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Despite the huge chemistry-Many women on the market prefer to use natural, herbal or household cosmetics and skincare productsMake the product youngerlooking skin.This is because today's available skincare products are made up of hazardous chemicals that can have a detrimental effect on your skin in the long run.Home-Artificial Beauty is not only cheap, but also consists of natural ingredients, completely safe for daily use.
Read on and learn how to make you healthier and youngerLook at the skin effortlessly.The application of moisturizing skin lotion and cream promotes the production of collagen in the skin and enhances its hardness and elasticity.Daily use of the familyThe homemade cucumber lotion will soothe the skin and rejuvenate the skin.
This lotion can cook the cucumber block in half a liter of water, let it cook slowly for 5 minutes and filter the liquid.This lotion can be stored in your refrigerator for about 10 days and should be applied with cotton wool.As we all know, cucumbers can reduce the appearance of dark circles in the eyes.
Put a slice of cucumber on your eyelids and relax for 15 minutes when it removes your dark circles.Apple slices can replace cucumbers, but they need to be very juicy in order to be effective.Soak in chamomile tea and place it under your eyes to eliminate dark circles and edema.
In cold and dry weather, your lips will become rough and cracked.Apply some almond oil before going to bed in the morning to make the lips soft and soft.You did it yourself.Remove the lotion with lemon juice or orange juice, sweet almond oil and Vaseline.
Mix these ingredients fully and make a cream-flavored lotion.Natural Honey-There are 20 liters of milk and a tablespoon of honey in the home.Mix these ingredients fully and apply them to your face twice a day.
This beauty milk can be stored in the refrigerator for about 8 days.In addition to these external beauty treatments, the best way to keep your skin young and fresh is to increase your intake of nutritious foods.For example, miscellaneous bread provides a large amount of selenium for your body to eliminate free radicals.
This can promote the production of collagen and make you youngerLook at the skin from the inside.Oats are rich in silica that produces sponges-Just like the cells that exist between your skin fibers and collagen.Eating more oats can reduce fine lines and make your skin younger.
Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel fish, green fish and sardines contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.These essential fatty acids are responsible for the formation of the forefront that maintains moisture in the skin.Thin steak provides certain essential nutrients to your body.
If you don't like steak, try increasing your intake of oily fish or dark Turkey chicken.Crabs are a rich source of copper, reducing the appearance of age spotsa tell-The story of aging.A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and a large amount of exercise, is essential for naturally healthy young people.
looking skin.
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