifting any product on the edge of the container.
Looking after your makeup brush will extend their life, I know very well.
They are my trade tools and they are expensive to replace.
It doesn't matter if you have a brush or twenty brushes, you can apply some simple tricks to save time to replace them.
If your makeup brush drops the bristles, take a pair of pliers and tighten the metal part of the bottom of the bristles.
This is a very simple way to prevent any further shedding.
This gives great ideas and recipes for using homemade brush cleaners with common ingredients in the home.
Not only is it cheaper to make it yourself, but they clean the makeup brushes effectively while gently on the bristles.
These are some of the top tips I 've tried that will really make a difference for extending all your beauty products.
The savings will increase and can be implemented now!
When should you remove your makeup?
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