olay hydrating skin care products Homemade Anti-Aging Lotion Bars With Frankincense and Patchouli-NO

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olay hydrating skin care products Homemade Anti-Aging Lotion Bars With Frankincense and Patchouli

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-03
olay hydrating skin care products Homemade Anti-Aging Lotion Bars With Frankincense and Patchouli
This is an emulsion. .
To prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
Please answer on the postcard!
It's not as easy as you think, because there are many factors that can help prevent wrinkles from appearing, or at least not so obvious.
Moisturizing is one of them, this make-up stick is absolutely resistant
Aging rich ingredients with good taste!
The beauty of this make-up stick is that it works perfectly for legs, feet, stomach, arms, hands, chest, neck and face.
It is more suitable for dry skin for the face, I found it a little oily for my combined skin, but using it elsewhere is a dream that can be used as a bonus.
This is rich, soothing, nourishing and resistant if you are going on vacation or living in a hot climate
Two new and exciting ingredients for me are Australian nut oil and sand pear oil.
It has been proved to be one of the best recycled oils.
The oil extracted from macadamia nuts is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, making it very rich and protected.
It is widely used for treatment and resistance
Aging performance.
It is a rich concentrated oil extracted from the fruit of the sea.
This oil is another giant in the field of skin care and is very precious for the treatment of sunburn, wrinkles, scar tissue and problematic skin.
It is rich in essential fatty acids, carrot-like, phytosteroids, and fertility, and should be used in small quantities frequently. Best Anti-
Add all the ingredients except essential oil and sand pear oil to the bowl and place them on a pan of boiling water.
Turn the top of the stove down to medium temperature and melt the oil and wax stirred with the handle of the spoon.
When completely melted, remove the bowl from the heating and move to the flat table top.
The next phase needs to be completed quickly as the emulsion starts to harden when it is cooled.
Add sand pear oil and 2 essential oils and stir well.
Pour into the glass tank and pour into the container you push up.
It will take a few hours.
They will last for about 6 months and should be stored in cool dark cabinets.
These push tubes are easy to apply and are ideal for travel.
If you like, you can use a 1 ounce lip balm jar or glass jar.
This recipe requires 10 containers if using a jar or can of 1/2 ounces.
Immediately after pouring the bar, wipe the handle of the wooden spoon with kitchen paper.
It makes cleaning easier, which should be done manually with hot soapy water instead of in the dishwasher.
Add a label to each container indicating the due date (6 months from the production date ).
If you are making a different perfume combination, please add a fragrance combination.
Replenish stock or give extra stock as a gift.
If you are allergic to bees or can't use beeswax, try Brazilian palm wax or Candela wax.
If you want to use more cost-effective carrier oil, you can replace sweet almond oil or grape seed oil with macadamia nut oil;
Sea grass oil for Rose fruit seed oil, sunflower oil or wheat germ oil.
All of these alternatives are quite counter-productive.
Properties of aging and cell regeneration. Ylang-
Avoid sunbathing in direct sunlight or staying for a long time.
With a minimum of SPF15, make sure you always wear it on your face and neck.
Hands, feet and body at least once a week.
In addition to serious health problems, not smoking is the fastest way to age prematurely.
Eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Because it is the skin type most likely to develop premature aging.
Sleep well.
A good night's sleep-
For adults, 8 hours helps to produce collagen and elastic protein, helping to reduce wrinkles. daily.
It has a huge impact on the function of our largest organ, the skin.
Make sure there's at least 6-8 cups a day.
Fruits and vegetables with high water content should be included in your diet.
Drink on the side of the road.
Stars make your own skin care and body care products with no chemicals and Gentle Moisturizing, watching the years melt!
When applying lotion and potions to the skin, especially the neck and face, use the upward movement.
Dragging the skin down only promotes line, skin sagging, and wrinkles.
Food for thinking. . .
The make-up stick is quick and easy to make.
Multi-function, a product is beneficial
Aging treatment for all body and face applications.
If you're used to using a variety of different products, you'll love this addictive recipe that may be tailored to your own skin needs.
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