orange peel facial mask homemade how to get rid of orange peel skin -

orange peel facial mask homemade how to get rid of orange peel skin -
What is the fat group?The fat mass is a layer of fat located directly below the skin.It appears most often in the thighs and/or hips, but sometimes in the arms or abdomen as well.The biggest problem with the fat mass is that it is resistant to diet, which means it affects both thin women and thin women.There are actually three types of fat mass, and knowing which type you belong to is the first step in finding the right anti-fat massFat group action plan1 -Fat: excessive fat storage is the main factor.2-fiber: the main factor is the dysfunction of collagen.3 -Stagnant water: the main factor is poor circulation.What is the reason for the fat group?There are several reasons for the fat mass.Some common causes are poor blood and lymph circulation, lack of physical exercise, poor diet, stress and depression.The most common cause, however, is genetic susceptibility and hormonal imbalance, and the main cause is usually the ovary.The estrogen they produce stimulates the serum of the femur-An enzyme responsible for storing fat.In addition, these hormones promote salt and moisture retention within the tissue.This is why the fat mass evolves with the change of hormones.Fat mass is produced when the ovary produces excessive estrogen, especially during certain periods of life: puberty, pregnancy, pre-menstrual syndrome, the use of birth control pills with poor adaptation, pre-Menopause and menopauseHow to remove fat mass?So, of course, the question remains-how do I remove the fat mass?But don't worry, the fat mass is not fatal!With the help of a good action plan, it is entirely possible to get rid of it.Action plan: no miracle machine.No miracle cream.No miracle shorts.Any amount of money spent on these things will not provide the desired results.The only sure-The way to get rid of the fat mass is to commit to a solid action plan.Here are a few simple steps: 1-Life-Change your lifestyle: take the first step towards a healthy life.Quitting smoking, giving up excessive drinking and drinking plenty of water is very important for improving your overall health and adjusting your waist --Lines and thighs.Drink 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day can drain waste stored in the organization, such as toxins, enemies of fat groups.2-improve eating habits: Improving diet is critical to reducing fat mass.Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food, processed food and saturated fat.We were told to lose weight again and again, but so was the decrease in fat mass.3-improve blood circulation: improving blood circulation is essential to reduce fat mass.Of course, exercise is very important to improve blood circulation, but there are other little-known methods.Avoiding a hot bath is one of them.Also, shower with shower head at the highest pressure, ending the shower with a few minutes of cold water is another good way to improve the cycle.Also, don't wear tight pants and jeans.Blood circulation can be more difficult when your hips are too narrow, which can worsen the fat mass!4-firming cream: Some creams can help skin tone and eliminate toxins.But without the steps above, it is almost useless to use it alone.However, in combination with the steps above, a firm cream can certainly speed up significant results.5-Spa treatment: in the action plan, it is very important to find a spa that specializes in the treatment of fat groups.Some spas offer a range of services such as special massages and anti-massageFat ball machine, packaging, peel and other non-Invasive TreatmentAlways ask for some pictures before and after the pictures to make sure you are working on an experienced counterFat group processing.Things to avoid :-Inflatable shortsThese don't work at all.-Liposuction.This is a very expensive invasive procedure that sometimes increases the visibility of the fat mass.-Promise to reduce inches of cream and wrapping paper from the thigh or waist.This is completely impossible.Only diet and exercise can effectively reduce the distance of the body.Following this simple action plan and avoiding mistakes can effectively reduce the fat mass.
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