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Products and Companies that use Aborted Fetuses - korean skin care products before and after

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Products and Companies that use Aborted Fetuses  -  korean skin care products before and after
It seems that this movie is not only a movie, but it may be a hunch.
We live in a world of evil and evil.
I note that if you use Nestlé, Kraft, Cadbury, Starbucks, Pepsi and products that have been produced until recently by Campbell and Solé, you are using a product partially created by testing the aborted fetus.
Yes, the aborted fetus was tested with the name "artificial spice. A pro-
The Life group, called "God for the child of life", claims that Senomyx, which is traded in the SNMX stock market, is using aborted foetuses to test the flavor enhancement of their products.
God's child is a watch.
Use the group after the abortion fetus in the product.
When faced with the use of fetal cells in the creation and testing of artificial spices, Campbell and Solé ended its relationship with Senomyx.
According to Weston.
"Salt, salty and sweet taste of Senomyx ---
And all their other flavor enhancing agents. -
Developed purposefully so that they stimulate your taste buds without really tasting anything. . .
Like MSG, these flavor enhancing agents play a role at the nerve level to produce these reactions. . .
Since they are not actually ingredients, but "enhancing agents", there is no need to list them in the packaged ingredients, except for "artificial spices. . .
[And] because a very small amount of additives is used. . .
Senomyx's chemicals are not approved by the FDA's usual food additive safety procedures.
These chemicals make your taste buds think they taste salty or sweet without adding salt or sugar.
The fetus is not in food and their cells are used to determine whether certain chemicals are salty or sweet for humans.
Then, if they taste salty or sweet to humans, these chemicals are put into food instead of salt and/or sugar.
Aborted fetal cells are used to test chemicals.
The son of God's life calls for a boycott of these companies, and after discovering this, I must tell you that it should not be difficult to stop using these products.
Here is a list of some products: Kraft Mayonnaise, Pepsi, Nestle chocolate milk, Starbucks iced coffee drink, Nestea, Nestle ice cream products and Kraft salad sauce.
In some Asian countries, aborted babies are reported to have been dried, then ground and put into capsules, and then sold on the black market as vitamins to enhance sexual capacity.
The link to the report is as follows.
Can you say what's different about what we're doing?
If this is not the bottom line for you to stop buying and supporting these companies, I don't know what it is.
For those who simply do not believe that such terrible things may be true, then ask yourself, why are these companies not suing the organization for defamation?
They are rich companies. this is a small organization.
If it's not true, it doesn't take much to shut them up.
Also, why did Campbell and Solé end their relationship with Senomyx after this incident?
Also, I found the mainstream media to be completely silent about this, which is as disturbing as the content of this article.
I don't know what it is if it's not news!
However, I have not heard anything about this from any news source.
I guess it's not surprising because our media is owned by these companies that use aborted fetus in their products.
Please write to these companies and tell them that you will no longer use their products.
Old Jamie CaulfieldPepsiCo, Inc.
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