project e beauty led facial mask the opera led face masks -

project e beauty led facial mask the opera led face masks -
Specific opera led mask wavelength nonVisible, visible red, blue, and pink light that reaches the cellular level within the skin layer to improve, heal, and restore the appearance, tone, and texture of the skin in a therapeutic and non-therapeutic mannerInvasion.The effect of opera led mask light on skin complaints such as oily skin, dry skin, imperfections, large aperture, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, scars and acne is surprising;As well as medical skin complaints such as eczema, slag nose, psoriasis and dermatitis.LED lights use light of various wavelengths, penetrate the upper layer of the skin, regenerate normal cells, and promote the production of collagen and elastic protein.Studies have also shown that LED is said to make certain enzymes in the skin that destroy collagen lose activity.Near infrared rays reach the subcutaneous through the skin, creating synergies when combined with LED lights in red, blue and pink, targeting all skin cells at all 3 layers of the skin.It is important to note that the specific wavelength of each LED color composition is an integral part of the process.In order to have any effect on the skin, the wavelength must be operated specifically.The primary effect of LLT (low laser therapy) occurs when light is absorbed into the protein "cytochrome c oxidation" within each cell's Mitochondrial.When cells are under pressure (possibly due to disease, damage, or aging), NO is produced by the mitochondrial.This competitively replaces oxygen from the mitochondrial, thereby reducing ATP (an important in-cell energy and out-of-cell signaling molecule) and leading to excessive ROS production, resulting in oxidative stressOxidative stress increases inflammation and cell death through gene transcription factor NF-αKb.Low-Horizontal laser therapy (LLLT) with correct wavelength and density breaks down the no that allows oxygen to return to the cell, so ATP is restored and oxidative stress is reduced.Once LLLT returns to normal mitochondrial function, cell metabolism improves and the normal function of the cell recovers.
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