our community: 100+ women who care raises $26,000 for hospice - organic men's skin care products

our community: 100+ women who care raises $26,000 for hospice  -  organic men\'s skin care products
Last week, 26,200 women concerned with Victoria submitted a $100 cheque to the Victoria Hospice.
This group of generous women is four times a year, an hour.
They donate $100 at each meeting and choose a local charity togetherfor-
A profitable organization that accepts donations.
So far, they have paid more than $100,000 to the community.
"We are pleased that Victoria Hospice will benefit from this inspiring group of women who are committed to changing our community," said Natasha Ben, director of development at the Victorian hospice fund . ".
"Since nearly half of the project costs at the Victoria Hospice are funded by donations, the money will go directly to our efforts to provide the best outcome --of-
Provide life care for our patients and their families.
There are 17 hospice centers in Victoria
Bed inpatient department, providing crisis intervention for those who die at home and sad counseling after losing their loved ones.
In Victoria, there are 100 women working on community careers and services, and the number of people in care is close to 300.
Go to 100 womenvictoria. com.
Following their example, a group of communities --minded eight-to 13-year-
There are 100 girls in Victoria.
A group led by 11 peopleyear-
Olde Ella Lloyd and Lily Cotai set an example for 100 women who care about the matter.
Last month, the organization held its first meeting with 28 girls.
At the first meeting, they raised more than $200 and distributed it to the children's movement.
Although parents may drive girls to their activities and other support, they are not allowed to participate fully.
Donations range from $1 to $10.
The main focus of the group is to inspire other children to realize that they can make a difference and become stronger through collective cooperation.
To get involved, email 100 girlsvictoria @ gmail.
Or visit Facebook.
The mobile fitness-adapted team was appointed as the top fundraising team for the CHEK charity commitment program at the Good Life Fitness Victoria marathon on Sunday, raising $8,000. Able-
Jennifer Maxwell body select the full eight
The km race in a wheelchair so that she can better understand the customer's daily experience.
She raised more than $4,000 and, thanks to her efforts, she ranked second in her personal category.
The profit gym includes people with spinal cord and brain injury, MS, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, stroke and other diseases.
For more information, go to moveadaptedfitness. ca.
Those who wish to contribute to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees can donate at all branches of the coastal community credit union.
Credit cooperatives receive donations on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross.
Donations were accepted until December.
The Canadian government will be flat on the 23rd.
According to the Canadian Red Cross, half of Syria's population is now dependent on humanitarian aid due to the ongoing conflict in the country, and nearly 4 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries.
The branches and insurance offices of the credit union in Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands will receive cash or cheque donations from members, clients or the public.
Please donate check to coastal community-
Call for refugee crisis.
The Canadian Red Cross will issue a tax receipt for donations of $20 or more.
Please visit cccu for information. ca.
The shoe box project where volunteers create gifts --
Women living in shelters filled with shoe boxes have arrived at Vancouver Island, just in time for the launch of itshoemaker Drive, which starts on Tuesday and lasts until December. 6.
Women living in poverty are forced to make difficult personal sacrifices every day to support their families or to secure stable housing.
Usually, it comes at the expense of one's own personal comfort and self. care.
Throughout the country, the project is provided by the provision of homeless persons or
Risk women with decorative shoe boxes.
The box is full of basic personal items.
Deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, hair care, socks and other care products-
However, a woman with financial constraints is also unable to buy some items.
Encourage people to include items such as makeup and skin
Care Products & jewellery
Small things that can help women feel beautiful and confident.
People can assemble shoe boxes to increase the feeling of gifts, decorations and pictures, cards or inspirational quotes or messages by customizing them.
The Shoebox project enables people to create gifts for people who really need them.
It's easy, it's fun, and it means a lot to the women who host them.
Go to shoeboxproject. com.
The Victoria Hospital Foundation has just received $20,000 in funding from the Bell Let's Talk Community Fund.
The grant will support the training of doctors to provide patients with a new form of mental health treatment called repetitive cranial magnetic stimulation.
"The Victoria Hospital Foundation is proud to be working with Bell and let's talk about supporting the mental health of the Royal Jubilee Hospital," said John Maddon, secretary of the foundation's board of directors . ".
"The grant will enable Island health to send doctors to the world.
Provide a centrally guided class training venue for this highly specialized new form of treatment.
We would also like to congratulate Bell on reiterating bell again, let us discuss for another five years and commit at least $100 million in new funding across the country.
"In January, island hygiene will begin to provide rTMS treatment, adding another component to the hospital's extensive mental healthHealth Services.
This grant is part of the telecom's mental health promotion initiative.
The company also operates state awareness and-
Campaign of stigma.
Over the past five years, Bell has asked us to talk about the $5 million community fund that has invested in hundreds of community projects and services. Go to bell. ca/letstalk.
Coastal community credit cooperatives provided a $10,000 grant to the first senior cooperative
Operations are carried out in the province to support the elderly in the kauikan Valley.
Recipient of the grant, Cowichan senior care
Surgery that will help older people arrange points by acting as a trusted resource for referrals
Contractors and co-workers
Coordinate the services provided by volunteers.
Our community needs to re-recognize people who care about people, "said Roger Hart, a long-term promoter of the economic development of the coicahn Valley community.
"As the demand for social and health services increases, the elderlycare co-
The Op will provide meaningful work for active senior members of our community who are willing to serve in accordance with our desire to help older people. ” The co-
The Op will move into the new office at Providence Farm next month and will host a social event to launch membership services.
For information, please visit cecc. coop.
With funding support from the moveber Foundation, the children's help phone has just launched BroTalk, an online support zone and referral service dedicated to male teens.
BroTalk aims to address issues that prevent young people from reaching out to help, such as social stigma, gender stereotypes, and even the word "mental health.
"This new service for young people aged 14 to 18 provides a place for young people to reach out during difficult times.
They can contact the child help telephone consultant directly through live chat, messaging and interactive tools.
The cost of this service, estimated at $3 million, is part of the $30 moviember Foundation
Million investment in male spirit
Health programs across Canada since 2013.
Background facts: young men are 31 percentage points less likely to discuss mental and emotional health than girls.
Young people are less likely to talk about suicide and suicide by 36related issues.
Although female suicide attempts are high, the number of suicide deaths in men is four times that of women.
Go to kidshelpphone. ca.
Do you know a model community leader?
You can nominate one or more of the seven award categories in the upcoming Victoria Leadership Awards.
This year is 12 years of awards.
"Victoria's biggest resource is the tireless network of leaders who inspire others," said Susan Lo, executive director of Victoria.
"They come from different backgrounds and work in different departments and they come together for a common cause: building a strong and vibrant capital region.
We are happy to invite the public again to nominate friends, neighbors or co-
Workers who embody the selfless spirit of community leadership.
The nomination was not accepted until 4 p. m. Dec.
1 of the 7 awards categories: victoria University Community Leadership Award Victoria Community Leadership Award Rotary Club Vanke Chengpin savings Social Innovation Leadership Award coastal capital savings Youth Leadership award Royal University Excellence Leadership award through counseling and Supervision Award leading Victoria Alumni Award leading dimension Lifetime Contribution Award the winners will announce the grand ceremony on February. 25, 2016.
Go to leadersheviictoria. ca/ victoria-leadership-awards.
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