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* The importance of protein and its digestion in making excellent homemade carp bait: use the protein composition, as well as their carp digestion and energy to "be confident in your bait "!* In the long run, protein-based carp baits catch more large carp than other baits in the history of European carp fishing.So it is wise to learn more about making protein-based bait for carp to understand how and why they are so effective.When designing and making bait, it's best to put the needs of carp first, not just from adding your favorite flavor!Why not use aquaculture carp breeding research to make things easier and more accurate for you?Years of state-of-the-art scientific carp feeding trigger and eating trials tell us what the carp will find most attractive in boilie!It turns out that protein food is the "basic" ingredient for building bait!Completely different from terrestrial animals, carp can get more energy from the "breakdown of metabolism" or the special digestion of protein by carp;In fact, the energy is twice that of carbohydrates.
However, most of us are taught in school that carbohydrates produce the most energy in our human beings!In the case of "last resort", when all the stored energy reserves of your body are completely exhausted, more "abnormal" will happen.If this happens in fish farming, it's a disaster because the fish stop growing and lose weight!This is also not a good thing for the health of carp, which is another major reason for the large amount of carbohydrates in the bait, providing healthy storage and available energy for your carp.Keeping fat at the right minimum, such as 5% of the bait, actually helps the complete digestion, assimilation and storage of excess food and serves as an energy source.
There are two basic categories of "Whole Foods" proteins: There are many "Whole Foods" soluble spherical proteins suitable for use as bait.There are some eggs, fish, milk, blood and many plants including soy.When heated, they solidify, so, for example, by using bait with egg or egg protein, you can harden the bait by boiling it in water;Even form an almost undissolved skin on the surface of the bait.
Undissolved "ball" proteins are also present in the primary protein reserve of plant seeds (embryos), E.G.g.wheat germ.Natural proteins in whole foods, such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, etc., are composed of long-string amino acids (peptide chains) that are bound by peptide bonds.
The longer the "chain", the more energy the carp needs to digest.(Not designed to do the job.This means that it will take longer to digest and absorb this food.Oh, they don't eat much bait when they are busy digesting the whole protein;So there are fewer chances for you!I want to tell you a little secret about milk protein!There are ways to break down the protein into segments of amino acids or shorter chains to make your carp bait "super effective "!Like scissors.
Therefore, carp can not only digest and assimilate the whole protein more quickly, but also have more effective nutritional effects, and the amino acids released are also a big attraction for carp.So, what is the milk protein of carp fishing bait?After all, carp can't understand, can you!?Many of you may yawn at this stage, but you may be interested in the following shortcuts to success!The optimal number of amino acids in the "chain" digested by carp is only 2 or 3.So they are called bi-Peptide and tripeptide.
In the intestines of carp, these ingredients are easily, quickly and evenly absorbed and then quickly incorporated into other ingredients.(Carp have this feeling!) .This is easy to absorb, so effective use of energy is one of the biggest factors in making attractive carp bait!After eggs, milk protein peptides carry more nitrogen-carrying peptides than liver or even quality beef!In addition, the milk protein also has a thin muscle protective factor and a growth stimulating factor.They enhance the immune system and even have antibacterial properties that give them unique advantages.
Pre-digestion or "Hydrolysis" of milk protein is different from the whole milk composition, such as "cream" in milk-butterpin or even white milk protein!Pre-digested milk proteins consist of amino acids, peptides, and other proteins that are the highest concentrations of digestible proteins, comparable to pre-digested proteinsThe availability of digested fish, shellfish and meat proteins as bait packs!Medical foods containing pre-digested milk protein (extremely high bi contentAnd tripeptide), which has been used for many years to help people recover more quickly due to injuries, some designed to treat specific diseases, the other is to help athletes recover from training faster.The new milk protein is produced in a newly developed method: Ion filtration, charcoal filtration and infiltration filtration;Remove almost all lactose milk sugar and fat while maintaining more-The benefits of milk have increased.They are so advanced now that they can work out their plans for a specific disease recovery!In fact, athletes are taking milk protein peptide products in terms of nutrition, and may not realize the real power of these products!These new ingredients are really a dream come true for homemade carp bait manufacturers in the 1980s S, but even today they rarely mention them;This fully illustrates their effectiveness!Since 1982, these raw materials have only been sold in the US market.
In the past, I used my bodyThe protein mixture was constructed and found to be very soluble, partly because of the high sugar content.Previously, I thought that the best product to provide milk protein amino acids for carp attraction purposes was "complete" buttermilk, white milk protein (whey protein), sodium acetate, etc.Next time you eat "protein snack bar", take a look and remember what is inside;These ingredients produce growth and tissue repair, just like anything else on Earth!The added benefit is that these ultra-effective refined protein components can now be used for carp bait, but you have to search!Pre-digested fish/shellfish protein and other pre-digested products form a good foundation for your bait and combine with pre-digested milk, it is a large, consistent squid bait found so far.
(Please note;The mixture of advanced proteins is superior to any single source;Different peptides and amino acids are provided for carp, thus enhancing the bait preference effect.) * Assimilation of protein in carp: after consumption, carp breaks down the protein into amino acids and peptides.These are then either used to make up body proteins for growth, repair, or other purposes, such as enzymes that digest more bait!Or the protein is used to provide energy, either immediately or in the liver as a primary storage.
The digestible protein content of the bait is also resistantThe cholesterol substance produced in the liver, which accelerates the breakdown of the energy of glycogen, or prevents the formation of glycogen.So any substance you can put into the bait to maximize this effect will give the carp more energy to eat more bait and make it feel better and healthier.It's like in a "limming" club!‘Anti-For example, cholesterol substances found in garlic and onions will definitely help the performance and appeal of your protein bait!The author also has more fishing and bait "edges" on his sleeve ".
Everyone can have a huge impact on the catch.(Warning: This article is protected by copyright.) Tim Richardson"Expert bait production Masters who think about people.
For more expert fishing improvements and bait information, see: Tim Richardson is a leading big fish angler with many incredible catches in his name.He is also recognized as a master of carp and catfish bait in Britain.His best-selling bait-making and bait-enhancing books/e-books help beginners and experienced anglers improve and enhance their bait to get a larger catch for big fish.
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