organic skin care products in dubai Health Benefits of Using Paraben Free Makeup and Skin Care Products?

organic skin care products in dubai Health Benefits of Using Paraben Free Makeup and Skin Care Products?
What is p-acetate?
And skin care products.
So what is paraben and why do you want to avoid putting anything on your skin that contains paraben?
They are derived from benzene acid, a chemical commonly found in plants.
They are also allowed to be used as preservatives in food.
Because they are very good preservatives, they are put into cosmetics and skincare products and greatly extend the shelf life
The life of the products they use.
Parab gold and its salts are also seen as preservatives by cosmetics and skincare manufacturers because they have effective sterilization and bacterial properties and are fairly cheap.
It has been used in beauty products for more than 50 years and has been thoroughly studied and is considered a reasonably safe ingredient added to skincare products and cosmetics.
However, in recent years, there has been increasing concern about the safety of using them on the skin and raising questions about what hazards they pose to your health.
Why do cosmetics and skin care products need preservatives?
So why do we have to have preservatives in skincare products and cosmetics, especially if we are using organic, pure and natural beauty products?
Unfortunately, no matter how pure and natural the product is, it still takes long enough to get it from the manufacturer, give it to the dealer, then go to the store, and be able to sit on the shelf for a while, then buy it on the shelf and get off the shelf.
If there is no preservatives in your skin care products, some bacteria, fungi and molds will grow in your skin care products, which are very annoying, before you apply the cream or makeup remover to your skin, you don't necessarily notice any problems with it.
Cold storage is a substitute for beauty products to add preservatives, but it still does not guarantee a long enough shelf life, and not everyone wants to put cream and cosmetics in the refrigerator for inconvenience.
The danger of methyl acetate?
So what is parabens considered so dirty and dangerous?
This is a controversial area because they have been used for a long time and are generally well tolerated on the skin and rarely cause a slight skin reaction like a rash.
There are many rumors that, especially on the Internet, they can contribute to the development of cancer.
One of the best-
It is known that the use of
Sweating increases the risk of breast cancer, because underarm shaving can absorb chemicals such as parab gold into the lymph nodes through small wounds caused by a razor.
He said there was no solid scientific evidence to support the claim, and the study showed that.
However, researchers in the UK have found traces of parab Gold in samples of breast tumors that have been removed, indicating that they can accumulate in our bodies, and increased the risk of using them may need to be re-evaluated in terms of skincare products and toiletries.
One of the reasons they are associated with increased risk of breast cancer is that they are said to mimic the role of estrogen, a hormone that promotes cell growth.
Some scientists say that the accumulation of estrogen in our environment is part of the reason for the decrease in sperm count and the increase in male reproductive disorders over the past 50 years or so. âx80x99 of men.
The researchers also reported that chemicals such as parab gold can be absorbed through the skin of pregnant women and then adversely affect the development of the male fetus in the uterus.
The conclusion of this study is that although parab gold is much less effective than estrogen produced in vivo, they are still estrogen and their safety should be re-evaluated as they must mimic the role of estrogen.
Is there a natural replacement for Parab gold? and cosmetics?
One of the natural alternatives used in some beauty products is Grapefruit seed extract (GSE ).
It is said to be a natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-virus
It is also a kind of health food.
However, there are conflicting claims about the effectiveness of grapefruit seed extract as an antibacterial and preservative in skin care products.
Another alternative preservative is beginning to be used for skin care and beauty products, especially those that claim to be pure natural, that is, sodium phenol A and B, a chemical, derived from a naturally occurring amino acid called soy.
However, it is necessary to manufacture phenol a B-acetate sodium through a highly synthetic industrial process, and the final result is actually considered as an irritating substance for the skin and eyes.
Because of this, in cosmetics and skin care products, hydroxy sodium acetate is often used at very low concentrations to avoid the negative effects of stimulating the skin, which reduces its efficacy as a preservative, and it also has a bad smell that leads to the addition of a masking agent (more chemicals) to the product.
Do you think it's safe for the parab child?
Contains parab gold on your skin?
If health risks are small, it seems wise to avoid health risks as much as possible.
In addition, it is worth remembering that cosmetics such as-
You apply to the skin and leave there, more likely than a product like a face wash to allow your body to absorb any chemicals and then rinse quickly.
A lot of what people are worried about is their children, whether or not to use products containing parab gold will adversely affect their development in any way.
Similarly, when toiletries such as sunscreen are left on the child's skin to be absorbed, act carefully and find paraben-
Free alternative.
You can find paraben free makeup and skin care products at major retailers, health food stores and beauty salons.
However, one of the easiest ways to shop for your paraben --
Free products are purchased online.
Amazon offers a wide range of paraben free cosmetics and skincare products, including sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, hand sanitizer, shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products.
All the beauty and home toiletries you may need can be purchased online for free.
Disclaimer: Please note that any information given in this article should not be used to replace the advice given to you by your doctor or health professional.
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