now, the cosmetics jar matters, too - organic natural skin care products canada

now, the cosmetics jar matters, too  -  organic natural skin care products canada
Camille sweeney's March 24, 2010, let's face it, I'm a green drag back that uses a lot of beauty products and loves them, says chlo é Jo Davis, blog about the environment and vegetarian issues.
"No offense, but we don't want to look like a smelly hippie.
In my bathroom, I want products that are good for me, products that are good for the Earth, and make me look beautiful.
Also, the product must look good.
Meet the new ecology
Beauty lovers, they ask everything from Hairspray to nail polish to be earth friendly, not only internal but external.
For them, the life cycle problem applies not only to the elasticity of their skin, but also to what happens once the eyeshadow is empty.
When you throw the shampoo bottle into the trash can, where will it go?
Last year, one of the five women aged 25 to 34 who participated in the British minte market study reported that a "ecology" of a shower gel
Friendly packaging "for them and the resistance of the product
Aging performance.
In a 2008 minte survey, 40% of women surveyed said the packaging was part of their decision when buying cosmetics.
The beauty industry is responding with new products, packaging methods and materials, such as blocks made of bamboo and paper used by the doctor's formula, and this jar is made of recycled materials, it contains Aveda's green science firm cream and Pangu organic soap wrapping paper with seeds like amaranth embedded in it (
Packaging sprouts when planted).
The industry calls this package "sustainable ";
The goal is to use natural resources more responsibly.
"Sustainable packaging has been the subject of every exhibition and conference for the past few years," said Jamie Matuso, editor of the trade publication beauty packaging.
"A lot of companies are making claims, but it's a complicated issue.
"Advertising on this issue can cover practices such as the form of energy that companies use to make packaging materials, and even whether companies are using energy --
Efficient bulb.
"We all realize that there is too much packaging for beauty products," said Starre Vartan, author of The Guide to eco-chick life (Macmillan, 2008)
Blog about the Earth
Fashion and cosmetics are friendly.
"Containers and cards for plastic packaging are useful in the box.
There are 16 layers of paper to reach it if it has been shipped.
When you open it, you can see the emissions flying out.
But that doesn't mean we don't want to leave.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the garbage from landfill sites is packed every year, and beauty companies, large and small, are considering this fact.
Estee Lauder, which owns 28 brands including origin and Aveda, has developed design guidelines that make sustainable packaging a priority for the company.
John delforth, chief environmental officer for packaging at Estee Lauder, said: "We can do small-scale redesign on packaging, which may not even be noticed by consumers ,". A position created in 2007.
For example, the common practice of Estee Lauder products is to be lightweight, or to reduce the shape and weight of bottles, tubes or cans while keeping the volume of the product unchangedDelfausse said.
It is also adopted throughout the industry.
Aveda created a makeup pencil certified by the Forest Management Board, a non-profit organization that encourages responsible management of world forests.
The company's linen stick makeup brush is made of 30% natural linen fiber combined with office paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic and metal recycled resin.
Brushes are packed in biodegradable plants-
Base cellulose bag.
But a major stumbling block, the company says, is trying to find containers and components that make the entire package "green.
Speaking about her natural skin, Tata Harper said: "the ad" We searched for a long time trying to find a sustainable pump to use our glass bottle pomegranate facial cleansercare line.
"We want to avoid using pumps because they are usually made up of two materials, plastic and metal springs, so they cannot be recycled unless separated, and most recycling plants do not.
"But because her product does not contain preservatives, we can't let people put their fingers into the cleaner to remove the cleaner and risk contamination," she said . ".
So she had to be satisfied with the pump that she thought was below standard.
"It is said that a better green pump is being developed now, but we will see it," she said . ".
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The company is paying close attention to the next wave of packaging: bio-plastics and biological products, materials made from corn and sugar substances from renewable resources.
They have been used on some cosmetics and skin. Care container.
For example, the Foundation Mineral FX of Cover FX is packed in a biodegradable corn resin jar.
But while these biological materials may be in the future, "they are far from being used widely," said Wylie Royce, who is in charge of the packaging subcommittee of the Plastics Industry Association, a trade group.
"There is a problem with solubility, how will these new materials be supported?
And marketing issues: cosmetics and personal issues
Care companies have spent millions of dollars developing their products in order to be able to identify them immediately, so how do you change things while maintaining your identity?
For example, a kind of sugar-polyhydrogen acetate
Biological materials based on beige.
"You can't figure out the beige jar . "Royce said. Dr.
Larry Weiss, chief technology officer at Clean well, known for his non-toxic hand sanitizer, disinfectant and wet wipes, said, "it looks good on the shelves is a big consideration.
Like many individuals, clean well
Care and beauty companies are working to implement changes that can vary while staying safe.
For example, it uses a label made of BOPP (
2-way tensile polypropylene)
Replace paper with film
Once the product inside is completed?
Some companies, such as MAC Cosmetics and Aveda, are promoting recycling programs: they reward free sample products for the efforts of participants.
AdvertisementJennifer Ginther-
Wilson, a New York teacher, said it was not an environmental issue that attracted her to an origin store selling natural skin care and cosmetics.
"I worked in a shopping mall during college and my lips were really cracked," she said . ".
"Origin is a recent store, so I went to buy something and was a little addicted.
"But now, as part of the return to source recycling program, Ms. Zinsser-
Wilson took her empty bottles, tubes, and jars from any beauty brand to the White Plains store closest to her.
"I have two children," she said . "
"I want more than ever to make sure that I do my part to take care of the Earth.
"A version of this article appears on the New York edition E3 page in March 25, 2010, with the title: Now, cosmetics jars are also important.
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