preserve your own animal skull - how long to leave facial mask on

preserve your own animal skull  -  how long to leave facial mask on
For all those who are interested in the deceased, this is for you.
Please know that I love nature and science and my connection to death is not disturbing or morbid.
If you are not satisfied with the death, decide now or not.
When working with the deceased, be sure to maintain proper hygiene.
If you are really interested in the head and bone but need some basic knowledge, I suggest you buy this book. A Key-
The mammal skull and jaw guide is a great book that will tell you the information about the skull and identify them.
You need a jar (
Or other containers related to the size of your skull)
Good razor gloves Forsa (
Or in my case, plastic bags)Your specimen (duh! )
Pale mask (
Optional but useful)Crazy glue (
If you're going to fix your skull in one position)
If you really look closely, you can find the dead animal.
Please don't go out and kill animals for this project.
Road killings or natural deaths are equally effective.
Any specimen is OK as long as the head is not damaged.
I made this for the first time with a dead mouse I found.
This time, I found a half. fresh opossum.
I think this is a better sample.
If your newly discovered animal has died recently, you will have to endure more.
If you find a good pieceso-
The beef jerky is even better.
It's like tearing an old piece of leather.
If it's not dry, you can do it as it is, or have it sit in the bush for a few weeks.
High temperatures and insect feeding will dry your bio completely.
My specimen has a body.
So I'm going to behead it.
An axe or any straight edge.
Remember: the thicker the spine, the harder the chop is.
Leave from the intersection.
Leave some spine so you have a job.
After separating the head from the body, return the unused part to Earth.
Find a Bush or other natural area and leave it there.
After Dismemberment, I decided to put my head under the tree.
A specimen that is too fresh is difficult to dissect, and it contains the bone marrow that will eventually rot.
If you have a skin beetle, you can control the process in this part.
Or you have to wait.
In addition, the dryer sample means that you can reduce the risk of damage or broken bones during your anatomy.
When the bones are fresh
Filling, they are very rubber and can be broken easily.
If your specimen is dry correctly, the bones should be dry but firm.
After the skull is dry, make a careful cut along the top of the skull.
From the beginning of the nose, slowly cut back to the end of the skull.
Separate the lower jaw from the middle.
After slicing, the meat should provide you with a fragile place.
Take the time to concentrate.
The process may be long, but it is worth the effort.
Put all your bones in your container.
If there is grease on it, fill the container with water and dishwashing soap and let the bones sit down.
Stir gently.
After soap, place each bone under water.
Your skull may still look dirty or yellow.
If you have untouchable tissue in your skull, sit your bones in the indirect sun.
This should dry them, and insects and bacteria will do dirty work.
Your bones should be dry and yellow so far.
Bring your container and fill it with hydrogen peroxide.
A small amount of dishwasher soap is no harm.
Cover the bones with just enough.
They can be left in peroxide without risk of damage.
You can also use a teaspoon of bleach and then dilute your mixture with water.
The first part to be completed may be the lower jaw.
Put a little crazy glue behind each tooth.
Don't use too much.
Apparently, the crazy glue turned white.
Fix the teeth in place and glue the two halves together.
When your skull sits in the peroxide for a while, it should be white, mostly paper towelsfree.
Gently remove from the jar and place it on a paper towel.
Let it do it all night.
Once dry, fix any loose pieces with crazy glue. Be diligent.
You don't want your skull to crash
After reinforcing your pieces, you can place your lower jaw and skull on top of each other.
If you want to fix your skull in one position, use crazy glue.
However, make sure everything is aligned correctly before applying glue.
There is nothing worse than a crooked bone.
If everything you do is correct, you should have a nice discussion article.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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