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Products & things you can't get in Japan (yes you can bring cheese) - cheap skin care products in japan

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-05
Products & things you can\'t get in Japan (yes you can bring cheese)  -  cheap skin care products in japan
Tip: you can actually get these.
Not really.
As a person living in the countryside, shop in the middle
Let me tell you what you may or may not find.
In fact, you can buy most things in a normal supermarket.
If you can't, there may be a foreigner shop in your area.
The usual dilemma is easy to find.
So don't be afraid.
There's a shorter list of things I can't get. price.
If you have been living alone for a while and know the price of the item, it can be difficult to adjust to the "import price.
This is my jacked price list.
You can bring something from home, but some are just the Shogun (nothing can be done about it ).
There are fruits besides bananas.
Don't ask me why.
At the cheap end, it takes about $1 per piece of fruit. peanut butter -
I didn't eat much so I didn't notice that.
Now Japan has its own peanut butter that tastes like fluff in a jar.
It doesn't matter if you like this stuff, but for our purposes we're talking about Skippy being expensive.
Same with chocolate. You can get it. . . .
But this is strange.
If you like western style, the price will be higher.
Baking is not popular in Japan due to lack of real oven, so the baking part is easy
Baking version of everything.
A 3-ounce bag of chocolate chips, 10 grams of baking powder, and 1000000000 decorations.
If you have luggage space, I suggest you buy some dried mushrooms if you really like the taste.
No one told me the mushrooms would be so rare or so expensive.
I think most people eat cheese and chocolate.
Regardless of this, if you don't have Asian body size, I will save most of the suitcase space for clothes.
Even for those of us who are slimmer, it's hard to find something that really fits, especially the bigger chest, the wider shoulders and the crooked hips.
I'm not referring to the bigger hips, but the real curve.
They don't sell good clothes on ba. donka-
Donk, so you have to enlarge the size and finally a bag.
What should I bring to Japan? ---------
Flavored coffee cream (not here--
Omiyage, also known as a small edible gift for everyone. -
Any medication you are currently taking that is not explicitly prohibited.
The aircraft manual says that you can only bring X amount of Y in your suitcase at a time.
After checking the relevant customs rules, I could not find any information about such restrictions.
There is a "reasonable personal use" clause for everything, which means there is not enough to sell.
However, the JET manual states that it seems wrong that you can't bring more than 1 month of medication into the country at a time.
It is very expensive to send medicine later and requires paperwork. it is certainly not fun to see a doctor.
So, bring as many medicines as you need before you settle in.
All the people who are not on the JET project are, no one has a problem.
Don't be crazy, or they'll think you're trading.
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