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oily skin oily skin care products Best Tricks for Solving Severe Oily Skin Problems

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-03
oily skin oily skin care products Best Tricks for Solving Severe Oily Skin Problems
Oily skin and hair are a source of great anxiety for many people.
It's easy to feel like you're in no.
Win "situation, because the more times you clean up oil, the worse it will be!
In fact, there is some truth in this sentence, which hides the secret of controlling oily skin.
To stay healthy, prevent wrinkles and remain soft, apply oil to the inside.
If you use harsh products to remove every trace of oil, your system will panic and do its best to produce oil at a faster rate to restore balance.
So the secret is to get up on this issue and not hit it directly --
So you don't trigger this.
The reaction of your body
Because they sell!
You often hear companies say you have to give customers what they want in order to make money.
These skincare manufacturers are doing this.
They react to what people instinctively want, and these products will pump oil out of their faces.
Of course, if these products make more oil, why should manufacturers worry?
This means you have to buy more of their products!
My regime came from a dermatologist who had treated oily skin and severe pimples for one of my friends years ago.
The dermatologist's point is that the more we touch and tamper with the skin, the more oil it will produce --
So his approach is to cut skincare products to the minimum required for hygiene.
It really works from my friend's skin.
I was impressed and since then I have used the same program myself.
First, buy a water-soluble cleanser with a pH balance.
Lulu is a good choice.
Or you can use the cleaning stick.
When toner or astring agent stimulates the production of oil, do not use toner or astring agent.
Massage your face with your cleanser.
Rinse the cleaner thoroughly with cold or warm water-
There are at least 20 splashes (you can wipe off most of the splashes with a clean towel if you want ). Eye makeup-
Remove makeup on your eyes if needed.
Apply a light moisturizer and apply some cream (E. G. g.
Clearasil at any location ). DO NOT CLEANSE.
Your face doesn't get dirty overnight, so there's no need to use detergent or soap to stimulate oil production.
Warm water is enough to wash away the sweat.
Splash water on your face or wipe it with a clean towel.
Apply sunscreen before you leave the house. non-. use alcohol-
Wet wipes on the face (such as wipes ).
Alcohol is refreshing, but it stimulates oil.
If you need to get your face dirty during the day, use a dry tissue or alcohol-free baby wipe.
There is only one case.
Bacterial wipes should be placed anywhere on your face if you are wearing a hat.
Hats are breeding grounds for bacteria, so it's important to clean your forehead whenever you take off your hat --
So please use wipe if there is no soap and water. For make-
Up, it is OK to use products that claim to control the oil light.
These oils will not be removed, will only be absorbed, so will not cause excessivereaction.
Oil Control powder and mineral foundation are usually more effective than liquid foundation.
If you don't like the appearance of the powder, apply the powder, then take a slightly damp towel or cotton wool and go through your face and place the cloth firmly on your skin (make sure you press, don't rub it, otherwise you will wipe it off ).
Your oily skin seems to get worse in the first few days, but with this mild treatment it will stabilize.
By the way, some skin conditions (such as scrumpus) look like acne, but are actually the result of very sensitive skin.
Severe treatment can make these situations worse, so the system will help them as well.
If you have pimples (acne) on your oily skin, there is a very mild but very effective treatment that is worth trying --
Blue light therapy.
Until recently, you have to do the job in the salon, about $100 each time.
Now we have hands. held, at-
Home equipment is provided.
Blue-light therapy is effective for skin diseases such as simple pimples and alcohol and nose.
In fact, it usually has a very healing effect on the skin.
When the grease on your face makes you desperate, there is one important thing to remember: because your skin is well lubricated, you will still be very wrinkled --
Free when dry
Friends of the skin began to wrinkle around their eyes, and wrinkles grew between their eyebrows.
So you have something positive to look forward!
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