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Product Review: Medidan Shampoo - keratosis pilaris skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Product Review: Medidan Shampoo  -  keratosis pilaris skin care products
What does it do?
Medidan is a shampoo with coal tar as its main ingredient.
This shampoo should be able to treat dandruff, dermatitis, sebum spills and scalp psoriasis.
It is said that the bottle is used twice a week.
If your doctor has another suggestion, do what the doctor says.
This shampoo has medication, so it may help to have problems with your scalp.
Everyone's skin is different.
It's actually more about trying everything before you find something that works.
Some stores will let you return items even if you have used them.
Be sure to keep your receipt just in case.
If this problem is happening all the time, ask your doctor to introduce you to the dermatologist.
Why should I try it?
My problems with hair angle and scalp usually follow.
I started having these problems a few years ago, but I ignored it.
I regret it because things get worse over time.
It wasn't until I went to the doctor that I knew what was going on with my scalp.
In the meantime, I am trying to find a shampoo to help with my scalp problems.
My scalp is very dry with small scabs on it.
It has been itchy and painful.
Each product I tried was used for at least a month.
At first, I tried my head and shoulders.
It worked for a short time and dandruff came back.
I started working on the ingredients and decided to try different ingredients every time.
I finally tried tea tree shampoo.
Tea tree shampoo can be used for many things such as head lice and dry scalp.
I like the taste but it doesn't work anymore for me.
I decided to try all the products from selson blue.
I don't care about the smell, and dandruff has been coming back all the time.
Nizoral worked for me for a while and then the dry patch suddenly got worse.
A hair stylist recommended a clarification shampoo.
Expensive worthless, so don't waste your money on products that may not work for you unless you can return them with a receipt.
I remember a few friends who used Vo5 so I decided to try their clarification shampoo.
I love the taste, but it stops working like anything else I 've tried.
My doctor gave me a shampoo, but I still want to find something that can be used with another shampoo she gave me.
Medidan works very well for me, but not on my own.
In order for the shampoo to work, I have to use it with the shampoo described by my doctor.
Below this section is a table showing the active ingredients in each shampoo I have tried.
It will show how I can rate the shampoo in 1-1 ratio10.
It smells strange and it's easy to have a runny nose.
I mixed it with the one my doctor prescribed for me to make it thicker. It cost $10.
For a good size bottle it will last for a while.
I think it's worth buying.
As I said before, it may or may not work for you.
Everyone's scalp is different.
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