nursing home skin care products How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally With Home Remedies and Creams

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nursing home skin care products How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally With Home Remedies and Creams

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-04
nursing home skin care products How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally With Home Remedies and Creams
Recently, I visited a friend who had just given birth to a child and she said to me, "I have stretch marks everywhere and I hate them . ".
She was eager to find a solution that would remove these marks naturally.
My friends are not alone because many women and some men around the world suffer from these unattractive traces at some point in life.
So what can we do to them?
If you have stretch marks or stripes (name of Dermatology), you will know because they exist in the form of narrow white or purple stripes.
The most common parts of these marks are the abdomen, chest, hips and thighs.
Stretch marks appear when the skin stretches beyond its capacity, due to puberty, pregnant women, stretch marks are most common among teenagers, bodybuilders and those who lose weight or gain weight in a short period of time.
Is stretch marks permanent?
Stretch marks are hard to remove.
Over time, when the color is fresh, it tends to fade from dark purple to light silver.
Some experts agree that creams and lotions do not work for stretch marks as these products do not help to increase the amount of elastic protein in the leather.
The only solution to permanently remove them is through surgery.
They also agreed that although the use of lasers effectively reduces the visibility of the mark and improves the texture of the skin, they do not remove the mark completely.
If you want to get the maximum effect, it is recommended to use a pulse dye laser to eliminate the red stretch marks.
This is not an immediate solution, but receiving several treatments can produce better results than most other laser treatments.
Looking at the video below, experts treat old stretch marks using the er score heavy surface laser.
On the other hand, some people, including myself, have been successful in using creams and natural therapies.
Maybe this is because we have more elastic protein in our leather and our skin is easy to bounce back after overstretching.
In any case, I don't think it would hurt to try some products or popular remedies first and see if they are useful to you.
Because if you are troubled by the appearance of stretch marks, surgery is an expensive and invasive option, please check the remedies and products below and decide if you want to give it a try. 1.
Some people like stretch marks with olive oil.
Olive oil has been used for a number of skin diseases for centuries and has been incorporated into many skin care cosmetics today.
Olive oil is rich in vitamin E called "beautiful vitamins.
There is no scientific proof that olive oil is good for stretch marks, but since olive oil is a natural remedy, you can try it and see if it works for you.
If you decide to use it, heat it first and apply it to the marks with a round massage. 2.
Thanks to its excellent moisturizing performance, it is used in many skin and hair care products.
It may be beneficial to prevent or reduce stretch marks, but it is unlikely to remove them completely.
Other benefits that can be gained by applying shea butter are young, smooth, radiant and moist skin. 3.
Many women have been successful in using almond oil to prevent or treat recent stretch marks.
Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and has a good promotion effect on collagen and elastic protein.
To use it, just a few scoops of sweet almond oil and then heat it up on the microwave for a few seconds.
Apply circular motion in the affected area.
You need to be consistent to see the results and remember that the sooner you start natural therapy, the better the results will be.
Another oil that is said to be very effective in preventing and reducing stretch marks is Argan oil.
High levels of fatty acids provide elasticity to the skin, making it an ideal companion against these terrible traces. . 4.
It is not clear whether aloe vera is effective for stretch marks, but there have been some successful cases.
Aloe Vera has Resistance
Inflammatory properties, very good for healing burns and scars.
It is said that the gel obtained directly from aloe vera plants is more effective and you should apply it once you notice these marks.
Many people wonder if stretch marks will disappear using popular treatments and skin care products.
Take a look below and learn more about the different methods. 1.
The leather roller is a very popular tool and is said to be effective in reducing these types of marks.
The clinical dermal roller treatment is more effective because the needle used is longer, from 2mm to 3mm, able to penetrate the scar tissue. The micro-
The needle encourages the body to heal and promotes collagen and elastic protein fibers.
This will help smooth skin.
You need several treatments to get better results.
At home, the leather rollers will not have the same effect as professional treatment, as the microneedles used are shorter, but they are still effective for improving the absorption of skin care products and improving the texture of the skin.
In some places you can use a more effective leather roller at home with longer needles, but you need to numb the pain with some kind of surface anesthesia.
The leather roller is also considered one of the best home skin care equipment for wrinkles and glowing skin. 2.
Experts agree that the micro-grinding of stretch marks does not work. Why?
Because the micro-grinding skin can only remove the cells on the top layer, and because the second layer of the skin will appear stretch marks, the micro-grinding skin will not make any difference.
However, micro-grilling is an effective treatment that can make the skin look fresher and have a healthy gloss. 3.
Consider chemical stripping for stretch marks?
While chemical peels are effective in treating several skin conditions and can be used in many parts of the body, they do not work with this mark because they cannot penetrate the deep layers of the skin.
Chemical peels can be of great help in reducing wrinkles, improving the texture of the skin and tightening the skin. 4.
Does Mederma work on stretch marks?
After reading many reviews from customers who use the product, it is clear that mederma will not make stretch marks disappear.
However, Mederma can make the scar less obvious.
You need to use it within 3 to 6 months to observe the improvement of the scar. 5.
Palmers is a well-known product used by many pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.
Cocoa butter is the main ingredient and sometimes you can find extra ingredients for different skin conditions.
Cocoa butter moisturizes, smooth and softens the skin.
To prevent stretch marks, the Palmers brand has added shea butter, vitamin E, collagen and elastic protein to the formula.
These ingredients will help to increase the elasticity of the skin, which is of great help during pregnancy.
Palmers Cocoa butter is one of my favorite products when I'm pregnant, but keep in mind that using Palmers Cocoa butter is not a success for everyone.
It is an affordable product, please check the link below if you would like to try it and see if it is suitable for you. 6.
Bio oil is a very popular treatment for stretch marks and is also used to treat scars, dry skin, uneven skin tone and acne problems.
Its formula is a mixture of vitamins, plant extracts and oils.
These ingredients are reported to help enhance the elasticity of the skin and reduce the formation of stretch marks.
Bio oil has become a "must have" product for pregnant women before, during and after pregnancy to prevent and reduce stretch marks.
Bio oil has won many Skin Care Awards and is a member of "no cruel beauty. NOTE-
If you are pregnant and not sure if this is the right product for you, please consult your doctor first.
If you want to try this product, please see below. 7.
Do not use retin A products if you want to be pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding.
Many dermatologists recommend re-applying A on the new stretch marks as it works better.
Products containing retin a will not be so effective if stretch marks exceed one year, but will still help reduce their appearance.
To see improvements in retin A products, you will need to use them continuously for at least 6 months.
If you 've been using natural medicines and skincare products for striae but haven't been successful, the next thing you can try is to cover them up with a masking agent, a fake tanning agent, or a cosmetic
This is the only way to quickly remove stretch marks.
There is a body base that can be used to cover the mark.
Watch the video below to learn how to hide stretch marks with makeup.
Please note that the advice on this article is for reference only and is not intended to replace your doctor or dermatologist.
If you are pregnant and are not sure about the ingredients contained in some products, please consult your doctor first.
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