pearl powder for facial mask pearl powder is the key to flawless skin and longevity

pearl powder for facial mask pearl powder is the key to flawless skin and longevity
Women today are working harder than ever to restore the image of youth and pause the evidence of time.The extreme fear of getting older and wrinkles keeps us looking for the perfect anti-aging product that will take us to the Spring of Youth.The good news is that there is a product called Pearl powder, the beauty secret of ancient China, which has been used for more than 3000 years for glossy, pure and beautiful skin...For centuries, Asians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans and Indians have been using this treasure to keep healthy and young alive and beautify their skin.It is known for fighting wrinkles and signs of aging.For many, pearl powder is the "secret ingredient" in many of today's best-selling skin care creams and lotions ".Pearl powder has always been a favorite skin conditioner and supplement for ancient nobles and was cut off to the Emperor and Queen today.In the Qing Dynasty, the Queen began taking pearl powder inside and applying it to her face.Pearl powder is a fine ground powder made of high-quality freshwater pearl, which is naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body.The medicinal and cosmetic effects of pearls have long been well known to the Chinese, and it turns out that is not the case.Toxic and harmless for ingestion and local application of skin.It actually removes toxic substances from the body.China pearl powder is 100% pure fresh water pearls specially selected for health and beauty.Once the pearls are selected, they are disinfected and then ground to a pure 100% pearl powder.It has about 18 am amino acids and more than 10 minerals, including 10 essential amino acids required for the human body to cure and maintain cellular nutrition.Calcium is also high!Pearl is also used as a major cosmetic tonic because of its rich amino acid source.These important components of collagen and protein all have specific functions.The lack of any of the key amino acids can cause the skin to look dry, aging, and wrinkles.The researchers claim that the various components of pearls can stimulate the metabolic activity of genetic substances in cells.DNA and RNAThus promoting and accelerating the regeneration of new cells.Pearl powder contains calcium carbonate and can enhance bones, muscles and nerves by taking it inside.It can reduce skin imperfections and reshape your health.Water, tea or juice can be used as a cooling drink.Pure Pearl powder will not completely dissolve in water or liquid, so be sure to stir when drinking.Put it in milk, cassava, pudding and malt.Pearl powder can also be applied to the face as a rejuvenating beauty mask and a perfectly silky skin tone.Research in China shows that high quality pure pearl powder improves the activity of super PearlAn antioxidant enzyme that quickly and thoroughly removes melanin or pigmentation, making the skin whiter and brighter.Because the turf eliminates free radicals, it can prevent skin aging and wrinkles.It has special properties to remove skin ulcers, macula (which can cause freckles, age spots and dark spots on the skin), wrinkles, and nourish and smooth the skin, delicate, flexible, healthy, natural and beautiful.Pearl powder also contains natural sunscreen.The incredible benefits of pearl powder include: Healing, brightening,-Folds and sun protection.Pearl powder is used to soothe the heart, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve fear, relieve depression and anger, improve sleep and relieve fatigue.Pearl powder can promote blood circulation and is said to cure rashes and boils when Pearl powder is made into a paste.Pearl powder can also accelerate the healing of trauma, fasciitis and gastric ulcer and stop bleeding.Studies have shown that pearl powder has the effects of anti-aging, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, and regulating the immune system.Pearl is a "magic therapy" to remove unwanted skin conditions such as yellow wax skin, red spots, acne, acne and pimples, acne, dry spots, slag nose, in order to reduce pore enlargement, in order to get rid of pores forever.It removes acne in a week or less.Other benefits: calm and detoxify, prevent free radicals in the environment, relieve internal fever, remove sputum, stop diarrhea, eliminate visual impairment, improve eyesight, promote muscle development, enhance elasticity, and smooth skin texture.Pearl has a variety of medicinal and anti-aging applications that will keep you young and healthy during your aging years.Discover the power of pearl powder today!
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