public showcase - organic professional skin care product lines

public showcase  -  organic professional skin care product lines
This month three years ago, longtime friend Olena Kozel shared a bottle of red with Erin Ahl, as their conversation turned to a topic they all thought about for a while: after working for others for many years, how satisfied will it be to run your own business?
For fun, they took out their mobile phones and started looking for commercial real estate listings to see fast-
West Broadway-
They share the neck of the forest, the Sherbrooke Street area.
It turns out to be an antique shop located in Sherbrook St. 156. , about a 10-
Just a few minutes walk from their respective homes and just listed.
Invite interested people to check out about 800-square-
Walking space, which will be available in a few weeks.
"We went down alone without an agent and only our laptop took some notes on it.
Even though we couldn't really see the wall and floor look because the store was full of stuff, we all immediately thought, 'We like it and we will accept it, ahl said, her eyes lit up.
One question: it doesn't matter, the couple doesn't have the right business name when they promise three
A few days later, they were not 100 sure what they were going to do with the houses.
"There is no doubt that we do it backwards," Kozel said. "First we get space and then we make a business plan . " Kozel sits in a chic little shopbit-of-
In vibrant retail communities such as the Queen's west end of Toronto or near Vancouver's South Granville, everything doesn't look like it's going to be an inappropriate store.
"But I sincerely believe," Ahl noted in their four presentations
During the months of renovation, they, with the help of family members, stripped the interior onto the studs and then brought the place back to life.
"If we do something
The normal way to sit down and figure out our financing first, who knows what will happen?
It was probably several years before we took the risk.
Or we can completely scare ourselves away from the idea, which makes me sad. "—-
At least a few times a month, a person walking next to a public complex store will stop, take a look at the plants hanging in the window, and then put his head into the door and ask, get the owner's attention in a loud enough voice, "Hey, what kind of store is this, anyway?
"I told them that we are the kind of store where you can buy something good for yourself or your loved one, or that there is nothing in that regard.
Kozel said: "You can come in and hang out and show a cleaning station where customers can refill their containers, soap and all with a variety of products, including laundry soap
Purpose cleaners, all these are factories-
All of this "smells great ".
"We are not entirely concerned about hard sales here," Ahl added with a smile . ".
"We have our own scent, and a lot of the time I would say, put this on here and leave. . . .
Go to your day.
If you still like the smell it smells in a few hours, after it reacts chemically with your body, you know where to find us.
"Their casual approach seems to work;
Not only are their Instagram pages filled with comments such as "What a beautiful store", "Oooooooh" and "take my check", Kristin Kreuch in Vancouver-
Actors starring in the local area
The CBC drama "burden of proof" was filmed in an interview with a Winnipeg tour in January, citing public integrated stores, and when asked which Winnipeg stores she likes to visit most, she was not busy shooting.
Okay, let's rewind a bit.
On May 2016, a day or two after the takeover, Ahl and Kozel got together to try to figure out how they intended to deal with their newly discovered property.
Ahl, who studies graphic design at Honghe College, is already making their own jewelry collection, so they know in advance that they have at least one thing to offer to their customers.
Kozel, who is studying art history at the University of Winnipeg, has connections on the local art scene and believes she will connect with friends in the community to offer to market their work, too.
"Apart from that, we 've all worked in the retail industry for a while, and when it comes to what we think is important in the product, we have the same taste, that is, it should be natural, "Low Waste, make locally as much as possible," kozel said. ".
"Simply put, our plan is to show these types of things in our store and let our customers use and love them like we do," Ahl said . ".
In the purchase of the project in Tianyue, with the 2016 Xie Buke cultural gathering, is the art work of Danny winniegger Reede, vegetarian and Palm
Free soap produced by local Fat Lye Soap Company
Skincare products from Ontario
Leaves of trees.
And because they want
The plastic cleaning brush, along with their supplementary station, contacted Swedish company Iris Hantverk, which visually emphasized the importance of recruitment
Damaged craftsmen who make eyescatching —
And features-wood-and-Brush.
Since then, their product line has grown exponentially;
In addition to local determined elements such as Smak mustard and long-lasting citizen teeth and shrubs, they also stocked the Class B shampoo bar made in Montreal and the new era tea, A herb farm in southwest Ontario.
Not to mention the collection of vintage costumes, bouquets and their own beeswax candles, sesame oil and incense cartridges.
"I often call Erin a crazy scientist because she always comes up with these amazing new things," Kozel explained . " Borrow the name of their favorite Bruce Springsteen tune.
"I remember one time, when we lived together, I took a shower and she announced, 'Hey, when you were there, I figured out how to do a lip scrub.
I think, 'How is this possible? '
I only walked for 15 minutes.
According to the "General" section on their label, 2019 will mark the crafting of Ahl and Kozel for the second summerin-
Selection once a week with Chris Friesen and Jennifer Leeck from Eddlewood Farm
The position of the married couple community to support agriculture (CSA)
Box consisting of organic vegetables, fruits and eggs from Warrenarea farm.
"My husband and I have known Irene for more than 12 years, Olena has known each other for at least 5 years, and together we decided that the public place would be a great place (for pick-ups)
"Because it's very important and they have a lot of things that meet the requirements of supporting ethical, local and small companies-" Leeck noted --"
Ups in public integrated stores will be held every Tuesday night for 16 weeks of the growing season.
"This store is such a beautiful and welcoming environment and we like the idea that customers pick up vegetables to support it.
Erin and Olena not only gave support as customers, but also created a very wonderful and safe space where we were lucky to have access to our goods and sell our goods.
When asked about a message recently posted to their Facebook account, both Ahl and Kozel said with a smile, "Yes, we also found out about this, in part, "It's time to expand to Calgary.
"We will sign a second lease at any time now, so in order to answer your question, no, we won't go anywhere, and also, we don't want to go anywhere else," Kozel said.
"We have become friends with almost all other businesses on the street.
Boys in Handsome Daughter and Waltzbarbershop)
When they need a gift, Talia (Syrie)
From the highest poppy shop here, it seems that everyone here has each other's backs.
We are like a small family.
On top of that, both Ahl and Kozel want their "little family" to continue to grow bigger and bigger in the coming months and years.
"One of our favorite things is that when we see people coming in one hand with the coffee from Thom Bargen and the other hand with the dog bag from a nearby restaurant, ahl says: "When they do a full walk. ".
"When I was young, the village of Osburn was where I should go.
I used to stay there all day on a Saturday, from one store to another.
This is also the kind of atmosphere I want.
"It will take some time, but we 've been talking about how nice it would be if more and more shops were opening and getting us closer to Broadway and eventually heading towards Portage (Avenue)
"Connect this section of Sherbrook with the rest of the city," Kozel said . ".
"For us, that's how you can make a profit for a specific region by having all these different small stores within a radius of four or five blocks.
Not only that, it's a more interesting way to shop than spending an afternoon in a mall, what do you say?
David Sanderson writes Winnipeg-
It is centered on restaurants and businesses. david.
Sanderson @ freepressmb.
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