raw-food entrepreneurs target skin care and cosmetics - organic skin care best organic beauty products

raw-food entrepreneurs target skin care and cosmetics  -  organic skin care best organic beauty products
On a snowy Friday night in Leslie Ville, a full house was shaking a very different bar: 11 women and a man gathered around a glass of green liquid.
They are holding a presentation at the eastern flagship Raw food and juice bar Belmonte Raw (vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free)
Mecca for a passionate and growing community of original food lovers.
Toronto is in the juice boom, but in the course tonight, clean
The living crew gathered together to create their own original-
Food & cosmetics with natural beauty entrepreneur Graydon Moffat marks an extension of cleanliness
The movement of life from our stomach to our outer part.
Environmental sensitivity and awareness (
Due to-
Or fight chronic and acute diseases)
There is a huge interest in the purity of what is on our skin. In the kitchen (
No obvious stove)
At the back of the cafe, the students stood at the station equipped with the Ben Sheng lamp, melted natural cocoa butter into avocado and rice bran oil with beeswax and vegetable glycerin, and used borax (
This is natural. toxic)
Then add rosemary extract and broccoli seed oil.
They follow Greaton's Skin Food moisturizer formula and personalize it with mint, lavender, mint or Baili. (
They will make lip balm and sesame oil later. )
The volume in the room has risen sharply: who knows that essential oils will have such a joyous effect?
"We were dizzy by all the scents in the room.
"Moffat later said. “Raw-
The food must be super.
Passionate and loyal people.
"Classes are scheduled from 6: 30 to 8: 30 and continue until 10: 00 in the evening. m.
About like Moffat and Carol Belmonte, the owner of the venue (
It also has a location in the detox market on King Street. West;
Belmonte juice is also available in Holts)were mobbed.
"Our skin is our largest organ, so needless to say, we don't use any minerals, chemicals, parab gold or sulfuric acid ester," Moffat said.
No artificial dyes and synthetic aromas. We’re gluten-
Free, almost vegetarian (
Except for a little Manuka honey).
These women know their things, their own health issues and priorities, and they ask us questions.
Moffat launched her skincare collection in her own kitchen.
She stands at the forefront of the local natural beauty scene.
The former company's packaged goods marketer had been ahead of the curve before, opening a yoga studio in town just as the trend of the 1990 s hit;
She also runs a large bio-delivery service.
18 months ago, she decided to go to a big company or go home and hired a lab in Mississauga to produce her products in a clinical setting with a chemist (
Or small batch to ensure freshness).
There are now dozens of products on the production line, on sale in the town and in the natural food boutiques on her website.
"Beauty and luxury should not be sacrificed for the sake of green," Moffat said . ".
The word organic, its use and regulation in the beauty industry, as well as the cost of obtaining certification, gives Moffat a passion for the subject: "I believe full disclosure, both my website and product label are complete.
I pay more attention to the specific efficacy of certain items, rather than purchasing various organic ingredients just for organic purposes
Such as raspberry and broccoli seed oil.
Her product is priced at around $17, not more than $30.
She told the students some stories about the distance.
She obtained key ingredients from Canadian farmers.
There are several people in the class who are taking notes and taking pictures and posting photos like food blogs everywhere.
Arrange various cooking classes in Belmonte each month;
Moffat takes her DIY lessons at a venue near town.
"The local lines are about word of mouth.
To launch a new brand like this, I need to win the original-
First, food fanatics.
To make my product credible, I work with natural therapy.
But Moffat is focused on the mainstream.
"The consumer group of luxury beauty products I focus on is much larger. Luxury matters.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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