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The pimples that come out may be big, fat and ugly and will destroy your facial expression.It can also cause irritation and pain at times.In addition to the expensive creams and masks found on the market, some quick home therapy for pimples can be followed wisely to cure and prevent pimples.
You don't need too many complicated ingredients, you only need very few natural kitchen ingredients.Now let's take a look at some quick home therapy for acne.Mix the same amount of lemon juice and rose water to allow your rapid pimples to solidify the serum.
Apply it smoothly to your pimples to completely cover them and keep it for 15 minutes before washing it off.A mixture of honey and cinnamon powder can be used as a good home medicine for the treatment of dry pimples.Papaya fruit can be cut into pieces and mashed until smooth to produce huge resistanceFruit pimple maskFor the added benefit, add some diluted lemon juice to the inside.
Are you the owner of sensitive skin?Is there no other family remedy for pimples to eliminate your stubborn emergencies?Don not worry.Collect some basil leaves, add a small amount of water and grind to a smooth paste.Use this natural herbal medicine pack in the affected skin area and relax for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water.
This is one of the best home therapy for acne.Neem can also help with the rupture of swollen pimples.Cook a hand filled with nee tree leaves in two cups of water until the color changes.
Turn off the stove now and let the neem liquid cool.Before going to bed at night, apply this liquid to your facial skin with a cotton ball.This is an excellent natural home therapy for pimples and you will be surprised to see the results the next morning!Bit bit: follow this home therapy for acne whenever you are free.
Prevention is better than treatment;So follow some good skin care methods to avoid pimples.Never touch or rub your face skin unnecessarily.Then what?Free facial skin is yours!
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