organic skin care products for black skin Baobab, Camellia, and Karanja Seed Oil Skincare Benefits

organic skin care products for black skin Baobab, Camellia, and Karanja Seed Oil Skincare Benefits
Essential oils extracted from the seeds of baobab tree, mountain tea and Karanja tree are used in many of our skin care products, cosmetics and hair care products.
These oils are extracted by cold pressing or chemical solvents. The cold-
The crushed oil is natural and unrefined, and most of their beneficial skin care ingredients remain intact. Chemical-
Solvent oil has been refined, and its beneficial components have been greatly reduced.
Let's take a closer look at why Baobai, camellia oil and Karanja oil are the most valuable skin care ingredients.
Baobai oil is golden yellow;
A little nutty;
There is a thick consistency;
Absorb into the skin quickly;
Very stable.
It can last for two years, especially if it is stored very tightly.
Sealed in a cool dark place.
Monounsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and flax fatty acids of baobab oil;
Fatty acids and saturated fatty acids;
Vitamin A, E (fertility) and D3 are responsible for their skin care efficacy.
Baobab oil is a super skin moisturizing and rejuvenating product.
Protect the skin in various weather conditions;
Healing wounds, scars and stretch marks; exfoliates; cleans; is anti-inflammatory;
Protect the skin from free radical cell damage.
Baobab oil is present in creams, lotions, body wash oil, soap and hair care, massage and aromatherapy products, especially as carrier oil.
The name of the monkey bread tree is the palm of the monkey bread tree.
Other common names are inverted trees and life trees.
The previous name may have something to do with the similarity of its branch to the root.
The tree originated on the African continent and has an average life span of 500.
As we all know, some trees have lived for 6,000 years.
Its height is 66 feet and its trunk is quite thick.
There are six kinds of monkey bread trees.
The fruits harvested from December to February look like hairy coconuts, bearing seeds in dry white flesh.
Baobab oil is available from both online and offline merchants.
Two ounces of 100% natural, pure, organic Baobab essential oils cost up to $18. 00.
Tea oil is extracted from the seeds of tea tree, so it is also called tea seed oil.
It has been used for centuries as an ingredient in skin and hair care products.
The color of tea oil is yellow;
The scent is a bit herbal.
Light and silky texture;
Easily absorbed by the skin;
If stored in a cool, dark place immediately after opening, the shelf life can be up to one and a half years.
The chemical components of camellia oil include healthy amounts of fatty acids, fatty acids and vitamin E;
(Saturated) fatty acids;
And vitamin A, D, and K.
Camellia oil is a great moisturizer to brighten your skin;
Treatment of wounds such as bruises;
Treatment of stretch marks; is anti-
Fungus and resistance
Aging: The effect of wrinkles;
Prevent free radical cell damage, ultraviolet rays and various adverse weather conditions;
And it's a good product after shaving.
Camellia oil can even strengthen and nourish your scalp.
Camellia oil can be used as an ingredient in moisturizer and cream;
Cosmetics and beauty products such as foundation and lip gloss; astringents; soaps;
Hair and Nail products;
Shaving Products; baby products;
Especially massage and aromatherapy products as carrier oil.
The plant name of the camellia tree species used for skin care is Camellia and camellia.
These evergreen shrubs are native to China and countries in Eastern and Southeast Asia.
Later, they were introduced to tropical and subtropical areas such as the Philippines.
There are 12 kinds of mountain tea.
The average height of the trees is usually kept at 6 and a half.
There are many small seed chambers for fruit. Best seed-
The harvest period is from the end of August to the beginning of September.
Camellia oil is available from online and offline merchants.
Four ounces of 100% natural organic camellia oil cost $10 on average. 00.
For centuries, Karanja oil has been used not only for skin care products and cosmetics, but also for Ayurvedic medicine and pesticides.
Its other names include Pongania oil and Pungai oil.
The oil is red. Brown or yellowbrown in color;
A mild aroma of nuts;
Quite sticky;
Absorb into the skin quickly;
The shelf life is two years.
In Treatment, Karanja oil is usually compared to its cousin Neem oil.
The chemical composition of Karanja oil includes rich oil fractions, fatty acids and soft fatty acids;
Flax seeds, hard fat and cocoa butter (omega-9, -11) fatty acids; vitamin E; protein; and fiber.
Karanja oil is very effective in the treatment of skin diseases or infections such as eczema, psoriasis and ulcers.
It can also heal the wound;
Moisturize the skin; and is an anti-aging agent.
Karanja oil is found in body lotion, lip gloss, soap and other skin care products and cosmetics.
It is also an ingredient in hair products;
Pesticides for humans and pets: eliminate insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and mites;
Mangoes and scabs on animals;
Pesticides for plants
Leather products.
In fact, it is used to treat diseases of the mouth, eyes and ears; coughs; diarrhea; worms; sexually-
Spreading diseases; and rheumatism.
The name of this plant is Karanja plant water yellow skin feather leaf, water yellow skin Fuling, chicken blood vine red bean.
The English name is Indian Beech, probably because it is native to India.
Today, it is planted in the United States. S.
Florida, Hawaii, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and other states.
The height of the tree is about 82 feet.
Its fruit pods are produced in the fifth year and harvested in the spring.
Karanja oil can also be purchased from online and offline merchants.
4 ounces of pure organic Karanja essential oil of 100%, the average price is $10. 00.
This article is just to provide information and it is not recommended that you use these oils to treat any health problems.
Feel free to consult your professional healthcare provider.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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