Powder for Oily Skin – Top 3 Oil-Control Face Powders that Stay Matte - wet tissue for oily face-N

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Powder for Oily Skin – Top 3 Oil-Control Face Powders that Stay Matte - wet tissue for oily face

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
Powder for Oily Skin – Top 3 Oil-Control Face Powders that Stay Matte  -  wet tissue for oily face
Fight oily skin?
Here is a list of the best oil-controlled facial powders to help eliminate gloss!
Controlling oily skin is a real challenge.
While many face cleaners and Toner players promise to fight the oil, the oil will still be peeping in a few hours.
The only real solution is oil.
Free products and matte makeup.
It is important to avoid products that contain a large amount of yunmu powder and dimeitong, because they add luster and wax weight to the skin.
Try these 3 facial powders for oily skin to achieve a beautiful matte effect and keep oil free for a few hours. & touch-
Ups, this is one of the best.
Cover Girl clean feel light weight and easy to mix.
It features a portable compact structure that keeps the skin matte for hours while providing medium coverage for redness or blemishes.
Available shades: colored powder
From light to dark, there are all kinds of colors.
In a square container.
(Oriental women have been using rice noodles for years to keep their skin looking flawless and oil-free.
) This is a great option to use after makeup, can set everything in place and provide a soft matte surface.
It blends well together and the color is very light. A super oil-
Absorbent powder for oily skin, can be used as a primer before makeup, or as a gel powder after foundation.
This is a round container that is small enough to fit in your wallet.
The powder is transparent so you can touch with it
Ups absorbs oil without changing the color of the Foundation.
This is the best option for those with very greasy skin, as it will last for a few hours and will look dull.
When you re-apply it doesn't look heavy or thick, it just gives off a fresh air that makes the pores disappear.
You are not alone if you are oily skin!
Many celebrities also have oily skin and their makeup artist has to create a special foundation and foundation for this.
Nicole Kidman's infamous photo of the powder snafu soon became a scene of a viral explosion against the powder.
The key is to mix properly until the powder becomes invisible!
If puff is used, pat the skin gently until there is no color residue.
When using a powder brush for application, rotate the brush in a rotating motion until the color disappears.
Take a look at these amazing photos of the famous women before and after oily skin.
Face powder can really magic!
It is possible to achieve a perfect matte skin tone, but when you apply the product to oily skin, you have to take the right steps.
A few hours after the first powder application, before re-applying the powder, always apply with products such as clean oil-absorbing paper.
The ink-absorbing paper removes oily residue and gives you a new start and prevents your makeup from feeling heavy and cakey.
If there is no ink-absorbing paper, wipe the surface oil with a paper towel, toilet cover or paper towel before powder.
2) Don't be afraid of face powder!
Because the powder is often wrongly applied, it is affected by bad, but for people with oily skin, it is a product that must have.
Apply the powder segments to your face (do not rub, otherwise it will stain your makeup ).
Put the powder into the skin in sections to achieve the best oil control effect.
Gently stir again using a powder brush to ensure no powder residue remains.
Pigmentation in colored powders often looks like lumps
Layered on the foundation when applied frequently.
If you take the time to use the ink-absorbing paper first, it will take a little less, but it still looks heavier than the transparent powder.
Need to touch frequently if your skin is very greasy
Ups, it is better to replace colored powder (such as Palladio or Cover Girl) with transparent powder (such as Matteo Ultra powder ).
In general, transparent powder is designed to disappear on your skin, just like an invisible layer that absorbs oil.
Having color powder is more suitable to cover up the flaws, so it can be used less than once or twice to eliminate the skin color.
You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a high quality facial powder.
Most powder varieties contain very similar basic ingredients, so when you buy high
End brands such as MAC, Laura Mercier, Urban Decai, MUFE, you are just paying for the name.
Did you know that the MUFE high definition powder contains only one ingredient (mineral silica), but about $40 for a can? Call the rip-off police!
Usually, you also pay for a lot of chemicals and wax.
The prices of the 3 surface powders recommended on this hub are all below $13.
Powder is a high-end product that does not necessarily mean better beauty.
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