orange peel and kiwi facial mask discover nature's essential anti aging ingredients for ...

orange peel and kiwi facial mask discover nature\'s essential anti aging ingredients for ...
Wrinkles really hurt!They make you look older and more tired, although you may actually feel like an 18-year-old.They do get worse because of our habits and lifestyles;The main culprit is smoking, not drinking enough water, drinking too much wine, a nutritious diet and lack of exercise.Did you know that there may be a lot of remedies in your kitchen that break wrinkles?Yes, you can go to the department store and browse hundreds ofaging products;Of course, there are many of these chemicals.Some ingredients just provide a temporary hydration, just to make the skin more wrinkled after drying!The simple ingredients found at home not only worked well, but also did not have toxic and harsh chemicals.The biggest cause of wrinkles is the lack of moisture and grease in the skin;One of the best ways to increase this water is to drink plenty of water!The second best way to deal with wrinkles is to re-absorb the moisture into the dry facial skin.A nice mask for dry skin is as follows: 1 egg whitening 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon whole fat or heavy cream mix these ingredients together and put them on the face for about 10-20 minutes.Your skin will feel smooth and soft.A good mask for normal skin: 2 tablespoons of milk powder rose water, mix these ingredients into a thick paste and apply them to the face and neck.Your skin looks softer and smells great.If you have rough wrinkles on your skin, a simple facial scrub can do wonders.Orange brilliant Face Scrub 1 teaspoon dry orange peel1 teaspoon oats 13 teaspoon rose water rub on face and neck and wash off after 15 minutes.Now it's your turn to turn the clock back and make youth glow!
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