oxygen mask facial drugstore how to be happy in life - the 9 paths to happiness

oxygen mask facial drugstore how to be happy in life - the 9 paths to happiness
Sometimes, life seems to have more obstacles to our path than we can cope.However, even in the face of the most challenging environment, you can choose to be happy by following these 9 paths to happiness.1.Respect Yourself: Remember what the flight attendant said, "put on your own oxygen mask first.\ "If you don't take care of your needs first, you're useless to anyone else --This includes your own emotions and your body.being.2.Forgive everyone for everything: forgiveness is a gift for yourself.You create stress in your life by being angry, and you can eliminate it immediately by giving forgiveness.Expressing your forgiveness to each other is optional --To live a happy life, forgiveness is needed.Don't forget to forgive yourself too, because you regret everything you have done or haven't done.3.Gratitude for life: just like forgiveness, gratitude is a gift for yourself.Saying "thank you" is a powerful way to create a great relationship, but the true power of gratitude is internalizing the great gratitude for your existence --Everything that has happened or failed in your life.4.Respect your mind: faith is strong, but it can't be replaced by observation, attention, weighing choice and careful choice.Without conscious choice, there will be no freedom and happiness.5.Design your future: Don't be the wind rolling grass that is passively blown by the wind of life.Imagine the future you want and then take action to create the future.You often fail.Plan again and act again.6.From today on, never give up: there is no better time to start than today --Every day todayWhen obstacles stop you, think about new ways to achieve your goals.In the words of the oriental proverb, "fall seven times, stand up eight times ".\"7.Serve others by radiating happiness: Service is one of the greatest ways to lead to happiness, but remember that your greatest service to others is yourself, not the task you complete.The biggest gift you give to others is to give them happiness, and the most powerful way so far is to be an example of happiness and radiate happiness to others.8.Dance with life: life is not necessarily a serious business.You will make mistakes, you will regret, you will die in the endso what?Happiness comes from dancing with lifePlay jumping house on the River of LifeGracefully jump from happiness to happiness while laughing at the threat of disasterEven when we fall into the muddy flood, we will laugh hysterically at the fragility of our human beings.9.The unity of knowing and Spirit: there are as many ways to connect with spirit as people --Each of us has our own way of gaining strength and tranquility from infinity.If you admit that you are not alone, be open to this presence and create ceremonies to celebrate your connection, your life will be happier.On the Lord's dinner, in the song of praise, in the call of prayer, in meditation, when doing yoga or qigong, or when walking in the woods, you mayNo matter how connected you are with the spirit, do it today.
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