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project e beauty led facial mask \
In the name of the merciful Allah, I will thank Allah for his grace and Grace and write the first travel paper of my life.I want to start with my little introduction to learning life.When I started my intermediate level from Queen's University in Lahore.I fell in love with geography.The reason behind my love of geography/nature is that there is no one but my Miss ghazara.The name I will never forget.She taught me in such an excellent way that I wanted to continue to learn geography and to learn more about world geography.Because she once said to me, "knowledge will never be completed and life needs to be improved ".The "geography" of my love is hardly introduced.Now, let me take you to Murree Express in Lahore on the way to G.T road.The central city of Pakistan, Lahore."Anarkali bazaar" is very famous all over the world.When foreigners come to Lahore, they must go to Anarkali and buy something for their loved ones there.When you have to pass G from Lahore.T Road, first you have to go through the "Ravi River ".One thing I want to share with all of you here is that I once listened to my professor of soil and water conservation, "Dr.The "Ravi River" is not a river, but a nalla, because people used to discharge garbage into it and store a lot of garbage in it.At that time and now 100% agreed with my professor.Because the turbidity of the Ravi River represents its condition.The presence of water is so turbid, contains so much sediment, the water is smelly, but the people who live around the Ravi are very happy and free to use the water.When I saw this beyond my eyes, I was shocked and sympathetic to them.One thing I want to explain here is why I use "crowded city" in Lahore ".I coded it because when an ordinary illiterate passed through the path of Lahore, in the heavy traffic and rush of so many people, he could easily judge LahoreIn 2008, Lahore was listed as a high self-sufficient city in the Gamma World city.Rated by the Guardian as Pakistan's 2nd best tourist destination.Geographically, the reason why Lahore is densely populated is the "facilities and standards" of life here ".That's why people living in Lahore or abroad like to come to Lahore and help themselves with the necessities of life.Lahore attracts tourists every year for archaeological products and delicious food.Well, I talked about Lahore for such a long time and now let me go back to Ravi again.Dear, you have to pay the tool tax first when you pass the Ravi.Tool Tax Bureau along the roadFrom Lahore to Murree Express Way, there are about seven toll stations on the journey.Any traveler must pay.Now let's move from Lahore to gougerat.Gujrat is also an aircraft area like Lahore.Gujrat Pakistan calls itself Gujratis, which can sometimes lead to confusion with people bordering Gujarat and Pakistan, India.The main source of livelihood for the Gujara is agriculture and small industries.I observed 15 -About 20 industries along GT road.Geographically, Gujarat is located between two famous rivers, the Jhelum River and the Chenab River.The land here is suitable for farming.So, in your way, you will see so many areas as well.After Gujrat, when we moved to Gujranwala, I was in G.T.There are roads and rich human geography.As you know, my journey is too vague for my project.I'm a mountaineer.So for a researcher in a mountain area, the mountain area is very important.Driving from Lahore, I noticed that the Hills started from Kharian.When our car was driving on Kharian, our mental feelings popped up.Because most people associate mountains with mediation.When my eyes suddenly caught the hills of kharian, I felt the real meditation.My mother began to recite Dawood Sharif.Then I thought of the different ayats from Sura Taha and Sura gahia about the mountains.When I became more curious about the structure and other features of the hills, I thought of this ayat, "The Earth and the sky of Aur hamne zameenko tumhaier Leigh make you curious ).If I want to draw my raw character from PunjabThen there will be a combination of hills and plains on the drawing paper with green plants on it.Mainly the hills of Punjab province, there are multiple terrain layers.It is such a beautiful combination.As I was driving, I found the answer to my own question, "Why are Hindus and others used to meditating in the mountains ".I can't draw the feeling of Hinduism here.But as a Muslim, I can easily tell the feelings of Muslims here.When do you go to any type of mountain area.You will feel closer to Allah.You will feel that Allah is the most generous and undoubtedly the creator of this world.On my way to Murree Express, I made a note of some important points that I wanted to make and share with you all.1.Population growth is accelerating.
2.Most people are poor and have to do with third-level families in the community.
3.When you start driving from Gujrat to the other end of Murree, you will find that most people are there for construction work or other work.
4.What I want to stress most is that the workers in the industrial zone did not use any type of masks, masks or covers to protect them.They are dealing with chemicals openly.
5.The hills are being razed to the ground for infrastructure development.From the point of view of protection, this is too bad.
6.Especially on the road in Islamabad, you will see the construction projects that are going on the road.When I was a little girl, I often heard from the elders and read in the book that in our Pakistan, the rate of deforestation is too high and we need more and more vegetation to protect ourBut Alas..!!!The situation is the same.Today, as a mountain administrator, I am detailing that we are destroying our mountain area to develop the infrastructure to fully meet our needs.But what we see is just a way of picture.We focus on meeting our needs, but we don't notice the other side of the picture ...... What happens if the hills are cut down and leveled..What can we face on the other side?Only action is needed.Because I think there are so many cultural people in our Pakistan, they have so much knowledge, but no one uses their knowledge to improve our Pakistan, our home.Regards....
Reema Ayub!
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