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OSTOMATES GUIDE TO BETTER SKIN CARE - lipids in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
OSTOMATES GUIDE TO BETTER SKIN CARE  -  lipids in skin care products
I think we can all say that we take our body function for granted, especially in terms of the integrity of our skin.
Our skin is a very important part of our body and I think it might be appropriate to talk about something related to this part of our body --
Our skin is the largest organ in our body and reflects a variety of health systems.
It accounts for 15% of our weight and 33% of our blood circulation.
Our skin has a pH balance of 4. 5-5.
Our skin is covered with yeast, fungus and bacteria. 1. 2. 3. 4.
This is made up of cell layers with grass roots, and always forms new cells through cell division.
With the growth of the new cells, the cells become flat and grow up to form the protein;
Then Wear and rub the outermost layer.
Also do the work of waterproof skin.
The tissue and structure below are found in the dermal layer or in the inner layer.
It can produce the connecting tissues, elastic fibers, capillaries, muscle fibers, sensory cells, nerve fibers, pigment cells of melanin, sweat glands, hair follicle glands and sebum glands.
Consists of fat and connected tissue, stores lipids, and works with heat-regulation.
It connects the leather to the bones and muscles below.
In order for our skin to function in a normal way, it requires constant blood supply.
For the skin of children who are actively growing, the vascular network is extensive.
As the age grows, the network is getting smaller and smaller.
When this happens, the following happens :-
One or more of these factors may endanger your skin integrity :-
Here are some basic skin care guidelines; -
Do not use preservatives, disinfectant, detergent or spirits when cleaning your skin.
Do not use lanolin based creams because they are too greasy to stick to the appliance.
However, we recommend water-based creams.
Avoid the use of Spice soap as these will cause allergic reactions for a long time.
If there is hair in the abdomen, it is recommended to use a disposable Shaver to scrape off the skin where the appliance is stuck around.
You can even use a diluted solution of eucalyptus soap, which has a dual effect of removing sticky residue and moisturizing the skin at the same time.
Use only the body pine cream for a short period of time and always under the supervision of a doctor.
The use of a long period of time can reduce the healing ability of the skin.
Allergies to electrical appliances or listed drugs are a rare cause of skin problems.
When the appliance is taken out, it is normal to have red or pink tones on the skin, and if it is observed long enough, you may see the th color sart fading.
The most common cause of skin problems at the mouth of the Stom is the irritating response, which usually results in-
It is usually due to the fact that the holes on the base of the appliance are too large, or the urine or feces stain the skin.
It is a very common problem to experience skin itching under the sticky part of the mouth making appliance.
The symptoms of this itchy skin are usually related to dry skin.
Peeling or flaky skin;
Feels like sandpaper, losing a smooth sense of elasticity, or maybe rough and uneven.
Wiping the stain remover with adhesive can cause itchy skin.
Dehydration can cause dry and itchy skin, especially poor mouth-making.
The skin becomes more fragile as it grows older, and it becomes dry and itchy. 1.
Keeping moisture in the skin is the basis for all good skin care. 2. 3.
A moisturizer is required to restore intra-cellular lipids, providing water resistance between cells.
The method of moisturizing the skin uses a Dove or a moisturizing soapy water shower containing drugs, using Sorbolene cleaning solution instead of using soapy water. No soap washing solution if the skin is very dry and then washed or Q with pinetarsol. V.
It is recommended to use a washing solution (which can be found in a chemist or a large supermarket ).
When you have a mouth or pocket, there will always be problems.
One of the big problems is leakage, which can cause very painful skin around the mouth.
If you are, then you should ask yourself these three very important questions :-Âxa0Âxa0 1.
--Do you feel stiff and uncomfortable with your bags now? Âxa0Âxa0 2.
--xa0Is there a problem with the leak? Âxa0Âxa0 3.
Are you having trouble applying your pouch correctly?
This is a thin and flexible water gel extension similar to your existing skin barrier.
This is a more moderate choice.
This product has a good record as it :-
It can improve the wearing time and safety of your eye bags.
Helps minimize the risk of leakage.
Be more friendly to your skin and not cause irritation.
Has a unique skin circular design suitable for any 1 or 2 pieces of skin barrier or flange.
There are angled edges to stop rolling and lifting.
Provides longer wear times than alternative tapes.
I try to show you the importance of maintaining your skin.
I do hope that any ostomates reading this will now be able to understand why it is very important to take care of the skin around and inside the mouth or colon.
Please, if you have a problem, please go to your mouth maker therapist as they are experts in this field, and can help you solve the problem that may occur in the use of mouth surgery or colon surgery, especially your skin.
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