racing! derby fever is starting to creep in - freeman facial mask sweet tea & lemon peel away

racing! derby fever is starting to creep in  -  freeman facial mask sweet tea & lemon peel away
Hello, my name is John swarva and welcome back to our horse racing newsletter as we got a handicap class from Rob Hyney.
For the Kentucky Derby next Saturday, things are starting to heat up in the city.
When I arrive, you can look for reports online and in the print edition of The Times from Monday.
I have covered a lot of events in my career, but none of the cities will bid up the prices of hotels like Louville for the Derby.
Strangely, the price of the Breeder's Cup hotel is reasonable.
Anyway, before that, here are some bits and pieces that satisfy your Derby appetite.
Many of them were picked out from Churchill Downs's note team and the Ed Gold team at St. Anita, along with some video help from tireless Jenny Reese. --
Bob Baffert's sports car and race champion worked in Santa Anita on Friday.
Martin Garcia rode two ponies. at 1: 13, the sports car rode six more ponies.
80 and the champion played seven games at 1: 27.
"I like the way he goes," Baffert said of Roadster to Golden . ".
"Martin said he felt great and didn't take a deep breath.
There's one thing about this horse.
He will walk a mile and a quarter of an hour.
We just don't know how fast it is.
He's dealing with a very deep track, and really good people will do that.
Baffert also praised the winners of the game.
"The championship looks great," he said . "
Both horses will go to Louisville on Saturday to join Improbable. --
Omaha Beach is scheduled to work on Friday, but when the track gets wet, coach Richard Mandela decides to postpone the work for a day.
Mike Smith, the jockey, was arranged to work.
Omaha Beach is a mile away.
"I think I will have a better chance. to breeze]
"Tomorrow," Mandela said.
"I called Mike [Smith]
Tell him not to come in. I have [Julian Le paru
He waited in line while he was working. ”--
It's impossible for Baffert to run a mile on Friday.
"He looks good and focuses on the track," said Jimmy Barnes, Baffert's chief assistant . ".
"He did a good job in the gate.
Because he had a holiday all winter, we basically kept him healthy.
Sometimes it takes three to four races for the horse to be healthy.
We are moving in the right direction.
"Jenny Reese also has some videos for you to watch. --
Mandela in Omaha Beach. (
Part One and Part Two, on his quarterly cracks)--
Florent Geroux and agent Doug Breder discuss how to get on the sports car. (Here it is. )
The weekly limit class is the time for us to set the limit class every week from Rob Henie of WCHR (
West Coast barrier report)and the ECHR (
East Coast barrier report).
Your idea is that if you can know and understand these strategies, it will make you a better barrier.
Today's lesson comes from the fourth game in Santa Anita.
Rob, take it away.
"This is an optional refunding Machine 1 mile away.
My first choice is surfing star (6).
The most important question is whether it's a runner looking at the debut or a horse looking at the layoff, is he or she kind?
The answer to this question is absolute.
He doesn't show up on a regular basis and is often the runner of Bruce Hedley's former bookmaker Surf Cat, so they need to work hard, every time they show up, I don't know if they can get another effort from him soon.
If that's the case, the fact that he was sent 1 mile tells us that they are not exactly "give him the game", but directly touch the core he wants, in this superlong distance.
The drill reminds us of what we 've seen from Bruce over the years, longer drills, recent slow work, a great sign, telling us that while waiting for the next start, they no longer need anything from him. SINGLE.
The trend of "hot and cold competition: No" wins competitors (
Priority): 6-
3 "X Out runner (
Eliminate at the win end)
Most popular: surf stars (6 5-2 Gryder)
"The second choice: six roads (3 7-2 Talamo)
"The West Coast barrier report can be found on www.
It is recognized by key trainers, persons with disabilities and industry.
Santa Anita comments Friday features five
Furlong allowance/optional feeder for fillies and mares on the lawn.
It's worth $69,000 under the new wallet structure.
Gliding Bay ran three from the leading position-
Wide into stretch and roll to 1-
Under the leadership of Flavien Prat, the victory was achieved.
The coach is Richard Baltas.
"She won six and a half years on the mountain. Two starts]
But I 've been running her for a long time, and she's a sprinter, "Baltas told Mike Wilman of Santa Anita.
"Speaking of which, I think five horses may be a little short for her, but I think horses sometimes tell you what they want.
"Gliding Bay paid $5. 60, $3. 40 and $2. 40.
The little fireman is second and the moon kitten is third.
Santa Anita rehearses Saturday's 9-
The playing cards are good, especially given what we have seen recently.
There are two bet games and three Allowance games, which is more than half of nine games. race card.
The size of the site, especially the size of the stakes, can be-
Especially seeing so many five.
There's a horse race recently.
First of all, Cal-100, $000 crystal water shares
A mile on the lawn.
Favorite, in 5-
2. it's the brandothebarnier bartender of coach Craig dolles and jockey Joe taramo.
He won two of the last four and six games at the age of 24.
He was running sprints most of the time, but he had already run five at this distance.
Second like, in 7-
Prey of Baltas and Tiago Pereira.
This will be 4-year-
The first game of old gelding
He has been the most popular player in the last two games.
The post is about 3 p. m.
The biggest competition is the $200,000 Santa margar tower, which is used to buy old-age Rams and mare driving on 1/8 miles of land.
Paradise Forest, who completed the third place of the Breeder Cup Distaff in 2017, is 8-
John Shirreffs and Smith's favorites.
She runs most of the time.
In her last match, Beholder miles was ranked third. At 3-
The month is Lemoona, Gryder Baltas Aaron.
She was given an allowance in the last match and scored 3 points at the age of 11.
The posting time is about 4: 50. m.
The following are the field sizes in the order of: 7, 6, 10, 8, 11.
On Saturday, big events pre-staged a graded bet or game worth $100,000 or more. All times PDT. 12:37 Parx (7)
: $100,000 Lehmann disability Hotel, Pennsylvania
Breds 3 and up, 7 furlongs.
Favorite: call Paul (2-1)1:04 Parx (8)
: $100,000. G. Stakes, Penn-
3 or more female horses and 7 horses were cultivated.
Favorite: Beautiful Bronx (3-1)1:56 Woodbine (8)
: $100,000 Woodstock, 3-year-
Furons, 6.
Yes, I am free (5-2)2:51 Belmont (9)
: An elusive quality bet of $125,000, over £ 4 and £ 7 on the lawn.
Collection: Krampus (2-1)
3: 02 Santa Anita (5)
: Cal-100, crystal water shares of $000
Breds 3 and up, 1 mile on the lawn.
Favorite: brandothebarnier (5-2)3:28 Oaklawn (9)
: Bachelor's degree in $150,000, 3-year-
Furons, 6.
Favorite: Gray try (2-1)
4: 35 (Golden Gate)9)
: $100,000 California Derby, 3-year-
1/16 miles.
Favorite: Sparky Ville (2-1)
4: 50 Santa Anita (8)
: 200,000 miles, $1/18 shares of Santa Marita Tower, fillies and mare at level 2.
Favorite: Paradise Forest (9-5)
5: 10 (Golden Gate)10)
: Grade 3 $250,000 San Francisco miles, 3 miles or more, 1 mile.
Favorite: Heroes of Bowles (5-2)5:30 p. m.
Churchill Downs (6)
: Optional Application for allowances, 3 miles or more, 1/16 miles.
Favorite: keep quiet, cowboy rhythm (5-2)Churchill 6: 39 (8)
: William Walker shares $100,000, 3-year-
Olde, there are five Furons on the lawn.
Like: announcement (4-5)
Ciaran Thornton SA pick in the next day: no4 Ciao Luna (4-1)
In the second game, Ciao Luna made its third debut this month for coach Gary stutter and Joe taramo riding.
Coach Ron Ellis won first place in this game and I didn't use it.
Joe's not riding for dad. in-
Law, the angle I mentioned on Friday.
The main reason I like this horse is that its best game is to start on the third in the same month, like Saturday.
In January, it was the third start of the horse's win.
The highest speed in the game adds attraction.
In the third game, Rocky policy attracted coach Andrew Lerner's taramo ride, and Joe won't ride even if Ellis made his first appearance in European horses.
Rena won 30% in Santa Anita, two of the three in the last two weeks.
The horse shows a sharp job with a high early speed, the second start of a long layoff.
Double Talamo every day
Friday results: almost a huge win for us as Etterbay Ucklay from 8-1 to 16-
1 closed seconds running to 13 seconds-
A long shot champion
Ciaran Thornton is a disabled person in California.
Com, which offers a full card selection every day, a long shot for the day, the best bet for the day.
Ed Bogart's Los Alamitos picks in the next day: no. 5 Nana’s Rule (3-1)
This fast file number lags behind the expected quarterly pacesetter L Bar D Bonnie Lee and can open up a clear lead in a long way.
She ran very well.
Compared with 9
Time winner Divine Plan, facing opponents who have won more than four of these 870 games --yard race.
The favorite evil sunset may be shortened from 4 furfurlongs and may lose contact with the leader from her track slot.
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Now the stars of the show, the results on Friday and the entries on Saturday.
Santa Anita chart results on Friday, April 26.
Copyright 2019 of Equibase Company.
Copying is prohibited.
Santa Anita Park, Acadia, California.
7 days of 41-day meet.
The first game. 1 Mile. Purse: $32,000.
The girl claimed.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$25,000. Time 23. 99 48. 73 1:15. 13 1:28. 95 1:43.
Barbie Dbb in Shanghai. f.
The memorandum of Sacharissa issued by Shanghai Barbi (CHI).
Bred fish Razzer (CA).
Coach: Neil D. Drysdale.
Owner: Jerry.
Mutuel Pool $121,371 roulette Pool $166 Exacta Pool $70,680 super Pool $42,194 triple Pool $55,175.
Thank you.
Shanghai Barbie has speed between the enemy, then duels outside the opponent, fights between horses half a mile away, then a little off track at the second turn, counterattack at the urging of the left hand, drifting a little, held gamely.
ZILLINDA circled four times around the first turn and walked all the way outside, bidding three miles in the second round and throughout, and then voluntarily continuing outside the winner, but unable to pass.
The early speed of Princess JADA was fast, dueling inside, stroking along the rails during the second turn, approaching the middle, beating others.
The Holy attraction of the Red Army broke out, a little slow, tilted at the first turn, then went into the back stretch, tilted again, then chased inside, moved up the fence and left the second turn, into the stretching state, lack of tension.
The BRITE river three deep to the first turn, came down from the rail, dropped a little from the fence on the second turn, came out to stretch and became weak.
Sippin' sweet tea slowly broke, tilted at the first turn, and stretched out from the back along the ground saved by the pace, falling down in the second turn, giving way, and relax in the last lap. SECOND RACE. 1 Mile Turf. Purse: $35,000. Claiming.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$25,000. Time 23. 02 47. 18 1:11. 94 1:24. 23 1:36.
70 winner-ruby trust Ch. m.
A clever blow to Elvis Presley through the story of cats. Bred by C. T. Grether, Inc. (KY).
Coach: Howard L. Zucker.
Owner: Chandler, Bruce and Zuk in Lorraine.
Mutuel Pool $183,526 roulette Pool $168 Daily Double Pool $25,065 Exacta Pool $91,889 super Pool $41,317 triple Pool $63,413.
Ruby Trust, who claims to be the first pure horse.
Coach: Adam kitchinman. Scratched–none.
Ruby trust has speed between enemies, then leans and sets the speed, kicks clearly in the second round, continues to stay awake at the urging of the left hand, and then handles it stably later.
TRAPPIZA tracks outside a competitor, three wide, and a second bend, leaning outside a competitor, continuing three deep in the middle, beating others.
The Greater Glory tilts on speed and saves space, moves up inside, stretches out after leaving, stabilizes in tight high heels during the second turn, bypassing an opponent at that turn, the three were wide enough to win the show.
PROMNESIA hovers between horses, stretches out after leaving, leans back to the rails at the second turn, continues in the back stretch and is tilted by the third.
Sheza factor pulled three deep people very early, then outside the competitors or a bit far from the rails, with two horses in the middle, defeated with a small share.
The stevie B, which was earlier separated between horses, walked a little from the rails, then inside, went back to the second turn, was pulled up, and then went. THIRD RACE. 7 Furlongs. Purse: $42,000.
The girl claimed. 3 year olds.
$50,000. Time 21. 89 45. 21 1:11. 95 1:25.
84 gold bars B. c.
Ghost 3 from the gold vault, next to the arch.
Cultivated by Cherry Valley Farm Co. , Ltd. (KY).
Coach: Jerry holandov.
Owner: Hollendorfer, LLC, Kenwood racing Co. , Ltd. and Orr Ed.
Mutuel Pool $180,430 per day Double Pool $12,210 Exacta Pool $74,900 triple Pool $59,885. Scratched–none. 50-
Three picks (2-2-1)paid $8. 60.
Three swimming pools for $32,547.
Gold saves ground with track speed, a bit off track, leaves the turn, bids close to stretch outside the pacesetter to gain a leading edge into the lane, played very clearly under the urging of the left hand, and then late under the stable handling.
Union ride slowly left at the beginning, settling down from the railway, and then outside an opponent on a section after leaving, continuing to leave inside while turning, three wide to stretch, and got the location in three deep places.
The Big Valley chase a bit on the rails, then in turn and stretch, in middle stretch, deep stretch between enemies, and push the pacesetter to third.
The speed of the high five has three depths, then outside the competitors, tilt and slightly deviate the speed from the track, and then, when turning, duel along the track, leave the turn and extend to the stretch, did not compete with the winner in driving and was slightly defeated later.
The mind deception is slightly off track, then comes out of the inside while turning, leaving the turn to enter the stretch, between the enemy close to the stretch and the weak one. FOURTH RACE. 1 Mile Turf. Purse: $65,000.
Very heavy Virgin
Age 3 and above. Time 23. 40 46. 69 1:10. 55 1:22. 44 1:34.
Dbb. h.
The light of Aspen, Bernardini.
Stonestreet pure stallion Holding Co. , Ltd (KY).
Coach: Richard Baltas.
Owner: Zayat Stables, LLC.
Mutuel Pool $140,348 Daily Double Pool $17,930 Exacta Pool $59,953 super Pool $18,331 triple Pool $36,701.
Got the mike operator. 50-
Three picks (2-1-2)paid $3. 35.
Three swimming pools for $15,962.
FACTORIAL sped up the lead, tilted and set the speed inside, kicked clearly again at the urging of the stretch, and bravely persisted.
Park pulled early, a little off track to track the winner, boldly appeared 25 miles away, and willingly continued to be late, but did not catch up with the car.
At the first turn, the angle of the tip enters, and then at the second turn, on the fence at the back, outside the opponent, keeps track of the third turn. CARIBBEAN (AUS)
Chase a little from the inside, then stretch down the fence after leaving, and stretch out after entering the second turn, with no pull.
The Eternal Spring slowly breaks, angles to speed on the preserved ground, stretches, and lacks the necessary response in driving. FIFTH RACE. 6½ Furlongs. Purse: $42,000.
The girl claimed.
Age 3 and above.
$50,000. Time 22. 43 46. 03 1:12. 54 1:19.
76 winner-bob's sniper Dbbc.
Due to the danger of the forest, the people in the Ninth Infantry Regiment were noisy. Bred by Bob W. Grayson (CA).
Coach: Val Brinkhoff.
Boss: Bob Grayson, Jr. .
Mutuel Pool $267,310 roulette Pool $140 Daily Double Pool $13,746 Exacta Pool $168,529 super Pool $80,493 Super High Five Pool $4,607 triple Pool $111,400. Scratched–none. 50-
Three picks (1-2-2)paid $50. 40.
Three swimming pools for $32,620. 50-Choose four (2-1-2/4-2)
680 tickets, 4 correct $99. 75.
Choose four pools for $88,838. $1 Pick Five ((STRONACH5)4-4-2/8/9-12-2)
5 pay $88,869 correctly. 90.
5 swimming pools for $202,036. 50-Five points (2-2-1-2/4-2)
669 tickets, 5 correct $371. 35.
5 swimming pools for $288,801.
Bob's sniper pressed the pace inside, bid along the rails while turning to gain the advantage of leaving the curve, flinch at a deep push, and bravely win.
Etterbay ucklay untied the rider's seat while he was grumpy in the gate, slowly broke inward, settled in, came out from the bend, and then stood up again for a while,
Sea's journey pushed the speed of four wide and three deep, and while turning, he strode outside an opponent, three wide and three wide, and the third wide.
Pig iron has left the railroad and then duels between horses, in turn and stretch, fighting outside the winner, unable to match that deep stretch and in the show
Don't be too slow, the Tiger presses the speed of three depths between the enemies, then walks down the rails while turning, leans inside, enters the stretch section, and weakens later.
The Red Eye hovers between the horses, then slightly veered off the track as the back reaches and turns, and there is no necessary pull in the driveway.
King Charlie was in a good position at the back stretch and turn, tracking the pace outside, stretching three times without the necessary back foot.
The ultimate SHILO broke a bit slowly, saved the ground while chasing the pace, fell back and gave way when turning. SIXTH RACE. 6 Furlongs. Purse: $46,000.
The girl claimed.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$75,000-$50,000. Time 22. 33 46. 49 59. 10 1:12.
Mrs. Dbb of momentum. f.
"Flat out from the Bo watch", "Bo Tiancai".
By Teresa.
Little, Billy Crouse, Taylor Little & Travis Price (KY).
Coach: Marquez.
Owner: Goodwin, Tim and kelwin, Kelley.
Mutuel Pool $185,768 roulette Pool $65 Daily Double Pool $17,593 Exacta Pool $94,316 super Pool $38,362 triple Pool $61,528. Scratched–none. 50-
Three picks (2-2-3)paid $50. 75.
Three swimming pools for $21,698.
The early speed of the storming lady was good, then dueled on the rails for a while, fought back over a period of time, and backed back at the urging of the 16-point exit, proving to be the best.
JACCAT duels between the two horses, fights outside the winner at the final stage, and wins second place.
DARPA pressed it, then followed the steps inside, came out to stretch, moved inward while stretching in the middle, walked a little from the rails while stretching in depth, and for the show
Cherish the speed of pressing the three depths, dropping some in the drive and being marginalized on the third night.
Charlotte Louise steps were a bit slow, retreating slightly from the rails, then back inside at the back stretch, cutting the corner into a back stretch and ending with some interest.
The noble girl hovered between the horses, then outside the competitors, fell off the rails while turning, gave way, and was late. SEVENTH RACE. Lawn. Purse: $69,000.
Optional Application for allowance.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$62,500. Time 22. 45 45. 24 56.
33 winner-gliding of Dbbm.
ATI Schiller flew out of the arch.
Nurtured by Greenwood Lodge Farm Ltd. (KY).
Coach: Richard Baltas.
Host: Mid-kahian in bedrian, Harry, Cambrian, Harrow and haropp.
Mutuel Pool $248,188 roulette Pool $441 Daily Double Pool $27,859 Exacta Pool $94,044 super Pool $49,758 triple Pool $72,657. Scratched–none. 50-
Three picks (2-3-2)paid $54. 45.
Three swimming pools for $25,117.
Glide through the saved ground tracking speed, reach out, bid three depths at the urging of the left hand, and handle the middle stretch of the past powerfully to gain the leading edge of the deep stretch and make it clearhel.
The little fireman sped up outside an opponent, then slowly walked away, took the speed off the track slightly, dueled inside while turning, then stretched out and fought back along the railroad in the driveway, the second match was held. FICANAS (GB)
Start with a slow step, wander between horses, and then outside of an opponent who left the turn, the three went deep into the stretch and beat an enemy for a show.
Moon kitten shakes at rest, keeps pace outside of competitors, and bids with runners --
In turn and stretch, in the middle stretch, the head is placed in front, stretching between enemies, and reclining in the third position.
The smiling female tiger wobbled at the beginning, dragged her way inside, followed the pace, came out slightly at the turn, then tilted back, weakened in the last period of time
Starlite style walked three turns outside, three wide and weak. EIGHTH RACE. 6 Furlongs. Purse: $32,000. Claiming.
Age 3 and above.
$16,000. Time 22. 42 46. 40 59. 01 1:12.
08winner-giddymeister Dbb. g.
I ran out of Mary E and hid it from me.
By Ron Kirk, Michael Rio Dan and John Bates (KY).
Coach: Genaro Vallejo.
Owner: de clast, Terrance, gitipiapeng, Andy, horidan, Abbe maclek, and moneson River in Udney Narresh
Mutuel Pool $283,288 roulette Pool $161 Daily Double Pool $75,915 Exacta Pool $140,242 super Pool $89,820 Super High Five Pool $20,798 triple Pool $116,429.
Jerry Wallace II claims fast cotton.
Coach: Jerry Wallace.
Tenbrink, Gene and Spetz, Eddie claimed the honeymoon was over.
Coach: Tim. Scratched–none. 50-
Three picks (3-2-7)paid $23. 65.
Three swimming pools for $128,055. 50-Choose four (2-3-2-7)
387 tickets, 4 correct $517. 10.
Choose four pools for $262,437. 50-Five points (2/4-2-3-2-7)
Pay $1,320 for 5 correct 88 tickets. 45.
5 swimming pools for $152,253. 20-
Six prizes for money (1-2/4-2-3-2-7)
43 tickets, 6 correct $1,104. 62.
Choose six cumulative pools of $88,275.
A cumulative bonus of $212,517.
Gidmeister slowly left the railway at the urging of approaching the middle section, then tilted and dueled inside to win.
Fast cotton tracks between enemies, then bids three widths between opponents, tracks again from the rails when turning, three widths extend, tilt in the middle extension of the past, and in this place
Hollywood dancers closely followed the early steps outside, bid four wide half a mile away, followed again during the turn, walked four wide at the stretch and won second place.
Because the hustle and bustle has speed on the outside, then duels between horses, fights the winner on the outside during turns and stretches, cannot match the speed in the drive, and is late for a small prize.
Hey Sequoia chase between horses, then a little off track when turning, stretch out and lack pull.
The honeymoon tracks the pace on the preserved ground, continues inside during the stretch and weakens.
The downside solves the interior, saves ground Chase speed, leaves the turn and enters the stretch stage without a rebound.
The smugglers Union chased three deep, four wide, and no further response at the turn.
Hackers stumbled at the beginning of the fall, just settled down from the railway, no threat.
Santa Anita's entries on Saturday, April 27.
Santa Anita Park, Acadia, California.
8 days of 41-day meet. FIRST RACE. 1 Mile Turf. Purse: $48,000. Claiming.
Age 3 and above.
$40,000. SECOND RACE. 1 Mile. Purse: $34,000. Claiming.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$16,000. THIRD RACE. Lawn. Purse: $67,000.
Optional Application for allowance.
Mare and mare.
Age 3 and above.
$40,000. FOURTH RACE. 1 1/8 Mile. Purse: $69,000.
Optional Application for allowance.
Age 3 and above.
$62,500. FIFTH RACE. 1 Mile Turf.
Wallet: $100,000.
"Crystal Water Column ".
Age 3 and above. State bred. SIXTH RACE. 6 Furlongs. Purse: $43,000.
Optional claim for starter. Fillies. 3 year olds.
$50,000. SEVENTH RACE. Turf for 1/8 miles. Purse: $67,000.
Optional Application for allowance.
Age 3 and above.
$40,000. EIGHTH RACE. 1 1/8 Mile.
Wallet: $200,000.
"Santa Marita Tower Starks"
Mare and mare.
4 years old and above. NINTH RACE. 5½ Furlongs. Purse: $32,000.
The girl claimed. 3 year olds.
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