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Filipinos are known for socializing and we always look for extra time with relatives or friends on special occasions.Special occasions are incomplete without the Philippine celebration recipes.Here are the famous Filipino recipes we have prepared for special occasions.
Lechon is probably the most popular among those celebrating recipes, and it's a whole pig that's baked slowly with only charcoal.Pigs weighing less than 20 kg are the ideal size for lechon.It is glued together with bamboo poles, and slowly turns bamboo to cook with glowing charcoal.
Lechon is a symbol of special occasions in the Philippines.Without lechon as food for this occasion, no occasion can be considered extravagant.The Lechon recipe is a Spanish food, which is the reason in addition to the Philippines, there are a lot of countries that are affected by Spain, and have their own version to prepare lechon, which have one thing in common, that is, they have been colonised by Spain in the past.
Depending on the size of the pig, it takes about 6 hours to prepare and cook for lechon.Another Filipino recipe popular on special occasions is Kare.This is a Filipino beef stew cooked with a mixture of beef face (mascara), tuwalya (tripe), beef, pata ng baka.
These meat ingredients can be cooked alternately.The popularity of this recipe extends from the City of Manila to the province of Suru.Kare is always supplemented by the tender fried bagowon (shrimp paste), and the basic vegetables of kare are egg plant petchay (Chinese cabbage), and banana buds or banana hearts.
Morcon recipes are another famous recipe prepared during festivals or special occasions, especially during Christmas.This is one of my favorite foods all the time, and I usually prepare this During media noche, which is also our family reunion once a year.Basically Morcon is a lean beef filled with different spices, cold plates and cheese to add flavor, roll and tie with a rope to make sure the meat doesn't open.
Boil in water with some seasoning and thicken the sauce paste.When cooking meat, it is cut into slices, placed in a platter, decorated with a thick sauce to season.Mechado, on special occasions, is another of the most popular Filipino recipes of all time.
It's a stew of beef and pork.
Meat is cooked with water, soy sauce, tomato, onion, when the meat is soft, it is fried and the sauce is thickened by adding the liver, although mechado is considered a recipe for special occasions, but because it is easy to prepare, it is also part of the daily meal in the Philippines.Sopas and Sotanghon are another recipe that is popular on special occasions, especially during Christmas and New Year celebrations where Filipinos usually use a soup to celebrate Christmas andDuring the Christmas and New Year celebrations, Sopas and Sotanghon soup are perfect for Filipino tastes.Sopas and Sotanghon are always cooked with chicken as raw material for meat, and elbow as and sotanghon noodles are made with spaghetti noodles on their elbows and Sotanghon noodles, respectively.
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