proper way to wear facial mask mens cologne recommendations - a1articles

proper way to wear facial mask mens cologne recommendations - a1articles

When a man was dressed for a special date decades ago, he was a little fussed about his clothes, he combed his hair, poured some water on the neck and shirt collar.Like his dad and uncle, he wants to boost his confidence by adding a pleasant and familiar scent to the wardrobe.Clothes make men, but finishing with a little scent will definitely impress women.
A few years later, Brut appeared in its unique dark green packaging.Aramis, joins the shelves with a warm, spicy scent, and then Stetson is born, adding a refreshing citrus scent to the man's cologne.But other than these names and some other well-known brands, everyone else is in trouble.About this land in Cologne.
Some changes have taken place in men's fashionVery practical but standard.Behind the wardrobe is now a cropped blue suit.Finally, men are encouraged to choose what they look like --Not only in the workplace, but also for casual wear.Stylish shirts, trousers, shoes and perfumes;The design fits the person, not forcing him to look like the rest of the block.
In particular, men's cologne, like his watch, has become an important fashion accessory.What was once a taboo?Thought purchase-Usually a gift from a wife or girlfriend.-It is essential to create the right look and to establish the right attitude.
Nowadays, there are so many choices for perfume. how should men choose Cologne?Is it in his style?
Obviously, there are two reasons why men choose Cologne: what taste is good for people who will wear cologne, and the price.But be careful: a typical "scent" test may not be enough to pick out the brand you still like in six months.Both men and women tend to be immune to their smells.When you choose to represent your scent, the price may not be the determining factor.Although the price of a delicate Cologne is intoxicating to anyone, a large number of popular scents are reasonable for any wallet.
To start looking for Cologne, please buy some samples at most department stores.Pick two or three flavors and rotate for a few days.See how people around you act.Ask the woman in your life how she feels about the new scent.But trust your intuition too.While all your samples smell sweet, will a brand stay longer in the day?Does one of the samples look a bit strong, especially when you come back indoors after a long day out?
According to the perfume Foundation, the organization responsible for awarding the Feifei award, it is particularly important to recognize the subtle and extreme differences in male scents, an Oscar for the industry.Members of the Foundation stressed the importance of understanding the nature and differences of Cologne and aftershave;They cannot be exchanged.Men can choose from perfumeThe perfume is the most concentrated, because it lasts for the longest time, so it is only suitable for pulse points.
Cologne is also very concentrated and long lasting, but is mixed with natural essential oils, aromatic molecules and fixatives.Like perfume, cologne can contain hundreds of different ingredients.Tips on Cologne: Since the scent rises, you should splash from your feet.
Of course, aftershave makes shaving more enjoyable.-At least for face.There are two forms of it today.Traditional BoothIt has the characteristic of convergence to heal small wounds and is also a relatively new product for moisturizing and smooth skin.
None of these three will last the whole day, so spray a little more if you think your own scent is overwhelming.If your skin is dry, use some more fragrance.

The most important factor in this list often depends on where you intend to wear it.Cologne for men-Even when old spices are the most popular optionYou can turn your personal style into a lasting memory.The easiest way to think about what you buy (now-

These Cologne enliven the atmosphere of the night in the town;Gorgeous event you want to make the right impression.The most popular at the moment is Tokyo's Kenzo.The charm of this fragrance lies in mixing the tranquil Japanese herbs and plants with the scents associated with the more insane western world: ginger, lemon, grapefruit, green tea, pink pepper and bitter orange.Complex ingredients are mixed together to form an aromatic mixture reminiscent of Tokyo itself.Basic Price: $25.
Another kind of Cologne officially considered: the antidote to Victor and Rolf.The man in it said it made them feel like they were old.The world of Europe, only enough fragrance to adapt to the easier world today.The mint leaves hint delicate, while allowing the dark stream of sandalwood to pop into your own scent, located in the spice black pepper and cinnamon.Basic Price: $90.

You waited a long time to ask, and then "yes" with that special woman ".Even though you have planned a carefree night, one of the wise options here is the Capri orange of Aqua Di Palma.By mixing Sicilian orange, mandarin and Sorrento lemon with caramel and Musk, the ingredients suggest a summer night and a warm sea breeze.This is the high end of Cologne, but as many men have proved, the extra confidence it provides is worth it, creating a no.Forgotten MemoriesReserve price: $104.
Diesel fuel uses diesel for life and provides a certain amount of confidence when going out on a special night without the need for a pocket.But even with the lights on the wallet, the brand is a hot choice for men looking for urban and fully masculine.Based on octagonal, this cologne combines grapefruit, raspberries, lavender and dry woods.Basic Price: $35.

The attitude of George Armani is suitable for those who often roll up their sleeves to finish their work.Calabria lemon, coffee absolute, Cedar, lavender blend together to give a brave shot to any man in this bold Italian outfitstyle aroma.Basic Price: $45.
212 is new to Caroline Herera, who has been fascinated and equipped with women for decades.Although her design is often traditional, she recently created 212 men's cologne, which excites both critics and the public.When she introduced the delicate and stylish Fragrance made of grapefruit, ginger, Mandarin and sandalwood, she put aside the usual feeling.212 give today's men a subtle power in the workplace.Basic Price: $50-$69.
No matter which scent you choose, it's a step to identify and define your personal style.

Is a long lasting way to make personal and special marks.
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