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preventative care is best for guinea pig health by mike ... - dry itchy skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-24
preventative care is best for guinea pig health by mike ...  -  dry itchy skin care products
Like any pet, your guinea pig depends entirely on you because of its health and health --being.
This article may help you become a basic guide to guinea pig health and let you know the symptoms of the disease that need attention.
Of course, if you feel that your cavy is sick, then don't delay getting him or her to go to the vet for examination and treatment.
You can practice good guinea pig health by providing preventive health care for your cavy.
It is much easier and much cheaper to prevent diseases than to treat them.
Cavies are strong small animals with good preventive care, and they can live a long and healthy life.
You can provide some basic level of care for your Knight to keep him healthy.
* Make sure they have a lot of space in their cage or cage to run around, play and exercise.
* Two caviar if possible-
* Most importantly, give them a lot of your attention.
In order to identify sick cavy, it is very important to understand the appearance and behavior of healthy cavy.
Healthy cavy will have bright, clear eyes and shiny coat.
There will be a dull look in the eyes of the sick animal, the coat will become dim and in poor condition, there may be a few pieces of hair missing and it will look very thin.
Healthy cavy will be alert, have a good appetite, drink water, speak, play, and have normal urination and poop.
Sick cavy will be drowsy, have no appetite, have no water, may have abnormal posture and have no normal urinating and stool.
Caves can cause a variety of bacterial and fungal infections, as well as parasites, which can cause problems with their eyes, ears and digestive systems.
It is important to give your pet cavy a look every day to make sure they don't have any problems because it becomes very fragile when cavy is sick, its health will deteriorate rapidly in a very short time.
* Tooth problems: Your caves teeth continue to grow throughout their lives.
Most tooth problems can be avoided by chewing toys for your pet and feeding hard particles that keep your teeth trimmed.
But sometimes your pet's teeth are not properly arranged.
This can be very painful without treatment, resulting in your cavy not being able to eat, and can actually lead to hunger and death.
* Ear problems: an infection, parasite, or injury can cause an ear problem.
Signs of ear problems include scratching, head shaking, head tilting to one side, and loss of balance.
* Eye problems: eye problems are usually caused by injuries, infections, or irritating objects in the eyes.
If your pet's eyes look dull and have secretions, or if he lets them close their eyes, put it in a dark room because the problem can be painful and make them
* Stomach problems: if your guinea pig has diarrhea, or constipation, it may be because he has a bacterial infection in the stomach, is not eating properly, is stressed, or is living in a dirty cage.
Diarrhea needs to be treated quickly, otherwise it will cause dehydration or even death soon.
* Heatstroke: caviar can easily overheat if exposed to high temperatures.
It will soon become weak and unresponsive and will eventually be in a coma.
If it is not treated immediately, it will die.
* Breathing problems: you need to take these symptoms seriously if you hear your cavy breathing, sneezing or breathing difficulties.
These symptoms may be caused by bacterial infection, and your pet may develop pneumonia, the most common cause of death in guinea pigs.
* Skin and hair problems: sore, dry and itchy skin, fur shedding and seeping sore are all signs of skin problems.
There may be multiple causes of these symptoms, including skin parasites, allergies, stress, and disease.
The exact reason your vet needs to diagnose.
Good guinea pig health starts with preventive care.
It's a good idea to include dealing with your pet cavy so you can give it a "check" routine.
The sooner you find your pet sick and can seek veterinary care, the greater the chance of healing and speedy recovery.
Your pet cavy needs you
Take good care of him!
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