oily skin oily skin care products Best Face Primer for Oily Skin: Mattify Ultra Powder ~ Silicone Fr

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oily skin oily skin care products Best Face Primer for Oily Skin: Mattify Ultra Powder ~ Silicone Free Primer

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-03
oily skin oily skin care products Best Face Primer for Oily Skin: Mattify Ultra Powder ~ Silicone Free Primer
In many of my posts, I have recommended an oily skin product called Super powder from Matteo cosmetics.
Primer for oily skin I found.
It controls my oily skin and helps to keep my makeup on.
I am very allergic to all the silicone gel primer I have tried --
Touted as the best primer on the market to make the skin look smooth and "no holes ".
While they do make my foundation look good, they always cause cracks and itching and don't do anything to control the oil.
After I have used a primer containing silicone gel, my poor skin will recover next week.
Into my savior.
Always struggling with greasy skin and acne, I searched online for oil control facial powder and stumbled across Matteo cosmetics website.
Set the powder.
I'm excited!
I have been using this product for the past 4 years and there are few breakthroughs now.
I apply the powder as a primer before the Foundation & apply the foundation again after the foundation to put the makeup in place.
It blocked my oil for about 3 hours (it's a real miracle if you know the oil content of my skin!
) I will do the same before applying any type of eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil as it helps them to stick and last longer.
Since it won't cover my skin with heavy silicone, I no longer need to deal with blackheads and acne.
It actually protects my skin from the Foundation liquid I use and prevents it from penetrating into my pores.
I have mentioned this product many times in my other blog posts & many people ask how to apply Matteo Ultra as an introductory knowledge.
Most people are completely unfamiliar with the use of powder surface primer.
In fact, it is easier or easier to apply than cream primer.
In addition, it does not drag or peel off like some cream primer during the application of eyeshadow.
After your usual cleaning and/or moisturizing procedure, dip the fluffy powder brush into the Matteo Ultra powder and tap the excess powder.
Apply to the entire face using rotating motion.
The powder is transparent so it will disappear on your skin soon.
For the heavier application of super powder, powder puff can be used.
Press the puff into a piece to stick on the skin, and then mix it gently with a powder brush.
Follow the application of regular liquid, mineral or cream foundation.
Super powder can prevent the accumulation of oil for several hours, and can also prevent the naked running or fading of cosmetics.
If the skin becomes greasy all day, you can get an additional oil control dose by simply using the oil-absorbing paper and then applying super powder on the foundation.
Most importantly, super powder is easy to re-apply on your makeup to keep the oil absorbed.
If your skin is very greasy, you may know how hard it is to control it.
I sometimes have to work 10 hours a shift and then meet for dinner and find that no matter how often I apply Super powder (sometimes up to 6 times a day) it is always invisible, never looked cakey on my extremely greasy skin.
After applying moisturizing cream and/or masking cream to the eye, take a soft eyeshadow brush (round or dome tip) and pat it gently in the Super powder container.
Tap the excess powder, close your eyes and sprinkle the powder on your eyelids and eyelashes.
Before applying the eyebrow pencil, take the brush to the eyebrows.
After you finish applying the powder to your eye area, apply your usual eyeliner, shade, and eyebrow color.
This will end the oily eyelids that cause the eyeshadow to dissolve.
Super powder can prevent stains and creases from eye products all day.
Why is silicone primer not good for my skin color?
Most cream or gel cosmetic primer contains silicone gel (timenone), which is notorious for clogging pores and causing rupture.
Since I am not a scientist, I had to do quite a bit of research on silica gel and silica powder balls in order to find out the difference.
My findings with silicone are disturbing as I have discussed them in some other posts about the negative effects of silicone.
Silicone basically forms a thick barrier to block moisture.
This means that it also gathers bacteria inside.
My favorite comparison is this: have you heard of a silicone Caulker that is used to line the perimeter of a bathtub or sink?
Well, its function is to fill the gaps and provide a thick barrier without moisture coming in and out.
The same type of silicone used in this caulking agent is also used for silicone gel surface primer!
Of course, the caulking agent in the hardware store also contains several other chemicals and rubber agents, but Silica gel is the main ingredient in filling the porous area and forms traps in the water.
Why is silicone really bad for oily skin?
I think maybe the first person to invent a silicone primer is reshaping their bathroom & thoughthey, something that can also fill the pores on my face well!
But that's the problem.
It fills pores well and does not allow any oxygen circulation, which creates fertile soil for bacteria.
As you can see in the chart above, a layer of silicone captures the type of bacteria under the surface of the skin, leaving dirt and oil deep in each pore.
This is a recipe for disaster involving blacks and outbreaks.
Skin oil should be allowed to escape pores throughout the day, but silicone gel can prevent this from happening.
As a result, the pores are affected, the skin creates more oil and breaks.
What is the difference between super powder and silicone gel primer?
The Matteo Ultra powder contains a large amount of oil absorption and also a variant of silica.
Silica, however, is a dry powder form that does not clog or clog pores.
Instead, the silica ball stays on the outer layer of the skin and absorbs the oil at the beginning of the surface.
The sphere can also prevent liquid foundation or eye shadow pigment from drilling into pores.
As powder silica absorbs facial oil into each powder sphere, it effectively prevents skin oil from gathering on your skin and streaking naked during makeup.
These little miracle Silicon balls do all this without clogging the pores that circulate oxygen!
Why can silicone primer for dry skin? The all-
The important reason is: people with dry skin usually have much smaller pores than people with greasy skin.
This means that the sticky silicone will stay where it belongs.
On the surface of the skin (instead of sinking in large pores ).
It also absorbs moisture inside, and dry skin is always trying to keep it hydrated.
In addition, people with dry skin are more prone to wrinkles, and silica gel is innocently filled with wrinkle areas, which will not cause skin problems or cause acne on oily skin.
If your skin is dry but there are pimples as well, apply silicone gel primer anywhere except for pimples.
Most of the time, even people with dry skin will encounter oily eyelids.
In this case, before applying eye shadow, Matteo Super powder can be used on the eyelids, and before the foundation, silicone gel primer can be used in the rest of the face.
If you have oily skin, some popular silicone-based primer is Smashbox Photo finishing, which is good for porn, as well as surface primer and hole-free primer, and even Monistat, which is usually recommended
These are packed with silicone (also known as dimeitong), which stimulates acne-prone and oily skin.
You don't need silicone primer to get the perfect air-brushed look.
Your skin will thank you for choosing a light powder primer by bypassing the sticky silicone.
To create a truly perfect illusion, apply Super powder on your finished makeup for a soft effectfocus look. .
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