organic skin care products available in india Basic guidelines for manufacturing Cosmetics in India

organic skin care products available in india Basic guidelines for manufacturing Cosmetics in India
The manufacture, distribution and sale of Indian cosmetics are governed by the provisions of Article 1940 of the medicines and cosmetics act.
Cosmetics belong to the scope of the drug law, the name of which is changed to the drug law 1940.
However, the implementation came into effect in the middle of 1960, when the Indian government established rules for the import and manufacture of cosmetics in 1964.
Then, in order to achieve the intended purpose of the Act, the rules are amended from time to time.
Cosmetics refer to any item intended to rub, dump, sprinkle or apply on the human body or any part of the human body for cleaning, beautifying, promoting attraction and changing the appearance, include any items intended for use in cosmetics
Soap was excluded earlier, but the definition of cosmetics has covered toilet soap since 1982. 1-
Any cosmetic products that do not meet the standard quality or brand errors or false. 2-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0Any cosmetics containing ingredients that may make them unsafe or harmful, please use them as instructed or recommended. 3-
Any cosmetics made in violation of the Act or under the provisions of the act or rules. 4-
Any cosmetics except soap containing hexa chlorphen. 5-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0Any cosmetics used for coloring that contain lead or arsenic compounds. 6-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0Any cosmetics containing mercury compounds. 7-
-- Contains any cosmetics other than the specified color.
For a long time, there has been no standard for finished cosmetics according to the rules.
In the early 80 s, the standards set by the Indian Standards Agency (ISI) (now known as the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS) were adapted into standards and adopted more according to the standards
-Up to 20 types of cosmetics are now included in the schedule of cosmetics and are required to comply with the prescribed standards.
Skin Powder, baby skin powder, tooth powder, toothpaste, cream, hair oil, shampoo, soap Shampoo, synthetic detergent, oxidized hair dye, Cologne, cosmetic water after shaving, nail polish, grandiose and bright, chemical depilation cream, shaving cream, cosmetic pencil, lipstick, soap, clear soap, shaving soap, liquid soap, baby soap, Liquid Powder hair dye, liquid bincl, kokum powder, nail pollen.
Any of the above cosmetics imported to India shall comply with the standard label of Indian cosmetics.
Finished cosmetics shall be labeled in the manner specified in Article 148 of the Drug and Cosmetics Act.
Rules 149 and 149A specify, in particular, labels for hair dyes containing tar colors and toothpaste containing fluoride.
-According to the labeling method of section 148th of the IPC medicines and cosmetics act.
-According to other provisions of the rules, cosmetics should be carried-1---
The principle of A is produced. 2-
-- On an external label, a statement of net content should be provided, expressed in the weight of the solid, the fluid measurement of the liquid, the weight of the semisolids and the numerical count if the content is subdivided. 3-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0There are dangerous internal labels. -
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0Adequate instructions for safe use. -
-- Any warnings, warnings, or special instructions that consumers need to comply. -
A statement of the name and number of hazardous and/or toxic ingredients. 4-
Record the distinguishing batch number of the subject in the container and available for inspection.
Before the number represents the batch number of the letter, this paragraph does not apply to any cosmetics containing 10gms or less, if the makeup is in A solid or semi-solid state or 25 ml or less, if the liquid state in cosmetics.
-In addition, in the case of soap instead of batch number, the month and year of soap manufacture should be given, or a label should be given. 5-
By the manufacturing license number in front of the manufacturing license number. 6-
-- When there is only one label for cosmetic packaging, the label shall contain all the information required to be displayed on internal and external labels as per this rule.
Under Article 149th of the medicines and Cosmetics Act, hair dye containing tar color is marked.
--xa0--xa0--xa0Hair dye with p-
-Note: This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation in some cases, so preliminary testing should be carried out first according to the attached instructions.
--xa0This product should not be used for death of eyelashes or eyebrows as this use may cause color blindness.
Each package should also contain instructions for performing the test.
-This preparation may lead to severe inflammation of the skin in some cases, so preliminary tests should always be carried out on the determined weather, or there is no special sensitivity.
Participate in the test :-
--xa0Use soapy water or alcohol to clean the skin of a small area behind the ear or on the inner surface of the forearm.
-Apply the prepared small amount of hair dye to the area and make it dry.
--xa0After 24 hours, wash the area gently with soap and water.
If there is no obvious irritation or inflammation, it can be assumed that there is a low allergy to dyes.
Tests should be conducted before the application.
This preparation should not be used for eyebrows or eyelashes as severe eye inflammation or even blindness may occur.
-Special Regulations on fluoride toothpaste. 1-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa0The fluoride content should not be greater than 100ppm, and the fluoride content in ppm should be given on test tubes and cartoons. 2-
-- The expiration date should be put on the tube and the cartoon. 1-
Calculated as 2 ppm of arsenic oxide (uva. 2-
--xa0--xa0--xa0--xa020ppm leads calculated in leads. 3-
In addition to lead, 100ppm of heavy metals were calculated as the total amount of their respective metals.
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