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oily skin oily skin care products Get Rid of Oily Skin...Forever

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-03
oily skin oily skin care products Get Rid of Oily Skin...Forever
As someone who always struggles with oily skin, I am totally sympathetic to anyone who is trying to reduce or remove real greasy skin.
It sparkles and makes you look and feel unclean and can cause acne.
While the luck of the (gene) draw has a lot to do with it, you do have some level of control over your skin.
I 've been dealing with this annoying issue for decades, I 've been in contact with several dermatologists over the years, and I can share what I 've learned and what works for me.
Let's start with the most important factor that causes oily skin. ---
Your diet has a fairly significant impact on the oily and explosive possibilities of your skin, but maybe you will think differently.
Sugar and simple carbohydrates can make your insulin levels soar, which can boost the production of skin sebum (oil. -
Being too aggressive during cleaning, including excessive use of rough cleaning agents such as astring agents, will stimulate your skin and stimulate the skin to produce more oil, even if the cleaner will peel off the oil at the beginning-
Birth control pills and other drugs that affect the balance of hormones can affect the oily skin. -
Stress in your life can lead to hormonal turbulence and hormone levels can fluctuate everywhere to stimulate your oil glands to produce more.
What can you do to end oily skin. . .
There are a few things you can do to improve your skin.
See what works in your case and try it out!
Clean your face regularly, but don't be strict.
Wash your face at least twice a day using warm water (but no hot water) and a gentle cleaner.
After washing, before gently slapping the skin dry with a towel, be sure to splash it on your face several times with cold water.
This will reduce any surface inflammation and close your pores and delay the recurrence of oil production.
Apply your face regularly (gently) throughout the day.
Either use ink-absorbing paper (provided by the pharmacy) or gently press the skin using a clean napkin and transfer the oil from the face to the absorbent paper or napkin.
It is important to do this gently instead of rubbing;
Rubbing will stimulate your skin and cause it to become greasy again soon.
Minimize sugar and simple carbohydrates in your diet.
When you eat sugary, starchy foods, it can cause your insulin levels to soar, which can cause serious damage to your skin.
Peak insulin can cause your skin to produce more oil, so you can do anything to minimize the intake of sugar and simple carbohydratese.
Foods with high blood sugar index) will help control the tendency of the body to produce too much oil.
Reduce your stress.
Stress can also get your hormone levels out of control, so, in addition to having a negative impact on your health, stress can also give you unnecessary oily skin.
Try to keep yourself calm and steady as much as you can and take a moment to get out and relax.
You will feel better and your skin will show up.
Dressing change.
If you are taking birth control pills, steroids of any kind or any medication that affects your hormone level (including growth hormone, insulin, etc ).
), Talk to your doctor about trying the same drugs of different varieties that may have less impact on your skin.
Sometimes, changing the brand or making subtle adjustments to the dose can have a significant effect on the skin.
Study tretinoin.
If you are plagued by extremely greasy skin and very severe acne, one prescription you may want to discuss with a dermatologist is Accutane.
In about 6 months, a large dose of isotretinoin (chemical relative to vitamin A) will permanently reduce the size of your sebum (oil) to reduce acne and oily skin.
But there are also side effects, the most obvious is the extreme dryness of the skin during treatment.
Accutane is not safe for expectant mothers and may have permanent side effects if you are still growing.
You have to discuss all the pros and cons with a dermatologist, but this is really a permanent solution for oily skin.
I went to Accutane when I was 24 years old, although I have been very dry for 6 months, and I have been moisturizing when I finish, my skin is much less oily than it used to be and less prone to outbreaks.
I personally don't regret using it.
Note that while Accutane is a chemical derivative of vitamin A, it's not the same thing, high doses of vitamin A are not only not helpful to your skin, they can be harmful to your health!
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