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obagi skin care products is natural Obagi Nu-derm Results: Week 2-3

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-04
obagi skin care products is natural Obagi Nu-derm Results: Week 2-3
The Great Wall of China is certainly not built in three weeks, but I was surprised after using it for three weeks.
I faithfully followed the instructions given to me by the manicurist to use obagee, and in just three weeks I saw the difference.
Since my face still takes the clutter to the surface, I notice my t-
Area and Chin brought by Obagi Blender and vitamin A acid.
-Both have the vitamin A acid and the blender have started to make my skin color even and bring the acne to the surface.
However, my face still has a smooth feel from the clear, crust and sunscreen I have to wear in the morning.
--xa0Especially from clear and sunscreen, my forehead and nose are very shiny.
Obagi Nuderm for oily skin definitely didn't dry my face and didn't bring more oil to my face, but it didn't make my face greasy either.
I found it hard to wear foundation because it would make my face more greasy, but if I tried the minerals it would make a cake on my face and I looked like
Although it will make my face greasy, my suggestion is to continue using the foundation and then set your face with translucent powder.
I noticed that on my forehead there was a "plumb" effect caused by strong sound using transparent and outer skin.
-Exfoderm Forte falls off dead skin cells, making it possible for Clear to repair my skin and bring new skin to the surface.
-Wrinkles on my forehead make my skin look fuller.
Also, I noticed that the skin damage on my cheek had begun to subside, but then I went to the beach.
One day I forgot to rub my sunscreen and went home with a lot of freckles.
The Obagi product comes with a warning to stay as far away from the sun as possible as your skin will be extra sensitive.
This warning is very real because my skin is getting sun damage again.
So, the damage I started to fix with Obagi Clear was reversed.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by my results in the second week.
I am very happy for the whole third week. Obagi Nu-
Derm products are doing things that other products can't do to my face. . .
It took my blackheads to the surface!
I'm so excited.
I have tried all the ways to get rid of my blackheads and it is so deep that there is no product to remove them.
I noticed that my blackheads were removed because it looked like a piece of dirt on my face.
I will brush my face with my hands and try to wipe it off, but it won't fall off.
So I grabbed a tool to go black and got it for $3.
00, then gently place it on the dirt with a flat head.
My blackhead acne came out of my skin and there was no problem at all.
No problem at all!
Not only is my blackheads removed, but my pores are also shrinking.
I have large pores around my nose and they are only a little closed but still enough to get me excited.
The clear vitamin A acid and mixer bring my impurities to the surface.
In addition to the pores, my damage to the skin on the beach quickly disappeared.
I think it will take a couple of weeks for Obagi skincare to reverse my damage to the skin, but it only took a week to use Clear twice a day and a mixer three times a week.
Even though I still have bigger acne on the surface, so far I am very happy with the results of Obagi Nuderm.
-The camera doesn't receive what the eyes can see, but in natural light, my cheeks have a natural peach color for them that they didn't have before.
-I still have deep circles in my eyes, but I always have them (I think they are hereditary ).
You can see my t-
Area and chin.
The only skin damage I noticed was on my nose.
--xa0In this photo, you noticed the pimples on my chin.
-My cheeks look smoother and even stronger.
--xa0Before (although the camera was not picked up)xa0I have slight freckles and skin damage on my cheeks, nose and forehead.
Acne on my chin is more like a scar than acne.
-It's easy for me to leave scars, just because the acne that appears on my skin causes scars.
-However, there are other scars on the rest of my face that have faded from Obagi Clear and Obagi Blender.
On my left side my acne, fear and skin damage are disappearing.
The tone around it becomes more uniform.
Along my t-
But, like everything else, they are becoming less and less frequent throughout the process.
--xa0On my forehead and nose, my blacheads are still visible, although they become more and more invisible with Obagi Nuderm and are being cleaned up.
My skin tone my nose and cheeks start to flatten and look better.
In this photo, you can notice that my blackheads are becoming less visible and that some of my scars are decreasing in color and intensity.
I have almost no skin damage on my nose and cheeks.
--xa0Here you can see that my skin is getting smooth and the skin color is getting even.
On my nose you can see the black hair next to my nose and cheeks.
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