osmotics cosmeceuticals anti wrinkle vitamin c patches anti-aging skin creams containing vitamin c - do they work?

Scientists who have won the Nobel PrizeThe miracle of vitamin C, declared by Renas Paulin, has become one of the most widely used ingredients in anti-vitamin drugsWrinkles and anti-wrinkleaging creams.Vitamin C-based anti-Promising anti-wrinkle cream blooms everywhere in our country like mushrooms.Is there any substance to their statement?The situation is a bit *.On the one hand, vitamin C does have clear, scientifically proven advantages in reducing wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.On the other hand, mostWrinkle vitamin C products don't work ...... What's worse is ...... The formation of wrinkles may eventually intensify.1.Collagen synthesis: collagen accounts for 70% of the dry weight of our skin.Like any material, it wears out and breaks down slowly over time.When we were young, the adult fiber cells (skin cells that produce collagen) replaced the broken collagen fibers.But as we grow older, our ability to replace damaged collagen with skin decreases.This causes wrinkles and sagging skin.We can apply collagen protein cream, but keep in mind that collagen is a large molecule that does not penetrate into our skin and may expose us to the risk of mad cow disease.Again, this is Dr.An article in The New York Times quoted Rubin as saying: "collagen does not penetrate ...... You can't get collagen molecules into your skin.It's like eating a steak, rubbing on the skin, trying to make your muscles bigger."We can inject collagen, but one of the main disadvantages (except the cost) is that the collagen injected is quickly decomposed by the enzyme and can only be supplemented by more injections ...... Means more money!In addition to the risk of mad cow disease, it is reported that collagen injection will cause the disease of the cornea.The good news is that the application of vitamin C helps significantly plump and thinner skin by increasing the production of new collagen.Stimulate your own collagen production with vitamin C with no known risk of allergy, no immune response, and no injection --Infection causedOnly natural collagen is deposited in an orderly manner ...... Quickly restore the softness, strength and elasticity of the skin.2.Antioxidant: Vitamin C is an antioxidantA substance that can eliminate free radicals that can cause irreparable harm to our cells and accelerate the aging process.3.Bloodshot enhancement agent: Vitamin C enhances bloodshot ...... This means you can see less broken blood on your face.4.Enhance skin brightness: are there "age spots" or "liver spots "?We all have.They are formed because of excessive pigmentation;In this case, our skin is darker than the surrounding skin.The good news is that the application of vitamin C helps regulate the production of dark cells.It helps correct and restore the balance of dull skin, dark patches, and spots.This makes your skin tone even more uniform, and the gloss of your skin is also significantly improved.5.Prevent excessive moisture loss in the skin: Vitamin C helps reduce the loss of moisture from the skin to evaporate, thus maintaining moisture inside the skin.
The other half of the story is like this: 1.Botox only involves one aspect of facial rejuvenation.Sports wrinkles.It does not reduce fine lines, sun damage, rough skin, and will not help with acne scars, uneven pigmentation, or age spots.2.The FDA only approves Botox for use in extremely limited areas (less than 5% of our entire face ).That area is a small space and sometimes there is a gap between your eyebrows.You can't use Botox elsewhere!3.Botox users may be surprised to find that they are actually receiving an injection of a bacterial neurotoxin called botulinum toxin, one of the most toxic substances known.A lot of contact with it can lead to death.4.The effect of Botox injection almost completely disappeared within 3 to 6 months.After that, you will need to make an appointment with the doctor again and again to receive a new set of injections, and spend more money (about $700) every 3 to 6 months ).......5.Regular injections have the risk of skin and nerve damage and actually make the skin thinner, which can aggravate some skin problems.6.Not long ago, a couple were in critical condition at Palm Beach Garden Medical Center, breathing through a ventilator and receiving an intravenous injection after receiving an injection of adulterated Botox.7.Pregnant women and lactating women should not be treated with Botox, as studies on the effects of Botox on unborn fetus and infants are limited.
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