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Palmer's Cocoa Butter For Acne Scars - facial mask fade acne scars

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-24
Palmer\'s Cocoa Butter For Acne Scars  -  facial mask fade acne scars
I'm sure many of you have heard of this palm Cocoa Butter Formula skin healing oil.
It claims to help improve various skin problems such as wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and aging skin.
Due to my past experience, I am very skeptical about any cocoa butter product I have heard.
One I 've used is CVS cocoa butter lotion, which doesn't help my skin at all.
What made me get this from Palmer?
In the end, I listened so long on the radio that I thought, well, why not give it a chance?
Worth a try except for the $15 loss.
So I went out and got it, and here's my comment.
The box mentioned, as I mentioned, helps to improve various skin defects, but I really hope that it will dilute my acne scars a little and even eliminate my skin color because for a while, I have poor pigmentation in my back.
The red and rash did not disappear and did not disappear at a very slow rate.
To track my results, I did take photos before I tried this product.
The day before I started using it.
It took me about 8 days to notice any huge improvements.
In the end, I ran out of cocoa butter treatment oil, but it did work on it.
From the pictures alone, my pigmentation quickly disappeared (and the rash on my body --
Good 2 months to go ).
You can't really see from the photos (due to color depth), but my skin still has uneven skin tone, leaving very white areas on my shoulders and areas with excessive pigmentation.
I am really satisfied with this product.
It did do what was listed on the box, other than not balancing my skin tone, but I can understand that I had a lot of skin problems for the first time, so I'll give this product a break.
My first impression of using palmer's Cocoa butter is that I think it smells really good and delicious, almost similar to the chocolate donuts of Dunkin Donuts.
This cocoa butter treatment oil is very greasy and does not soak in the skin.
If you're going to bed soon, I'll apply it well before your sheets and/or pillows don't get stuck in greasy mess.
Also, there is no need to apply three times as suggested in the direction.
I think it's too much.
Twice a day is enough.
Otherwise, you will run out of healing oil faster.
This product makes me satisfied with the results I have seen.
My pigmentation and rash were gone, but all I left was a huge white spot.
I will buy another palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula ski therapy oil with the aim of getting my skin color even.
However, I am absolutely happy so far and would recommend this to anyone who wishes to remove stretch marks, wrinkles, scars or the possibility of trying to eliminate skin tone.
As I said, this therapeutic oil is very oily.
If you know that you are not responding well to mineral oil, I will not get this and will not consider other options.
Although I don't know if it will clog the pores, I know that some people can get a breakthrough from it.
It really depends on people.
If you are curious, there is sesame oil, vegetable oil and rose fruit oil.
Canadian oil, cardamom, cetane-ethyl Hexic acid salt, sesame seed oil, hydrophenol acetate, dicone, cocoa bean seed butter, spices (Parfum) and
Again, I don't have any adverse reactions when using this product myself.
Your results may be different.
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