organic beauty overhaul - organic non toxic skin care products

organic beauty overhaul  -  organic non toxic skin care products
I like beauty products.
Leave me in a corner of New York City and I'll go to Henry Bendel right away and keep browsing on the cosmetic floor.
The makeup counter at Saks Beverly hills, Sephora at Beverly Center, and even CVS's makeup channel will make my heart beat faster.
But this morning, when I grabbed my cream and applied some, I noticed that the word "paraben" on the label glared in front of me.
Makeup artist and skin
The nursing specialist has warned me of the harmful effects of parab gold, which is known to cause dermatitis and stimulate the skin.
Who knows what other harmful and toxic ingredients are lurking in my rich fragrance, beautifully packaged beauty products?
For 2009, I am determined to wipe off all my existing fancy lotions, Toner, scrubs and cosmetics and replace them with natural and organic products.
I called an expert to figure out how to solve the simplest and least stressful problem in the natural beauty market, so my time and money were spent effectively.
Jean Seo, manager of Vert, a full
The nature and organic beauty boutique in Venice offers me a crash course to buy organic beauty.
The first is the so-called "dirty beating", which lists the 12 most harmful ingredients used in cosmetics.
According to Seo, the dirtiest two are sodium 12 alcohol, which produces foam, but is also very harsh on the skin and parabens, something at risk in my daily cream
Seo also breaks the true meaning of the terms "nature" and "organic.
"To put a natural label, it must have at least 2% natural ingredients," Seo said . ".
"To be labeled organic, the product must have at least 95% natural ingredients, and all farmers associated with these ingredients must be labeled as organic farmers.
Seo says that your body absorbs what you put on your skin, just like you ate, to a lesser degree of course.
I eat organic food and take care of myself, so shouldn't things on my face and body be the same standard?
Especially if I use it twice or three times a day.
In order to start organic beauty reform, Seo recommends starting with the eyes, because the eyes are the most sensitive area on the face, and probably the last place you want to stimulate.
Black agate mascara ($15)
Without any sensitivity agent, it contains vanilla peach plum fruit extract and sweet almond extract: yum.
Seo says a foundation should have sunscreen with at least SPF 20 and you should look for zinc oxide in the ingredients as it is the best natural sunscreen.
She recommended Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Foundation ($48)
, Has an SPF 20 and provides an effective coverage.
Seo likes Ren-wash it all off
Rose wash face water ($32), a sulfate-free and all-
Natural cleanser.
"One of the reasons many products use chemicals is because they need preservatives," Seo said . ".
"Mr. Ren designed the air.
Tightly packed to avoid the use of preservatives.
"As far as brushes are concerned, there is no need to replace the existing set of organic brushes, as long as they are cleaned frequently so that the bacteria do not pile up and negate the whole process.
I hope there's a paraben here-
Free new year, as Seo also mentioned that parab gold can be absorbed by the body, changing the estrogen level of women and causing mood fluctuations, which explains a lot.
This is probably my best solution at the moment. --
Jane magsaysay Photo: Black Onyx agate mascara from Jane Airdale and REN Rosa cm cleansing gel.
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