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Those who appear suddenly often seek remedies for tired eyes and dark circles.An old motto says that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but more often, the eyes are the windows of the body's overall health.Discoloration in the area is more ugly than real health problems, but it could be a sign of a change in one's lifestyle.
Therefore, understanding the causes of dark circles and understanding how to correct the situation is the key to solving the problem once and for all.Reasons for dark circles around the eyes :-Here are the most common causes of each orbital black change.* Ethnic and family tendencies.In the family, dark circles around the eyes.
* After trauma* Liver disease, Addison's disease.* Excessive sleep.Especially frontal sinusitis.* Headaches.* Chemical pigmentation: Mercury or silver preparation, the pupal produced due to the gold therapy of arthritis.* The gray color change occurs after long-term treatment of meimenium.
* Flat Moss after inflammatory disease.
* Acute diseases such as hepatitis, chickenpox, and typhoid fever.* For other reasons, such as the jagged and Addison disease in Nigeria, hormone-induced black disease.* Due to long reading, computer and TV viewing, eye fatigue is caused by muscle fatigue in each eye socket.
* General weakness.
* Stress and emotional instability.
Is dark circles inherited?Unfortunately, some people are genetically inclined to have red or dark circles.For these people, there is little that can naturally change their appearance.However, the black circle cover conce cream and other cosmetics that are useful for the treatment of tired eyes can help cover up discoloration.
Nevertheless, some people who think they have inherited dark circles may actually have inherited lifestyle factors that lead to their onset, and these people should know that treatment does exist.Is dark circles a sign of illness?Some people believe that discoloration of skin around the eyes is a sign of physical illness.This is usually true only when one is treating a potential disease.
In this case, dark circles can even be caused by certain drugs used to treat the disease.For most people, however, the shadow under the eyelids is not a sign of serious disease.Home Therapy with dark circles around the eyes :-* Apply paste made of tomato sauce, lemon juice, ginger flour and a small amount of gram flour in the area to eliminate the black circle.
* In order to avoid dark circles, it is very important to have proper rest and sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours.* Apply kheera (cucumber) or potato juice under your eyes with a cotton ball.* Lemon juice is mixed with tomato sauce and applied twice a day, which is useful for treating dark circles.
* Cold tea bags on the eyes help remove dark circles.* Drinking some tomato juice with mint leaves, salt and lime juice also has a good effect on dark circles.* Applying lime juice, wool forest cream and cucumber juice mixture under the eyes for about 15 minutes can relieve dark circles.
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