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patches work! by alta care laboratoires - a derma skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-28
patches work! by alta care laboratoires  -  a derma skin care products
When it's as simple as applying plaster, taking medicine is a pain.
Hate pills?
Afraid of injections?
Then, new trends in drugs or drugs that apply directly to the skin will appear on your street.
Most people will hear about nicotine and hormone patches, but scientists have been trying to get a wider range of drugs and therapeutic substances in the same way through barriers that are usually not infiltrated on the skin.
They found that everything from asthma and diabetes treatment to local anesthetic and even spring medicine can be attached to the skin as painlessly as plaster.
Normally, human skin is like a tightly woven waterproof fabric, and until recently it has been thought that there are only a few substances such as cosmetic cream and pain --
The spray can be effectively absorbed through the surface.
But new findings suggest that there are ways to make it easier for the skin to penetrate so that more substances can enter the blood through tissue.
The drug patch contains a solution that moisturizes the skin and expands pores so that the drug can penetrate in.
The patch looks like a band.
But clip the drug between the ultra-thin mat and the protective layer containing this permeable substance.
Some dermatologists say the benefits of taking the drug in this way are indisputable.
Professor Peter Elsner explained that when drugs are taken orally, they are attacked by digestive juices, so only part of the treatment is absorbed, an expert in dermatology at the University of Yena, Germany, also an expert in using medical patches.
From the digestive system, the drug enters directly into the liver, and some of the chemicals contained in it are partially decomposed and therefore not absorbed.
The dose of an oral drug is sometimes deliberately higher to allow for this metabolic and poor absorption.
For skin patches, fewer drugs are needed to achieve the same effect.
The Alta nursing Laboratory has already had a killing.
Inflammatory Flodolor patches effectively reduce the intensity and frequency of pain and extend the release for 24 to 36 hours.
It is effective, especially for patients with kidney function or liver dysfunction, and therefore cannot be taken
Inflammatory nonsteroid drugs.
When applied to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that have been inflamed in the past, it is preventive and useful in sports medicine to prevent wound healing and not to use drugs prohibited by the Sports Federation.
When the pill is a reaction, the Flodolor patch also helps to relieve pain in childrenindicated.
A research team at the University of California has been working on how to deliver insulin to diabetic patients through the skin without insulin injection.
They created a watch.
Like an ultrasound device, it will send a shock wave to expand the pores of the skin, and then a patch can be placed on the arm to give the medicine.
Another product will eliminate the need for fingers
Blood test for diabetic patients: it measures blood
Color changes when sugar content is too low.
This penetration trend is also hitting the streets.
Do you have acne, rash, menstrual pain, bad mood?
Try the Silvia women's patch at Alta Care, which reduces the frequency and intensity of diseases caused by hormonal imbalance, helps to extend the gynecological life of women and does a good job for them to have a good and safe pregnancy
The Silvia female patch also naturally reduces the intensity and frequency of menopause flushing, and is a perfect alternative to hormone replacement therapyindicated.
Or, if you need to pay attention to your sexual desire, another product of Alta Care-The Alta steroid patch is a natural spring medicine and stimulating patch.
Pat your ass every 24 hours and after a few days your old sex life won't be a patch for your new sex life!
Women often suffer from chronic venous insufficiency.
This can cause swelling in the feet and calves, usually accompanied by a dull pain in standing for a long time, especially because of wearing high heels!
If progress is allowed, the skin darkens and an ulcer may occur.
It often leads to varicose veins and spider veins.
Venalta Patch at Alta Care prevents and treats fatigue and heavy legs, while also improving blood circulation in patients who work on their feet for a long time.
People with Cold Feet will notice that after a month of Venalta patch, due to micro-circulation.
At the same time, it is still treating Micro
Why not solve the problem of the circulation of fat mass, another common factor.
Would it be more convenient and economical to use a patch instead of gel and cream?
Many people choose to avoid using such local applications because they take time to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin, and because they can be messy.
Altadrine Slimming patch at Alta Care is a practical, prudent and effective treatment that acts directly on the parts required by the body, thus gradually reducing the orange peel.
Waterproof and low
Allergy patches can be used in different areas of the body, such as thighs, hips, lower arms, abdomen, or neck.
Pharmacists often have problems with patients facing acute stress because it is difficult to find drugs on counter products to treat this situation.
Because many products are full of side effects, dependencies and interactions, doctors even have similar problems.
In daily life, the living environment may bring considerable pressure, and individuals will have different reactions when facing difficulties.
Emotional problems, exams, interviews, work stress, and post-Labor stress are all particularly difficult moments that can lead to considerable psychological tension.
The Alta nursing laboratory is committed to developing a patch treatment that is shown under acute stress conditions and can be used on a regular or short term basis.
The active ingredients are composed of plant extracts and essential oils that have resistance
Depression, relaxation
Stable effect, but also improve the Microcirculation.
The Alta Care camera s Controller Patch tracker can also be used to help prevent post-
Children with postpartum depression and over-activity.
Another smart development of laboratory care (Paris) is the Neuralta Migren 101 patch, which provides comfort for people with headaches at different times, through the synergy of active ingredients, migraine and headache.
For those of you who have more than two to three attacks a month, this is good because it reduces the intensity and frequency of attacks.
The migraine patch works by releasing drug molecules extracted from several medicinal plants.
It can also prevent headaches during stress and when it is necessary to improve brain circulation.
In fact, the Neuralta Migren 101 patch helps improve attention and memory, which can be used safely during pregnancy and during child use.
Finally, the point that ellesner believes technology will not end.
He said dermatologists in Germany are working with textile engineers to develop special clothing materials for drug treatment.
They made prototypes for fabrics containing moisturizers used by patients with dermatitis and eczema.
The idea is that it will be used to make underwear or pajamas so that users can get medication during sleep.
The potential is enormous.
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