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Arthritis is one of the main causes of joint pain and inflammation.The treatment of arthritis is mainly to reduce the pain caused by this disease and improve the range of motion of the arthritis joints.Pain from arthritis can be severe and can interfere with your work and daily activities.
Drugs that relieve pain, such as non-steroidal anti-Inflammatory Drugs, pain relief agents, and anti-inflammatory agents are commonly used to treat joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.People with arthritis joint pain are advised to do lowInfluence aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling to help them manage pain and stiffness.Range of motion and intensive exercises help maintain bone strength and improve muscle strength around the affected joints.
However, you must stay away from the practice of high impact.Try to maintain a healthy weight as obesity can aggravate your joint pain.In addition, avoid sitting in the same position for a long time and move the joints frequently.
A healthy diet is important for controlling pain and inflammation in arthritis joints.It was pointed out that omega-Fatty acids help reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.There are also some fruits and vegetables that can help you relieve the pain.
Including cherries, cantaloupe, papaya, pineapple, cayenne powder and celery.Eat night shadow vegetables and food with OmegaFatty acids will increase your pain.Massage, a hot bath, hot compress or cold compress of the affected joints are also a good way to relieve joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.
Now, let's see how effective herbs are in reducing joint pain and inflammation.There are traditionally several herbs and spices used to treat arthritis symptoms.Ginger with resistanceInflammatory properties have been found to be a useful therapy for relieving symptoms of arthritis, especially those of arthritis.
At present, there are ginger capsules on the market.Ask your doctor before you start taking these capsules to treat arthritis.A simple home therapy for arthritis pain is to mix Ginger powder with coconut oil and apply it to the affected joints.
Arnica is one of these herbs and is very effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.Add a small amount of gold cart tincture agent or extract in some water.Put a cotton pad in this liquid and place it in your sore joint area.
Do not use Arnica if you have a wound or wound.Tea made from alfalfa grass, ginger, stinging hemp and papaya seeds is also an effective example of herbal treatment for arthritis to reduce joint pain and inflammation.Place a tablespoon of sesame seeds in the water for the night.
Eat the seeds and water the next morning.
This is another effective way to treat arthritis joint pain and inflammation
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