quick tips: how important is organic face wash? - organic skin care best organic beauty products

quick tips: how important is organic face wash?  -  organic skin care best organic beauty products
You are looking for the perfect new facial cleanser and a new competitor catches your eye.
You look at the label of the product and mentally compare it to your list of requirements. Soap-free --check.
Formula for sensitive skin--check.
Not tested on animals. -check. Organic --
Wait, is that important?
According to some skin
Care and health professionals, it is wise to choose organic cleanser when you choose facial cleanser.
Nneka Leiba explained: "The benefit of using a real 100% organic cosmetic product is that there will be no pesticide residues in the product and there will be no synthetic ingredients in the product," the deputy director of research at the Environmental Working Group (EWG).
"From cancer to allergies, many synthetic ingredients are linked to a range of health effects.
Paige Padgett, a green beauty expert, said: "Everyone should choose products that are organic or chemical-safe to limit their exposure to toxic chemicals.
It is especially important for pregnant women and teenagers to consider what they are wearing.
If you don't want it in your body, don't put it in your body.
Supporters of organic beauty products also point out that organic farming is usually more sustainable than traditional farming.
Therefore, choosing an organic wash may be part of your efforts to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint [Source: Rastogi].
You 've heard of organic eggs and tomatoes, but what does the term mean when applied to skin care and cosmetics?
In the food sector, American producers and manufacturers can obtain organic certification by complying with government regulations such as restricting pesticide use, promoting animal welfare and protecting biodiversity.
If a body care or beauty product is made up of agricultural ingredients, it may be eligible for certification for national organic programs (NOP)[source: USDA].
To determine if the face wash meets the NOP criteria, look for the USDA organic seal.
Products marked "100% organic" contain only organic ingredients, while products marked "organic" must contain at least 95% organic ingredients [
Source: Agricultural Marketing Service.
If you're allergic-
Easy to happen or worry about the safety of your skin
Keep in mind that "organic" doesn't always give you everythingclear.
"Even natural organic ingredients can have adverse effects on health," Leiba warned . ".
"Therefore, despite claims on the product label, it is still important for consumers to read the composition panel and use resources such as EWG's Skin Deep database to find safer products.
"Some natural ingredients, such as rosemary and lemon oil, can stimulate sensitive skin [for example [Source: not good ! ].
To ensure that the product is safe for your skin, try a patch test that includes placing a small amount of the product on the lower side of your arm.
If you do not notice any reaction after 24 hours, it is usually safe to use.
For more information on natural skin care, please see the link below.
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